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feeling good

My back is nearly 100% recovered! I even did a little rowing on the machine today before biking and it didn’t seem to aggravate my back at all. I firmly believe that my daily hour of intense cardio has helped my mending process (in addition to a lot of ice). Thanks everyone, for your various forms of advice.

kitchen tutorial: pad thai
I spent a couple of hours cooking in the kitchen tonight without any back trouble, so I know things are nearly back to normal. I made Thai food. Here’s one of the dishes:

soak rice noodles in water until pliable
salted turnip can be bought in any asian grocery store

minced garlic, chili powder, green onions, eggs, ground dried shrimp, tamarind concentrate, lime juice, salted turnips, rice noodles, bean sprouts, unsalted peanuts, fish sauce
sauté garlic in hot oil until golden

add noodles and fry until soft
combine fish sauce, lime juice, chili, shrimp, tamarind and pour over noodles

mix the noodles well and add turnip, half of the ground peanuts, half of the green onions, remove from pan
heat oil and pour in beaten eggs, when eggs are nearly cooked, flip the egg sheet

add the noodles and fold egg over noodles – remove to plate
sauté sprouts and remaining green onions

top with sprouts, onions, peanuts and serve

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