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archive for July 14th, 2008

back in town for happy

Monday, July 14th, 2008

[Note: This originally posted last night except my server had some personal issues to sort out and things went awry for several hours. Server is feeling better this morning.]

It’s Bastille Day! What better way to celebrate the day than in the company of my favorite French person, Marianne. Actually, Bastille Day slipped our minds and we weren’t reminded of it until we walked into Brasserie 1010 this afternoon for Happy Hour. A live (non-French) band was playing (loudly) and there were red, white, and blue balloons everywhere. A crêpes station was set up outside and all of the waitresses were dressed in highly suggestive French(?) outfits.

Marianne is in between trips to Greenland (for work) and Beth has been in and out of town all summer. This past weekend kicked off our summer travel as well, so we thought it best to get together before everyone scattered off in all directions. The Bra, as I call it, had a special Bastille Day Happy Hour menu with several delicious temptations. We indulged. We were happier for it too.

i started off with a passion fruit and gin

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