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archive for December 8th, 2010

keep the sunshine in the glass, i’ll take the snow

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Recipe: campari mimosas

Winter can’t make up her mind. Sun? Snow? Both? The “both” is usually accompanied by insane winds. Around my ‘hood, you’ve got to keep your eye on the weather for that perfect combination of recent snow, light winds (under 35 mph is pretty good), and decent ski temperatures. What’s decent? My GP says she likes to ski in the 40s. Um… ice MELTS starting at 32°F on the Earth’s surface – pah! My perfect temperature for skiing is probably around 20°F, lower if it’s not windy.

lovely day = no ground blizzards

Our local hill has expanded their open terrain from the White Strip O’ Death (you know, when only one run is open and it’s mostly man-made snow) to three complete runs top to bottom. Every morning, I wake up and check the snow report on about… five mountains. When you have afternoon appointments, you have to forgo those 8 inches of freshies at Vail two hours away in favor of 3 inches of freshies just ten minutes away. It’s the adult thing to do.

jeremy skis a line that connects all of the untouched powder patches

and we ran into my friend, james (nice pants, man)

By the time we left, the powder was pretty much skied up. Our work there was done. Not a bad start to the morning. I certainly can’t complain. It’s good to unplug and often! But there’s always work to be done back at the office…

officemate with her assistant (that’s mr. hedgehog, to you)

If you will recall the tea I hosted a few weeks ago, we served mimosas to our guests in addition to tea. When I consulted with Manisha on the mimosas, she sent me to a recipe for Campari mimosas. Sure, why not? I could buy some Campari and champagne.

simple is good: campari, prosecco, oranges

getting a nice strip of orange peel

**Jump for more butter**