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this is the day

This day is a good day. It’s the day you were born and boy am I glad you were born. You keep telling me to watch out, that you’re catching up to me for those nine days between our birthdays. You’re silly like that.

testing out kaweah’s rescue harness

People have no idea how ridiculous you can be. They never get to see that side of you. You only hint at it with your occasional dorky jokes. But Kaweah and I get to enjoy you for all of your hidden charms and goofiness.

yay for snow in yosemite!

thirsty pup on the trail

You have often said that you can tell a lot about a person by observing the way they treat animals and children. Even though neither of us ever wanted children, I marvel at how well you play with kids and how you are always trying to teach them, to engage their brains, and to make sure they are having fun while learning. I doubt the learning part ever got through to Kaweah, but she definitely had fun.

snow much fun

jeremy and miss crazy above treeline

my two best friends

You have a lot of patience. I mean A LOT of patience. It’s good that one of us does. You’re always a grounding force wherever you go. I just want you to know that it does not go unappreciated, at least not by me. How about that backpack in the Sierra when the mosquitoes were super awful and I lost it and you kept it all together? Or that time in Australia with all of those flies? You always make things better.

that time in australia…

We’ve been to many beautiful places together and sometimes (many times) in less than ideal conditions. I’m grateful that you tolerate and maybe even enjoy Fun #2. Because Fun #1 is for ninnies! I’m glad we value many of the same things in life and set similar priorities. People talk of adventure, of dreams. We live it daily – a choice we made together years ago. Thank you for that.

a windy day in new zealand’s high country

our backyard


riding in crested butte

And thank you for taking care of me when I was undergoing my treatments. I know that was really hard because you pretty much did it all on your own while trying to work as if everything was normal. You aren’t one to ask favors or rely on others unless it is your last resort. It’s just the way you are and I’m sorry you had to shoulder that burden alone. Yet, you were still there for me when I was in pain, when I was feeling frustrated or down, when I was scared.

working next to me during my chemo infusion

I hope you know that I’m incredibly proud of you for the person you’ve become since we met 19 years ago. You were already quite special back then, but it seems that each day you are a little more awesome… a little more amazing. You are principled, thoughtful, and wise. Riccardo calls you a “straight shooter” and he’s right. Your dedication to science is driven by curiosity, not ego. You teach for their benefit, not yours. Your outdoor endeavors are for the love of the journey and not the bragging rights. You take care of those in trouble because you are a good citizen and a former rescuer. You are a thinker. You give the best hugs. You’re still a kid at heart.

setting up the site survey in chile at 17,000 feet

water in the universe at tedx boulder

Happy birthday, my dearest Jeremy. I know of no better man than you.

ski whore

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  1. Perfecting Pru says:

    I actually have tears in my eyes Jen! What a wonderful post about Jeremy. I think its true that you can tell what someone is like by watching them with pets and kids. Happy birthday Jeremy!

  2. Rosa says:

    Happy Birthday, Jeremy!



  3. Lisa is Bossy says:

    The photo of Jeremy working next to you during chemo…it speaks so loudly. A beautiful photo of a truly beautiful man. Happy Birthday Jeremy!

  4. Magda says:

    That was so touching…

    Happy birthday Jeremy!

    p.s. The look in Kaweah’s eyes in that first photo is priceless!

  5. Kristin says:

    Tears AGAIN. What a lovely tribute to Jeremy. He sounds like the best kind of person imaginable. I’m glad to know that he’s picky about eating certain things, so I know that he’s human.

  6. Jen C says:

    Congrats on finding your soul mate and appreciating every minute you have. There’s something to be said for marrying the “odd ball” or a geek. They make amazing partners! Happy Birthday Jeremy!

  7. lisa says:

    Happy Birthday, Jeremy. So happy that you and Jen have found each other and enjoyed your life together. Both of you are amazzzzing people. We love you both.

  8. Virginia says:

    happy birthday Jeremy!!!

  9. The Hungry Traveler says:

    All together now…Aaaw! This was wonderful, you two are incredibly lucky to have each other, as you know. Happy birthday Jeremy, here’s to many more to come!

  10. Cooking with Michele says:

    Such a lovely tribute – happy birthday to Jeremy and happy day to you!

  11. Melissa | Dash of East says:

    What a sweet, sweet post! I’m writing this with happy tears in my eyes :) Happy Birthday to Jeremy!

  12. Kat says:

    I have tears in my eyes! I really feel the same way about D. Anyway… I want to wish Jeremy a Happy Birthday!

  13. Lucy says:

    Happy Birthday Jeremy!

  14. A says:

    Tears throughout the WHOLE post! Jeremy seems so lovely. My favorite guys are the kind, nerdy ones with a good sense of humor. I’m taking an astronomy course at Cornell and I often think, I wonder how many of these faculty knew Jeremy? Happy B-day to him! The photo of Kaweah being a “thirsty pup” and getting water poured for her is SO CUTE by the way.

  15. Jeanne Kane says:

    You two are just the most amazing people and couple. Thank you for this.

  16. Amy says:

    What a wonderful post…Happy Birthday to Jeremy! Your love and respect for him radiates throughout your whole post!

  17. Ted Stauffer says:

    I can’t think of a better birthday gift than this. Jememy is a lucky man! Today is my wife’s birthday too, but I don’t have anything THIS magnificent to give her. I am staying home to spend the day with her, however. A nice brunch at The Egg and I is on deck. :)

  18. Elina (Russian Bites) says:

    What a sweet birthday post. Happy birthday, Jeremy! :)
    LOVE all the adventures you guys have been on.

  19. Tamar@StarvingofftheLand says:

    It’s not often that I wish happy birthday to someone I’ve never met but, Jeremy, happy birthday.

    Jen, I love reading about your partnership. If I weren’t so happy with my own, I’d be inconsolably envious.

    And thanks for posting the pictures of Jeremy in the hospital and the lecture hall. I did need to see proof that the man exists indoors.

  20. Delaney says:

    Happy birthday, Jeremy! This is such a thoughtful and heartwarming tribute.

  21. Laura B. says:

    Happy Birthday Jeremy!

  22. Anh says:

    Such a lovely post….you both are such a loving couple. Have a Wonderful Birthday Jeremy and many more.

  23. Bev Weidner says:

    I might be crying.

  24. Emily@SavoryandSavage says:

    Happy Birthday Jeremy!!

    What a beautiful post – you two are very lucky to have each other.

  25. Andrea Meyers says:

    Happy birthday Jeremy. What a beautiful post. You are both very lucky people. :-)

  26. Memoria says:

    Wow. What a great birthday present. Both of you are lucky to have each other and are fortunate to still like, love, and admire each other after so many years. Happy Birthday, Jeremy. He seems to be an AMAZING guy. Great post and great photos. If I weren’t in a public place right now, I would be crying my eyes out :).

  27. Amy says:

    This is a beautiful post. You two are very lucky to have each other. Happy Birthday to Jeremy!

  28. Tawnia says:

    How sweet–peace to you both!

  29. Lorane says:

    I don’t know either of you personally, and I tend to just lurk on your blog, your posting today was beautiful and makes me so glad that two people love each other so much. I am thankful for my husband and it is wonderful you are so appreciated and blessed with yours. I hope you both many many happy years together.

  30. Peggy says:

    I feel like just reading your blog and “knowing” you two virtually makes me a better person. You are both very special people. Happy Birthday Jeremy (which is my son’s name, so I’m probably partial to start with). I wish you many more.

  31. Christine says:

    Oh I was starting to get a little misty and then the ski whore comment brought me right back!

    Happy birthday Jeremy!

  32. Sharla says:

    This post by you to your beloved is truly special and touching. What a team of inspiration you both are. Happy Birthday, Jeremy, though I’m sure every day is truly a celebration between you.

  33. Donna says:

    Happy birthday, Jeremy! I wish you much happiness and snow,snow,snow!

  34. Pat says:

    Ok, I got a little misty there. So happy for you both…how awesome that you’ve got each other!
    Happy Birthday to Jeremy!

  35. Debbie says:

    An awesome post…..Happy Birthday Jeremy!!

  36. Manisha says:

    Happy Birthday, Jeremy! You are both so lucky to have each other!

  37. Stefanie says:

    Hi – such a very nice birthday gift! inspiring to us all. can’t get over those flies – yikes!

  38. Sil says:

    Feliz cumpleaños, Jeremy! You two are really special people. Thank you for sharing with us a little bit of your lifes. All the best (for both of you)!

  39. Collette says:

    A Happy Birthday love letter–very beautiful.

    Happy Birthday Jeremy!

  40. Sheri Garcia says:

    Jen, That was thee most beautiful birthday wish I have ever read, WOW, what a story of love and being with your two best friends! Many Happy Birthday wishes to Jeremy and a big WOOF to Kaweah and as always much love and happiness to you.

  41. barbara says:

    That is a lovely post Jen….and a wonderful photo of Jeremy and Kaweah. Happy Birthday Jeremy and thank you for taking care of my beautiful friend Jen.

  42. audra says:

    this was so lovely, and much like the love letters (hmm… love-emails?) i used to write to my boyfriend, back when there was time for me to compose them often, before life got busier and the schedule more full. like many of your readers, i teared up when i read this and had my beloved on my mind more than usual for the rest of the day. i hope you don’t mind that i send him a link to this post– like Jeremy, he is a scientist, though he just started his graduate degree this month and is not yet so established. he balances me when i am fretful, explores the world with me, is ever inquisitive, always ready for an informed discussion, and makes me laugh more than anyone i know. our dog and i will not be able to join him at grad school in Vermont until after Christmas, when my contract in NJ is over, and thinking about these things remind me of what i have to look forward to for the rest of our lives. =] i hope we continue to be as cohesive as you and Jeremy when we reach our 19 year milestone (12 to go!) and beyond.

    shen ru kwai le, Jeremy!! enjoy!
    (sorry i attempt it phonetically– i reallllly sucked at pinyin…)

  43. Margie says:

    Happy belated birthday to you, Jeremy. You are the love of J & K’s life, and they are the love of yours. Special in so many ways.

  44. Susan/@latenitepho says:

    So happy that the two of you found each other.
    There is no better gift on Earth.

    Happy Birthday, Jeremy

  45. marlene says:

    LOVE THE LAST PHOTO of Jeremy.
    Thanks for the birthday tribute!!!!!!!!

  46. marlene says:

    LOVE the last photo of Jeremy!!!!!!!
    Such a great tribute to him.
    Happy Birthday!!!

  47. Dana says:

    I’ve got tears streaming down my face. What a lovely tribute. I’m so glad I got a chance to meet Jeremy and look forward to next time. Happy birthday to both of you!

  48. Annie says:

    I love this post. Happy birthday to Jeremy!

  49. Andrea says:

    Wow that was beautiful. Happy Birthday Jeremy!

  50. Earnie says:

    Happy Birthday, Jeremy! Wishing you many happy returns of the day.

  51. Alissa says:

    Awww, I’ve got tears in my eyes too! That was really sweet. Happy Birth+1 day Jeremy!

  52. shannon says:

    what a lovely post!! Happy Birthday Jeremy :)

  53. Jeremy says:

    Thank you one and all for the kind wishes. And the biggest thanks of all to Jen for the kind words and for being the best part of my life!

  54. Kim says:

    Tears are running down my cheeks as I read this. Beautiful post… you’re a lucky lady, Jen!

  55. Suzy Goard says:

    Happy Birthday, Jeremy. What a beautifully poignant tribute and thank you Jen wrote to you in her birthday wishes. You are indeed well loved, and and so is she. Many happy returns of the day to both of you.

  56. Montserrat says:

    to love a good man and to be loved by him is wonderful… and to love your dogs and to be loved by them too!
    and to know that your man loves your dogs and they love him… much better!
    dogs can give you this special love…

  57. SallyBR says:

    Speechless. This was just too beautiful.

    you study the skies, I look at the tiny microscopic things inside the tiniest living cells… it’s all pretty amazing, isn’t it?

    Happy belated Birthday, Jeremy…

  58. Allison says:

    I love this. This may actually be one of my favorite posts of yours, Jen. It makes me so happy that you’ve got such a great guy by your side. ^_^

    Happy belated birthday, Jeremy!

  59. thisoldbroad says:

    What a beautiful tribute for the love of your life on his birthday.

  60. Cookin Canuck says:

    I just can’t think of a more heartfelt tribute than this, Jen. You are a lucky woman, Jeremy is a lucky man – together it seems like a match made in Mother Nature’s playground.

  61. Kath says:

    Sorry this is late and I missed Jeremy’s actual birthday.

    Happy Belated Birthday, Jeremy! I love watching you and Jen together – proof that true love exists!



  62. jenyu says:

    Awww, you guys are such saps!! ;) I’m kidding. You’re very sweet and thank you for all of the lovely birthday wishes to Jeremy and the nice words you shared here. YOU guys almost made ME cry :) I have to agree that the geeky guys are the best! Love you all xoxo

    Tamar – ha ha ha!!!

    Stefanie – thankfully they were not the biting kind, they just landed on you and hitched a ride until it got windy or sunny. Strange, right? Eeesh.

    Sheri – woof and wags right back at ya, babe (and give my pal Otis a belly rub, please) xo

    barbara – xoxo (i love you!!)

  63. Shelley says:

    argh…you made me get all choked up at work. This is such a sweet piece. Happy belated to Jeremy.

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