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the politzer

I like to drink a mixture of iced tea and fruit juice. I know that half iced tea and half lemonade is an Arnold Palmer, but what do you call the tea/juice concoction? I decided to name it The Politzer, after my Phys 2b prof, Dave Politzer. What a character. He taught us quantum. He also played the banjo and sang a song about Einstein for our class. He also got so pissed off at our class one time that he slammed his hands down on the lecture counter and yelled, “Shut the fuck up you assholes!” This guy recently won the Nobel Prize in physics. Jeremy took Phys 3 lab and Phys 76 from Politzer. Jeremy says, “Great lab instructor, couldn’t help me for squat in 76.” Ah well, here’s to you Politzer. I still want to name a cat after Frautschi, prof of theoretical particle physics at Caltech and a total sweetie.

after our hike, i was so moved to make brunch: hashies, bacon, and french toast

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