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tandem motion

Dinner went very well considering that Beth double booked and arrived late. I didn’t mind her arriving late so much as I was a little surprised that she left her date with an empty seat for a few hours at a wedding reception while she drove his convertible up to our place to eat dinner with us. We were finally able to get Dave and Fran up to our place – which is nearly impossible because they are always traveling for work and play. Most of all though, I realized that I am going to miss Nicole and Andrew a lot when they move. It makes me sad. Well, all the more reason to visit Seattle!

Here’s the cross section of that strawberry everything cake I made for dinner last night:

strawberry down to the last crumb

Did anyone see the space station and space shuttle cross the sky tonight? It lasted all of 2 minutes, but I managed to get some shots off as they screamed overhead. The space station is leading, the shuttle follows behind it as she prepares to land tomorrow. I even caught this wicked contrail which was illuminated by the moonlight.

rising in the northwest over marcus’ house

the space station and trailing shuttle approach the contrail

high overhead, the two were booking across the sky

dropping into the southeast behind the trees

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