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tim tam slam

My dear mate in Sydney sent me a package of Aussie goodies this past week. Kell is such a doll. When I was in Sydney in March, she and Jerad took me on a grand food tour of the city – as much as they could stuff into me in four days! While traveling in Oz, the goto cookie is the Tim Tam. Jeremy and I bought several sleeves while we wandered the Red Centre in the mind-altering heat. Sydney was a breezy welcome in contrast to Alice Springs. I must admit that while we travel New Zealand, I forgo the Tim Tam in favor of Chit Chats. I can’t help it, I just like Chit Chats better. But Tim Tams scream Oz to me and you love it for the nostalgia as well as the sugar rush.

behold, ye tim tam

I learned about the Tim Tam Slam from the lovely Aussie members of the Daring Bakers. In case you have just happened upon the food blog scene, the Daring Bakers are the best bunch of friendly, talented, and creative bakers online or anywhere for that matter. A wonderful group. So what IS the Tim Tam Slam, you ask? It’s quite simple and simply hilarious. You will need a Tim Tam (or two, three, four…) and a cuppa. Since I don’t drink coffee, I asked Jeremy to be the guinea pig. He was more than willing. Bite off the opposite corners of the Tim Tam. Well, go ahead and eat a whole cookie first, then bite the corners off the second cookie.

try not to eat it all at once

have the caffeine close at hand

Bring your hot cup of coffee close in and place one bitten end in the coffee and suck the coffee up through the other end with your mouth.

good technique considering he’s a yankee first timer

Jeremy reports that the cookie quickly becomes soggy and disintegrates within a few seconds. In that time, you will be able to get a trickle of coffee through, flavored with the delicious chocolatey-ness of the Tim Tam, before quickly shoveling the entire mess into your mouth for a moment of sheer bliss.

Thanks to Kell for the Tim Tam fix! Thanks to the Aussie DBer’s for the Tim Tam Slam! No one should be allowed to have this much fun in a single morning.

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  1. Gretchen Noelle says:

    That is really funny, just as I am enjoying my morning cup of coffee!

  2. Lynn says:

    I was fortunate enough to have a blogger send me a packet of Tim Tams. Then I knew why everyone raves over them. Deliciousness! I didn’t try the Tim Tam straw technique, though.

  3. brilynn says:

    Ah, the Tim Tam Slam, warms my heart just to read about it!

  4. kathryn says:

    Hi Jeny!
    My friend from Austrailia LOVED to do that! I found some in South Africa on my last trip and picked up several boxes!

    I looked through your website the other night and just wanted you to know how sorry I was about your sister. I know what it’s like. My little sister died suddenly when she was 24 and it was crippling. My heart goes out to you.

    Your blog has inspired me to start foodblogging as well, and I am absolutly loving it! Thanks for the creative kick in the pants!

    Hope your holidays are amazing!


  5. jenyu says:

    Gretchen – ooh, too bad you didn’t have a couple of Tim Tams on ya to practice :)

    Lynn – you’re not the only one. We’ve been sampling Tim Tams for years and just learned about the slam recently.

    Brilynn – you must be an Aussie?!

    Kathryn – wow, I didn’t know you could get them in South Africa. Although, I guess my chances of going to Oz are greater ;) Thanks for your sweet note and I’m so sorry that you went through a similar loss. Makes us thankful for the time we did have with them. xxoo

  6. Tanya says:

    Jealous!!!! I miss them!

  7. jenyu says:

    Tanya – not to be jealous any longer… they are all gone :(

  8. Sathya says:

    Thats great! I love a good Tim Tam Slam. Which of us Aussie DBer’s told you about it?

  9. jenyu says:

    Sathya – I don’t remember! It was a couple of months ago at least, but I recall seeing some discussion of it and so we tried it :)

  10. carla says: is where i get mine. find the slam with the chewy caramel harder!! might need some training by you guys?

  11. jenyu says:

    Carla – nice.

  12. sarah says:

    As an Australian, I have grown up with Tim Tams, and have come to the conclusion that they truly are one of the best things in the world.
    And the Tim Tam Slam? Also great with hot chocolate.

  13. jenyu says:

    Sarah – they are pretty spanking awesome! Oooh, thanks for the tip :)

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