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archive for July 20th, 2008

there is a black hole…

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

…that is sucking away all of my time.

I’m supposed to announce a few things and I haven’t had a chance to get around to them. I may not be able to until after the weekend. My ILs are visiting, so things are busy, but in a good way. Except I am getting zippo sleep. But that’s okay too because I’m on steroids again – heeeeeeeee!

No time to post a recipe (although I have a few). Jeremy and I took Miss Crazy (Kaweah) up to the Continental Divide this morning. It’s my favorite hike in the Indian Peaks Wilderness: Pawnee Pass. I’ll leave you with some pics from our hike. I met some really nice trail runners at the top and asked if I could shoot them (with camera) and they were totally cool about it. Just fun noodling around because it’s nice to photograph uber-fit beautiful people when you tire of shooting cakes and barbecue :)


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