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open mouth, insert foot

Yesterday I had a conversation that went like this:
me: nice hair cut, john!
john: why thanks, jen. i figured if i might be heading out to tonga, i should probably get it cut
me: it looks great. what does your wife think?
john: oh, uh – she left about three months ago
me: [confused] where did she go?
john: well, she decided she liked england more than me
me: [hamsters running in wheels in head] oh… oh! i’m so sorry!
john: not to worry, i’m getting on with my life
me: i’m really sorry, john…

Jeremy said I have a knack for asking these sorts of questions.

The company was a ghost town today. Half of the people were out. Some of us went to Longmont for lunch at the Martini Bistro. Great food and their salads are terrific. We opted to avoid Pearl Street because Boulder was a zoo thanks to graduation.

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