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simple gets faster

Finally, finally I went into town today to buy groceries. It’s not as if we’re ever in dire need of food for fear of starvation. *snort* I mean, we have enough food to live off of for months. Lately I have moved into the mode of “what can we scrape together here?” from the mode of “I have this meal in mind and I need the following ingredients…” Planning is good and I love it and I do it a lot, but mastering spontaneity in the kitchen is bringing my creative cooking juices to a nice simmer. Shocking, I know! Next I’ll be sleeping in past sunrise…

Tonight was a twist on the old steak and potatoes. Something beautiful and delicious in all its simplicity of preparation and flavors. Took less than 30 minutes to prep it all and serve. I tend to eat less when things are chopped up. Does that make any sense?

slice it thin

pairing a nice salad takes the edge off the heavy

rare, the way i like it

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