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archive for July 2009

it’s crazy wonderful out there

Monday, July 13th, 2009

Recipe: cindy’s molasses cookies

I have amazing welts developing on my knuckles and fingers. Those blasted mosquitoes were so desperate, they tried to suck my blood from my hands. But Jeremy and I suffered the heat, the bugs, the lightning, the rain, the unstable slopes with thousand foot drops to our deaths, and other beautiful things to capture a little bit of what we love – alpine summer. In photographs! Actually, I suffered all of that to capture the shots, and Jeremy endured it because he is the ace number one guy in the whole wide world. I’m only a third of the way through processing 600 shots, but have a looksee.

evening clouds

not a time for allergies

the blue columbine is the colorado state flower for a reason

i’ll be back to shoot these gorgeous aspen stands in the fall

You can see more photos from the first and second days of the trip on the photo blog. I’ll be adding more as I get through them this week.

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Saturday, July 11th, 2009

[I’m still away shooting and getting caught in lightning storms, but I have been planning this post for a few months. I’m so happy to finally put it up!]

This is a day to celebrate. And even if it doesn’t directly affect you, why not do something… celebratory just for shits and giggles?

It all started with this little thing, A Taste of Yellow, in support of LiveSTRONG day. Barbara of Winos and Foodies has hosted this event for the past two years. I became vaguely aware of it last year from other food blogs I followed. There is a fog that sits in your mind for the duration of chemotherapy which folks refer to as “chemo brain” and so one evening while battling said chemo brain, I sat down and tried to puzzle out who this Barbara woman was and why was she hosting this food event. What was her connection to cancer? I was able to gather that Barbara had cancer.

sometimes it is the little things

I submitted a post between my treatment rounds which Barbara accepted ever so sweetly. She is such a lady. I mean that in the best sense of the word. She is classy. For me, seeking out other cancer patients for support groups just wasn’t my thing. Cancer is not my thing. But there are a few people I connected with, not because they had cancer, but because they had pretty kick-ass attitudes toward life. One day I asked Barbara if she wouldn’t mind telling me about her cancer. And she shared that with me. And we exchanged several frank, honest, and sincere emails across the globe. That’s when I discovered what an incredible woman Barbara is. That’s when I discovered what a tremendous friend she is.

all good things

My chemo finished. Then my radiation finished. Peach fuzz began to return to my head. Meanwhile, Barbara’s oncologist wanted her to undergo another stint of chemo – several months’ worth. Would it help? Hopefully, yes. She emailed me when she was well enough, always the gracious and dignified woman with a little snark on the side. It’s what we all love about her.

hand-dipped in *tempered* chocolate

Barbara gets it. She gets the bigger picture. I’ve cried more than once while reading her correspondences, her realistic yet touching thoughts typed through numb fingers. Brave. I told Jeremy last year if my cancer returned, I would not agree to chemo again. But I watch as Barbara emerges from a six-month string of chemo infusions – her third stint – and I think to myself, how could I not? She reminds me by example that the fight is worth it.

join us

Today, we are celebrating the end of Barbara’s chemotherapy. We toast her health, her beautiful person, her wit, the return of her tastebuds, her heart, her friendship, her inspiration, her loving family. A handful of other food bloggers around the world will be clinking champagne flutes for Barbara too. Keep your eyes peeled! Barbara, we love you. Jeremy and I wish you many good and healthy years with Bryan and the boys and all of those whose lives you have touched. To life, my friend. Break out the bubbles!

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cheers, dearest barbara


Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

Recipe: grilled tequila lime shrimp

The mountains are calling and so we must answer. Will tell them you said hello. According to several reports, it should be outstanding. I love taking road trips with Jeremy. Still have to pack my gear…

this time last year

Kaweah is going to Camp Crazy where the staff give her extra pats and belly rubs. They let her sprawl out in the kiddie pool in summer and curl up on the warm, fresh laundry in winter. Plus she gets to play with all of the other pups. It’s less stressful for all involved.

So while I need to finish some final prep, I thought I’d toss out a recipe that we tried last night for dinner. I’ve been in the mode of using up ingredients I have on hand – basically cleaning out the freezer, the pantry, and now, the booze cabinets. Don’t be fooled, we’re not heavy boozers. The cabinets I keep my booze in (mostly for desserts) are small, hence cabinets instead of cabinet.

where is this going… lime, shrimp, tequila, garlic, olive oil, spices

I have a nearly full bottle of tequila because we offered margaritas at a party a while back. We also offered gin and tonics. Everyone wanted a g&t. The plan was to make some manner of grilled shrimp with a lime juice marinade, but then I found recipes that called for tequila and lime juice. I quite love booze in my food.

mix it all in a ziploc bag

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