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snacks at jax’s

Yesterday, I drove down to Boulder to run several errands in the afternoon. When I was done, I picked Jeremy up from work and we went to Pearl Street for Happy Hour. I never got into happy hours before moving here. I discovered that Boulder has more happy hours than you can shake a stick at. The best part for me is the cheap food, not the cheap booze (although I love fruity cocktails). Despite my anguish at the lack of good Asian fare in Boulder, this small city boasts a lot of very nice restaurants. We have several favorites.

Because Boulder sits 3000 feet lower than our house, it feels as if I am stepping into another season when I come to town. There are still leaves on trees and they are turning many shades of red, orange, and yellow. The day was warm and sunny – I wore shorts! We strolled down Pearl Street as the sun dropped closer to the mountains and decided on Jax Fish House, a favorite. I know, I know – seafood in Colorado?! Why yes, actually. It’s not Chesapeake Bay seafood (where I grew up) and it’s not Los Angeles seafood (where I lived for ten years), but it’s pretty good if you know where to go around here and Jax is definitely a reliable place for it. I dare say, one of Boulder’s best.

some peel and eat shrimp

i could not resist a strawberry-infused vodka lemonade

tuna potstickers

The bowl of manchego-truffle fries did me in and that was dinner. Whew! It was nice getting some down time to chat with Jeremy. He works so hard at puzzling out the secrets of the universe (literally – he’s an astrophysicist) and teaching students how to do so too, but that’s just a fraction of his responsibilities. I imagine if I were working now we wouldn’t get much quality time together or our house would become a giant ball of dirt and dog hair…

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  1. Lt says:

    Another Chinese foodie In Denver nice!

  2. jenyu says:

    Lt – ha ha, not quite in Denver… more like Boulder ;)

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