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it was a long night

My appointment yesterday ended up leaving me in limbo and worse. The PA took a huge ass q-tip and jammed it down my throat to get material for a throat culture. She said it would take 24 hours before knowing. Anyone with a brain could tell I have strep because my lymph nodes are swollen, I have headaches, my throat is swollen, red, and has white dots, I don’t have congestion or cold symptoms, and I am in a lot of pain. I was in far more pain after she gagged me on that q-tip. I also knew I was in trouble because the room I was in had a poster that said, “Increased prescriptions for antibiotics result in increase in antibiotic-resistant bacteria.” Great. She wouldn’t give me anything and said, “Well – just keep taking advil and cough syrup.”

The advil did help reduce the massive swelling, but when it wore off, it wore off fast. Last night we made calzones for dinner. I was feeling pretty good and made a salad to start:

antipasta salad

We ate the salads while the dough rose. Then we had fun putting the calzones together with mozarella, sauce, mushrooms, and pepperoni. I was afraid of overfilling them and having them explode in the oven.

tasty fillings

brush with olive oil

As Jeremy put them in the oven, my head began to pound and my throat began to swell up. I went to lie down and for the next four hours I experienced some excrutiating pain. I even doubled a dosage of advil, but it didn’t seem to do anything. The swelling in my throat was putting tremendous pressure on my ears. I also couldn’t swallow my own saliva without choking on it as it went down my windpipe. Jeremy sat by me, getting hot compresses (yes, I am still recovering from pink eyes), hot drinks, pillows, kleenexes, cough syrup, and anesthetic lozenges until 1 am when the pain subsided as suddenly as it had come on. That was one miserable experience. I still have to wait until 2 pm when the results of the culture come back before I can even think of getting any medication.

And this morning, like every morning, my throat felt better. It always feels like crap at night. I never knew how the calzones turned out. Jeremy said they looked great.

a surprise inside every calzone

dinner for brekkie

Watching all of the snow melt is killing me…

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