baked oats green chile chicken enchiladas chow mein bakery-style butter cookies

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first the savories: asian

agedashi tofu
almond jello dessert
angry edamame
asian chicken salad with ginger dressing
asian chicken sandwich
baby bok choy w miso ginger dressing
baingan bharta (indian mashed eggplant)
baked egg rolls
banh mi
bean curd skin rolls
beef roll sushi
black cod with miso
braised napa cabbage with bean curd sheets
braised napa cabbage with mushrooms
california hand roll (temaki)
california roll burger
california roll poke
caterpillar sushi roll burger
cauliflower karaage
chana masala
chicken satay with peanut sauce
chicken sizzling rice soup
chicken teriyaki bowl
chicken tikka masala
chinese almond cookies
chinese barbecue char siu pork
chinese black bean ribs
chinese buddha’s hand melon (chayote) salad
chinese cellophane noodle soup
chinese char siu bao barbecue pork buns
chinese chicken congee
chinese chive dumplings (dc)
chinese chive turnovers (he zi)
chinese cold noodles
chinese curried beef pastries
chinese dan dan noodles
chinese dry-cooked string beans
chinese dumplings and potstickers
chinese egg custard tarts
chinese egg dumplings (dan jiao)
chinese eggrolls
chinese eight treasure rice pudding
chinese fermented sweet rice (jiu niang)
chinese fried pork meatballs
chinese honey walnut shrimp
chinese hot pot
chinese lemon chicken
chinese lucky ten ingredient vegetables
chinese orange beef
chinese red-cooked pork
chinese pork rib soup
chinese salt and pepper pork
chinese salt and pepper squid
chinese sesame balls jian diu
chinese shaved ice bao bing
chinese shrimp and sizzling rice
chinese spaghetti (zha ziang mien)
chinese steamed crabmeat egg custard
chinese steamed fish
chinese steamed lotus leaf buns
chinese stir-fried chicken and vegetables
chinese stir-fried rice cakes
chinese stir-fried scallops
chinese stir-fried shrimp with snow peas
chinese stir-fried tofu
chinese sweet mung bean popsicles
chinese sweet peanut soup
chinese sweet red bean rice balls
chinese sweet red bean (adzuki) soup
chinese sweet red bean (adzuki) steamed buns
chinese sweet soup (tian tang)
chinese tea eggs
chinese tea-smoked chicken
chinese turnip pastries
chinese vegetarian chicken
chinese xo sauce
chinese-style honey hoisin barbecue ribs
coconut lime cilantro dressing
cold tofu salad
chow mein
crumbled tofu stir fry
cucumber shrimp rolls
curry laksa
dragon roll sushi
drunken noodles (pad kee mao)
dynamo shrimp
favorite chinese fried rice
fish-flavored eggplant
fish-flavored pork
fried mochi rice (nuo mi fan)
fried rice
fried shrimp wontons
galbi korean bbq short ribs
ginger peanut asian slaw
ginger scallion noodles
grass jelly and ai-yu jelly
grilled matsutake
grilled salmon panang
hamachi yellowtail crudo
honey sriracha japanese fried chicken karaage
hot and sour soup
hunan tofu
indian dal
indian garlic naan
japanese cucumber salad
japanese ginger dressing
japanese potato salad
japanese spinach salad with sesame (horenso gomaae)
japanese-style asparagus frites
japanese tonkatsu (pork cutlet)
kabocha squash nimono
kalbi meatballs
kimchi fried rice
kimchi meatloaf
korean barbecue chicken wings
korean barbecue pork lettuce wraps
korean bbq-style burgers
korean beef short rib kimchi stew (jjigae)
korean glass noodles
korean jajangmyeon (black bean noodles)
kung pao chicken
lion’s head meatballs
lobster miso ramen
ma pu tofu
mandarin pancakes (mushu shells)
maple miso tofu
massaman beef curry
matcha tea slushie with boba
matsutake soup
matsutake tempura
mee krob
milk tea boba
miso peanut butter vegetable dip
miso pork belly stack
miso roasted cauliflower
miso salad dressing
miso soup
miso-glazed salmon
mongolian beef
mu shu pork
mushu pork burger
not so special roll
otsu noodles (sesame soba noodles)
pad see ew thai noodles
pan-seared sesame-crusted tuna
pan-seared sichuan shrimp with glass noodles
pickled chinese cabbage
pim’s pad thai
plum blossom sushi roll
porcini mushroom tempura sushi hand roll
potato masala
pressure cooker beef pho
quick kimchi
salmon poke
sashimi salad
sautéed kong xing tsai
sautéed snow pea shoots
savory chinese soybean milk soup
scallion pancakes
sesame tofu
shabu shabu (japanese hot pot)
shiso spicy tuna tempura (dragon scales)
shrimp and vegetable tempura
shrimp tatsuta-age
shrimp toast
shroomaki (japanese mushroom roll)
sichuan pork wontons
sichuan tofu celery salad
soft-shell crab spider roll
soy sauce braised wild mushroom noodles
soy sauce chicken
soy sauce eggs
spicy chinese cucumber salad
spicy tuna inari
spicy tuna roll burger
spicy tuna stuffed squid tempura
spring rolls
steamed eggplant with sesame and green onion
stir-fried baby bok choy
stir-fried beef noodles
stir-fried beef with chinese barbecue sauce
stir-fried chicken and asparagus
stir-fried chinese broccoli (gai lan)
stir-fried chinese chives and pork
stir-fried flank steak
stir-fried fresh rice noodles with beef
stir-fried mi fun
stir-fried pork and pickled mustard green
stir-fried pork and soybeans
stir-fried soybean sprouts
sweet and sour chinese mushrooms
taiwanese beef noodle soup
taiwanese fluffy pancakes (zhua bing)
tamagoyaki (rolled omelette) and chirashi bowl
taro tapioca soup
teriyaki pork chops
teriyaki salmon collar or fillet
thai chicken, asparagus, and baby corn
thai chicken coconut soup (tom kah kai)
thai cucumber salad
thai firecracker shrimp
thai fried squid
thai red curry with tofu and basil
thai shrimp salad
thai sizzling beef
thai sticky rice and mango
thai sweet chili sauce
tofu fish (tofu yu)
tora no maki
tuna poke
tuna poke bowl
vegetarian chinese potstickers (dumplings)
vietnamese braised eggplant
vietnamese bun bo xao (beef noodle salad)
vietnamese fried spring rolls (cha gio)
vietnamese grilled beef salad
vietnamese grilled lemongrass pork (thit heo nuong xa)
vietnamese pho (beef noodle soup) (dc)
vietnamese pickled green mangoes
vietnamese pickled vegetables
vietnamese spring rolls
volcano roll sushi
wonton soup
zong zi (pork)

savories: non-asian

albóndigas (mexican meatball) soup
angel biscuits
apple bacon cheddar dog (abcd) treats
arepas with guasacaca
argentine empanadas
artichoke dip
artichoke roasted pepper crab dip
arugula salad with figs and prosciutto
asparagus soup
baba ganoush
bacon corn hash with chanterelles
bacon-wrapped boursin-stuffed dates
bacon-wrapped venison and garlic-herb butter
baked brie with cranberries and pistachios
baked eggs
baked kale chips
barbecue chicken
barbecue chicken pizza
barbecue rib baked beans
basic pizza dough (db)
beef and barley soup
beef porcini pot pies
beef stew
beef tenderloin wraps
beer chicken green chile enchiladas
beet salad
big bob gibson’s bar-b-q ribs
black bean soup
black olive tapenade
blackened grilled flank steak
blackened salmon sandwich
blue cornmeal-crusted green chiles
bolognese sauce
bourbon-glazed beef tenderloin
boursin chicken
braised beef short ribs
braised beluga lentils
braised chicken with forty cloves of garlic
braised lamb shanks with lentils
brassica poppy seed salad
breakfast mess
breakfast sausage
breakfast torta
brie fig apple prosciutto sandwich
broccoli salad
broiled oysters with oyster mushroom ragout
brunswick stew
build your own cheeseboard
butter-poached cod with powdered flavors (dc)
butter-seared porcini-crusted salmon
buttermilk biscuits and sausage cream gravy
buttermilk fried chicken
butternut squash lasagne
butternut squash pasta sauce
caesar salad
calabrese sandwich
california roll burger
cannellini bean, kale, and sausage stew
caprese sticks
carne adovada
carne adovada empanadas
carne adovada quesadillas
carnitas nachos
carolina-style pulled pork
caulilini with bagna cauda
chanterelle bacon corn chowder
chanterelle galette
chanterelle mushroom dip
chanterelle mushroom hand pies
chanterelle puffs
chanterelle ravioli with sage brown butter
chanterelle-stuffed pork tenderloin
chanterelle toast
charred savoy cabbage salad
chateau potatoes
chateaubriand with bearnaise sauce
chicken diablo sandwich
chicken fried steak and cream gravy
chicken fried steak biscuits with chanterelle gravy
chicken kebabs
chicken pot hand pies
chicken salad puffs
chicken sweet potato dog treats
chicken tortilla soup
chile-lime chicken tacos
chile rellenos
chili cheese fries
chocolate stout chili
chopped greek salad
chopped shrimp waldorf salad
chorizo sliders
citrus almond salad
cocktail meatballs
cocktail samosas
coconut shrimp
cold seafood platter
confetti kale salad
corn and porcini fritters
corn prosciutto pizza
corn pudding
corned beef hash
cottage pie with beef and carrots
crab mac and cheese
crab porcini mac and cheese
crabcakes (maryland)
cranberry sauce
crawfish phyllo triangles
cream of chanterelle soup
cream of mushroom soup
cream of shiitake mushroom soup
creamy mushroom soup with sherry and thyme
crock pot roast beef
crunchy kale salad
crusted roast beef
cuban roast pork sandwich
damn good sandwich
darling pasta
deconstructed chili cheese fries
deviled eggs
diced tomatoes (canning)
dinosaur-style bar-b-que beans
drunken spicy shameless shrimp with brazen cocktail sauce
egg salad
eggplant fries
elk chorizo chile rellenos
elote (mexican street corn) fritters with lime crema
emerald kale pesto pizza
emily’s grilled flank steak
extra-flaky southern buttermilk biscuits
fennel slaw
feta artichoke sandwich
fish tacos
french onion soup
fresh figs with blue cheese and honey
fresh porcini mushroom pasta
fried brussels sprouts with fish sauce vinaigrette
fried fennel slices
fried lemon slices
fried morel mushrooms
fried pickles with green goddess aioli
fried polenta and porcini on roasted carrot purée
fried stuffed olives
garlic shrimp pesto pasta with roasted tomatoes
german roasted potato salad
gin oysters
gluten-free rosemary olive bread
gnocchi with morels and sage
goat cheese croquettes
goat cheese-stuffed mushrooms
greek beef/chicken salad with tahini-yogurt dressing
greek salad
green chile bacon egg bake
green chile cheeseburger
green chile chicken enchiladas
green chile hush puppies
green chile mayonnaise
green chile sauce
green chile stew
green goddess dressing
green onion buttermilk pancakes
grilled asparagus
grilled brie porcini and caramelized onion sandwich
grilled chilean sea bass
grilled chili-lime corn
grilled corn and chilpotle soup
grilled lobster
grilled marinated chicken salad
grilled marinated flank steak
grilled pizza
grilled pork chops
grilled prosciutto-wrapped asparagus
grilled prosciutto-wrapped shrimp
grilled salmon
grilled salmon cucumber dill salad
grilled steak and cheese sandwich
grilled tequila lime shrimp
grilled vegetable salad
guasacaca (avocado salsa)
ham, swiss, and egg brioche sandwich
handmade pappardelle
hash brown potatoes
heirloom tomato and corn salad
heirloom tomato salad
herb and floral pasta
herbed garlic knots
herbed popovers
home-cured corned beef
homemade beef jerky for dogs
homemade bulk italian sausage
homemade dog paw wax
homemade ketchup
homemade pizza sauce
homemade salmon lox
honey barbecued chicken
hot buttered pretzels
hot cheesy green chile dip
hot chorizo sweet onion dip
hot giardiniera (pickled hot peppers)
hot smoked salmon and asparagus pasta
house dressing
how to slice an avocado
individual beef wellingtons
israeli couscous salad
italian marinated porcini mushrooms
italian meatballs
italian sausage pizza monkey bread
italian-style beef and porcini stew
jalapeno popper dip
jicama pepita garbanzo salad
kale pepita cranberry salad
knorr’s spinach dip
lahmacun (turkish pizza)
lamb burgers
lasagne (db)
lemon bacon goat cheese flatbread
lentil beet salad
lentil chicken soup
lentil soup
linguine with clams
lobster corn chowder
lobster morel agnolotti
lobster vols-au-vent (db)
lox eggs benedict
mac and cheese (two ways)
machaca (mexican shredded beef)
maple balsamic vinaigrette
marinated mushrooms
martha’s mac and cheese
mashed potatoes
meatball sandwich
meatless meatballs
the mediterranean pizza
mexican chorizo
mexican grilled corn salad
mexican red rice
mexico city style roasted corn with chipotle mayonnaise
mini beer corn dogs
mini chimichangas
mirin sweet potatoes
miso butter roast chicken
miso pork belly stack
miso roasted cauliflower
morel asparagus prosciutto lemon pasta
morel bourbon cream sauce
morel prosciutto asparagus pizza
morel-stuffed chicken fried steak
moroccan butternut squash chickpea stew
mushroom carnitas
mussels in white wine sauce
navy bean soup
no-cook pizza sauce
olive roasted garlic lemon rosemary sourdough crown
onion rings
pan pizza
pan-seared black cod with summer vegetables
pan-seared pork chops
pan-seared scallops
pappardelle with chanterelles
parmesan bacon crackers
parmesan gremolata smasher potatoes
parsnip chowder
pasta carbonara
pasta e fagioli
pasta with summer squash, sausage, and goat cheese
patty melt (animal style)
pear and arugula salad
pheasant and morel vols au vent
pheasant chanterelle pot pie
pickled beets
pickled blackberries
pickled okra
pickled red onions
plum ketchup
pomegranate, orange, & jicama salad
porcini butter
porcini elk sausage tortellini in beef porcini brodo
porcini mushroom gruyère burgers
porcini mushroom lasagne
porcini mushroom quiche
porcini pizza
porcini salt
porcini tacos
porcini tagliatelle
pork chops with chanterelle wine and cream sauce
port reduction sauce
potato galette
potato leek soup
potato salad
potatoes au gratin
preserved lemons
pretzel bites
prosciutto-wrapped figs
prosciutto-wrapped grilled peaches
pumpkin soup
quinoa with mushrooms and kale
rack of lamb
red beans and rice
red bell pepper honey vinaigrette
red chile (enchilada) sauce
refrigerator pickles
reuben sandwich
ricotta gnocchi and butter-poached lobster (dc)
the roadrunner (pepperoni and green chile) pizza
roast chicken
roast chicken artichoke pasta
roast lemon chicken with chanterelles
roast pork belly and pea purée
roasted asparagus
roasted beet, chèvre, hazelnut salad with blood oranges
roasted broccoli
roasted broccoli and farro salad with feta
roasted brussels sprouts
roasted butternut squash soup
roasted butternut squash soup simplified
roasted butternut squash with moroccan spices
roasted carrot soup
roasted carrots
roasted cauliflower
roasted cauliflower and garlic mash
roasted cauliflower salad
roasted chanterelle mushrooms
roasted cherry tomatoes with mint
roasted chickpeas
roasted delicata squash
roasted goat cheese-stuffed squash
roasted kabocha squash
roasted parsnip purée
roasted pepper, prosciutto, and goat cheese tart
roasted porcini with gremolata
roasted potato and green chile salad
roasted potatoes
roasted tomato soup
roasted turkey (dry-brined) with gravy
roasted vegetable quiche
rosemary lamb noisettes
salmon cakes
salmon corn chowder
salmon rillettes
salsa del norte
sautéed morels and scrambled eggs
sautéed shishito peppers
savory bread pudding
savory goat cheese parmesan galette
seafood andouille gumbo
seared duck breast with huckleberry gastrique
seared duck breast with morels and asparagus
seared steak and chanterelle mushrooms on polenta
shredded beef tacos
shredded brussels sprouts and kale salad
shredded brussels sprouts salad
shredded kale salad
shrimp and artichoke fettuccine
shucking oysters
sigara boregi
slider buns
slow barbecue ribs
slow-roasted tomatoes
smoked salmon artichoke quiche
sourdough baguettes
sourdough bread
sourdough pita bread
sourdough pizza
sous vide carnitas
sous vide hamburgers
sous vide poached eggs
sous vide pork chops
sous vide ribs
spanakopita (greek spinach pie)
spicy tuna roll burger
spinach artichoke cream cheese
spinach cheese empanadas
split pea soup
stacked enchiladas
strawberry hazelnut salad
strudel (db)
stuffed sopaipillas
sweet and sour braised beef short ribs
sweet onion dip
sweet potato rolls
taco seasoning
tamales, new mexico style
tender potato bread (db)
tequila-lime halibut tacos
texas beef brisket barbecue
thin crust pizza
thirteen bean soup
this little piggy pizza
tomato garlic pasta sauce
tomato jam
tomato sauce (canning)
tomato soup
tortilla de patatas (spanish omelette)
tuiles, savory (db)
tuna ceviche
tuna melt
turkey burgers
turkey cranberry green chile sandwich
turkey meatloaf
veg head sandwich
vegetarian bagel
venison with morel sauce
warm lentil salad with sausage
watermelon feta salad
white bean salad
white chili
wild mushroom pizza
the woodward pizza

now the sweets

alfajores macarons
almond blancmange
almond cake with blood oranges (gluten-free)
almond crunch cookies
almond jello dessert
almond lace cookies
almond toffee
almond vanilla chia seed pudding
anzac biscuits
apple cider caramel apple cinnamon rolls
apple cider doughnuts
apple cider ice cream w apple cider caramel swirl
apple cider pancakes
apple cinnamon caramel monkey bread
apple cranberry crisp
apple fritter bread
apple fritters
apple galette
apple huckleberry pie
apple roses and spiced brown butter tart
apple tarte tatin
apple tartlets with vanilla ice cream and cranberry sorbet
aspen apple cake
applesauce (homemade)
arnold palmer slushie
baked chocolate doughnuts
baked huckleberry doughnuts
baked oats
baked pumpkin doughnuts
baked strawberry doughnuts
bakery-style butter cookies
bakewell tart (db)
banana peanut butter pupsicles
bananas foster
blackberry curd cheesecake in a jar
blackberry ice cream
blackberry lemon elderflower cake
blackberry macarons
blackberry peach coffee cake
blood orange curd
blood orange curd-filled beet doughnuts
blood orange green tea slushie
blood orange marmalade
blood orange pate de fruit
blood orange sorbet
blueberry cake
blueberry hand pies
blueberry jam
blueberry lime poundcake
blueberry peach crisp
blueberry pear pate de fruits
blueberry pie
blueberry scones
blueberry (raspberry) streusel bars with lemon-cream filling
boozy mississippi bourbon mud pie
bostini cream pie (db)
bourbon bacon cacao nib brittle
bourbon caramel chocolate banana cream pie
bourbon caramel popcorn
bourbon-glazed doughnut muffin doughnuts
bourbon peach cobbler
bourbon peach hand pies
bourbon vanilla bean paste
braised rhubarb
buddha’s hand citron vodka
butterscotch and milk chocolate puddings
campari mimosas
candied calamansi limes
candied citron
candied ginger
candied lemon slices
candied orange peels
candied violets
caramel cake with caramelized butter frosting (db)
carrot cake
carrot congo bars (brain teasers)
cheesecake: strawberry swirl | chocolate-espresso (db)
cheesecake pops (db)
cherry-almond clafoutis
cherry granita
cherry ice cream
cherry (ice cream) bombes
chewy amaretti
chewy brownies
chia seed drink
chinese almond cookies
chinese egg custard tarts
chinese shaved ice bao bing
chocolate almond macarons (sucre cuit method)
chocolate bag
chocolate banana bombes
chocolate bourbon cake
chocolate bread pudding
chocolate budino
chocolate caramel ice cream
chocolate caramel pretzels
chocolate caramels
chocolate cassata cake
chocolate chip banana bread
chocolate chip cookies
chocolate chip peanut butter cookies
chocolate chunk bundt cake
chocolate cinnamon hazelnut cacao nib meringues
chocolate cloud cake (flourless)
chocolate-covered candied grapefruit
chocolate crackles (cookies)
chocolate cream puffs
chocolate-dipped brandy truffle figs
chocolate-dipped key lime pears
chocolate-dipped orange peel cookies
chocolate-dipped strawberries
chocolate-dipped strawberry cake
chocolate eclairs
chocolate espresso crème brûlée
chocolate espresso fudge cake
chocolate espresso pecan pie
chocolate espresso semifreddo
chocolate gingerbread cookies
chocolate gingerbread pancakes
chocolate grand marnier ice cream
chocolate hazelnut petits fours glacés
chocolate hazelnut sandies
chocolate hazelnut torte
chocolate ice cream
chocolate macarons
chocolate magic custard cake
chocolate matcha earl grey cake
chocolate mirror glaze
chocolate mochi cake
chocolate mousse bombes
chocolate peanut butter chip pizookies
chocolate pistachio almond tartlets
chocolate pistachio biscotti
chocolate pistachio cake
chocolate pots de crème
chocolate pudding
chocolate raspberry cake
chocolate raspberry macarons
chocolate souffle
chocolate stout cake
chocolate truffles
chocolate zucchini cake
chocolate valentino cake (db)
cindy’s molasses cookies
cinnamon-rhubarb mini loaves
citrus cordial
coconut macaroons
coconut sorbet
coconut tea cake
coffee ice cream
cold brew coffee
the concorde: chocolate meringue mousse cake
confetti cookies
cookie butter marshmallow swirl chocolate ice cream
cookie butter truffles
cornflake chocolate chip cookies
cranberry bar cookies
cranberry hazelnut seed crisps
cranberry nut dessert
cranberry oatmeal cookies
cranberry pate de fruits
cranberry pistachio orange larabars
cranberry sorbet
cranberry walnut pepita sourdough boule
cranberry yogurt coffeecake
cream cheese brownies
cream scones
crème brûlée
crème de cassis (black currant liqueur)
crunchy granola
crystal almond pound cake
cucumber spritzer
custard apple pie
danish braid (db)
dark chocolate tartelettes
dog birthday cake
double apple bundt cake
double chocolate tarts
earl grey tea cookies
easy strawberry cake
eggnog ice cream
elder fruit salad cocktail
elderflower cordial
espresso chocolate chip shortbread
espresso chocolate sorbet
espresso panna cotta
eton mess
fall fruit and yogurt salad
fig and brandy jam
fig bread pudding
fig vodka infusion and fig blossom cocktail
filbert gateau (db)
flourless chocolate espresso truffle cake
flourless chocolate hazelnut cupcakes
flourless chocolate walnut cookies
french crullers
french silk pie
french toast
french yule log (db)
fresh ginger beer
fried apple pies
frosé, two ways
frozen grapes
frozen strawberry basil lemonade
ginger limeade
ginger shrub dark and stormy cocktail
gluten-free chocolate chip cookies
gluten-free peanut butter cookies
grand marnier souffle
grass jelly and ai-yu jelly
green tea adzuki bean macarons (db)
green tea crème brûlée
green tea ice cream
hazelnut pralines and hazelnut praline paste
hibiscus tea lemonade
homemade almond joy candy
homemade blueberry muffin larabar
homemade cherry pie larabar
homemade hot cocoa mix
homemade limoncello
homemade marshmallows
homemade orange milano cookies
honeydew granita
huck gin fizz cocktail
huckleberry bread pudding
huckleberry brioche
huckleberry brown butter tarts
huckleberry buckle
huckleberry chantilly cake
huckleberry cheesecake ice cream
huckleberry crème brûlée
huckleberry crisp
huckleberry daiquiri
huckleberry fudge
huckleberry ice cream
huckleberry jam
huckleberry kouign amann
huckleberry lemon sweet rolls
huckleberry lemonade
huckleberry meringues
huckleberry mess
huckleberry muffins
huckleberry panna cotta
huckleberry pate de fruit
huckleberry pie
huckleberry pistachio chocolate bar
huckleberry scones
huckleberry semifreddo
huckleberry shrub
huckleberry sorbet
huckleberry syrup
huckleberry vodka infusion & huckleberry moscow mule
huckleberry waffles
intense brownies
ispahan panna cotta
italian rainbow cookies
key lime pie ice cream
kombucha (plain, ginger, huckleberry ginger)
kouign amann pastry
lava flow
lavender lemonade
lemon bars
lemon drop martini
lemon heaven cake
lemon ice cream
lemon meringue tartelettes (db)
lemon mirror cake
lemon mousse bombes
lemon mousseline torte
lemon petits fours glacés
lemon poppy seed cake
lemon sorbet
lemon souffle
lemon tart
lime cake
lime cheesecake
lime meltaways
lime-raspberry petits fours
lime sorbet
limon sunrise
lychee grapefruit martini
lychee martini
lychee panna cotta
macadamia orange brittle
macadamia nut and chocolate chip blondies
macadamia shortbread cookies
mallow cookies (db)
mango lassi
mango sorbet
margarita jello
matcha green tea mochi ice cream
matcha green tea passion fruit macarons
matcha green tea shortbread cookies
matcha tea slushie with boba
membrillo (quince paste)
mexican wedding cookies
meyer lemon macarons
midnight chocolate shortbread cookies
mint lime syrup
mixed berry galette
mocha hazelnut torte
mocha truffles
morning buns
the muir cocktail
naturally colored homemade sprinkles
oat milk
oat milk rice pudding
old fashioned doughnuts
opera cake (db)
orange blossom iced tea
orange creamsicle frozen yogurt two ways
orange pound cake
pailin’s ginger lemon cookies
pandan ice cream
passion fruit bars
passion fruit ice cream
passion fruit iced tea
passion fruit malasadas
passion fruit meringues
passion fruit mochi
peach fritters
peach ice cream
peach jam
peach pate de fruits
peach pie
peach pie cinnamon rolls
peach-raspberry galette
peach shrub
peach upside down cake
peanut brittle
peanut butter caramel sauce
peanut butter dog treats
peanut butter honey drop cookies (for dogs)
peanut butter truffles
pear frangipane tart
pear garden cocktail
pear ginger beer cocktail
pear ice cream and wine poached pears
pear liqueur
pear upside down gingerbread cake
pecan sticky buns
pepita brittle
peppermint bark
peppermint ice cream
perfect party cake (db)
piña colada sorbet
pineapple orange cake
pink grapefruit-champagne sorbet
pistachio almond cake
pistachio chocolate chip blondies
pistachio cream puffs
pistachio crème brûlée
pistachio ice cream
pistachio macarons
pistachio rolled baklava
pistachio rose shortbread cookies
pistachio sandies
pistachio surprise truffles
pomegranate chocolate dessert
pomegranate lemon panna cotta
pralines and cream ice cream
puffy hearts and rings
pumpkin bread pudding
pumpkin cake w chocolate ganache & salted caramel cream cheese frosting
pumpkin crème brûlée
pumpkin ice cream
pumpkin mousse
pumpkin peanut butter dog treats
(crustless) pumpkin pie
pumpkin tea cake
quince jam
quinoa, fruit, and nut salad
raspberry buttermilk pancakes
raspberry cream cheese cookies
raspberry pink cadillac margarita
raspberry syrup
red bean (azuki) ice cream
red currant cake
red, white, and blue mini pavlovas
rice crispy treats
rice pudding
roasted cherry bourbon swirl ice cream
roasted strawberry ice cream
rocky road brownies
rose green tea-infused panna cotta with passion syrup
rose water lemonade
royal raspberry and almond cake
rum raisin ice cream
salted butter chocolate chunk shortbread cookies
salted caramel ice cream
seven layer cookies
single-ingredient ice cream
s’mores rice krispies treats
sour cherry pie
sour cream coffee cake
sour cream lemon pound cake
sourdough waffles
sous vide lemon cheesecake with raspberry sauce
sous vide tempering chocolate (technique)
sparkling champagne margaritas
sparkling lemon sorbet melon ball cooler
sparkling watermelon agua fresca
spiced apple cider
spiced plum jam
spruce tip syrup
steel cut oatmeal
sticky buns
sticky toffee pudding
strawberries and cream malasadas
strawberry brown butter tarts
strawberry butter
strawberry buttercream macarons
strawberry chiffon buttercream cake
strawberry cinnamon rolls
strawberry crisp
strawberry daifuku mochi
strawberry frozen yogurt
strawberry hand pies
strawberry mousse cake strata
strawberry pate de fruits
strawberry semifreddo
strawberry shrub
strawberry sorbet
strawberry syrup
strawberry vanilla jam
strawberry vanilla shortbread cookies
strawberry vodka
sugar plums
tahini-date salted caramels
taro tapioca soup
tea jellies
thai tea ice cream
this battle station is fully operational (coffee whiskey amaro cocktail)
toasted coconut custard tart
toasted coconut ice cream
tomato jam
torta di ricotta
trail mix
triple fudge kahlua torte
triple layer lemon cake
vanilla bean caramels
vanilla extract (homemade)
vanilla ice cream
vanilla sugar
violet syrup (and soda)
watermelon berry mojito
watermelon frozen yogurt
watermelon sorbet
white peach sorbet
white russian cake
white russian ice cream
whole wheat cacao nib sablés
wild rose honey
wild rose petal ice cream
wild rose petal jam
yule log (db)
zebra torte
zucchini bread

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