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a wee favor por favor?

Things were not right with the world yesterday. It was too warm – like 60s in Boulder! And I got a flat tire in the canyon where there is no cell reception.

Just as I began to loosen the first lug nut, a nice gentleman in a huge truck came and changed my tire for me in ONE MINUTE. I tried to get his info so I could send him a bottle of wine or booze or a cake and he said, “M’am, I do this everyday, you don’t need to thank me.” Well, I did thank him verbally. I only noticed the AAA on his door as he pulled onto the road. Huh, I guess that makes sense since most people don’t carry pneumatic drills in their vehicles. But I might start to because I *love* it.

This morning… we have snow. Good. Good and Bad. Good, because I love snow and the local slopes were starting to show a little gardening (i.e. vegetation) on the black runs, which is uncool.

okay, okay… i feel better now

Bad? Well, bad, because Subie is at the service center in Boulder waiting for four new shiny tires and I have to go to Denver today… in Roo. Should be alright, me thinks, as long as the roads don’t get socked in (which I doubt they will).

Yup. So most things that were not right are now being set straight. Except for one.

Remember those chocolate macarons from yesterday? That post would not exist without the help of the one, the only Tartelette. She’s so popular, she was nominated in TWO categories for the Well Fed Network’s Best Food Blog awards. She is currently in second place in the Chef category. She is within striking distance! I am asking every damn one of you (damn in a good way, not the bad way – I’m cussing because I love you) to please get over there and vote your brains out for Tartelette before January 24, 8 pm EST. That’s tomorrow, kids!

I don’t know who Book the Cook is. Dude seems nice enough. But he is goin’ up against my girl and he has got *nothing* on Tartelette. He doesn’t have a French accent, probably doesn’t have her sexy legs, pics can’t hold a candle to hers, apparently doesn’t have a bad puppy who chews holes in the closet walls, and can we talk about artistry? Have you SEEN her blog? I mean, COME ON! Go – go now! Vote for Tartelette! Vote your ever lovin’ brains out for our girl!!! PLEASE!

I’m done shouting. Thank you.

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  1. Tartelette says:

    OMG! You are simply AMAZING!!!
    Will you marry me…..please pretty please :)

    Just remembered I need to shave those “sexy” legs now that you mentionned that attribute of mine!!

    Thank you and thank you to your readers.

    Peeps….this lady ROCKS!

  2. Lisa@The Cutting Edge of Ordinary says:

    Vote in. Can I just say Tartelette….your blog blows all those others away. Honestly.

  3. Laura says:

    Just voted! Go Tartelette!

  4. Susan at Sticky,Gooey,Creamy,Chewy says:

    It goes without saying……

  5. anh says:

    Tarlette’s got my vote!

  6. dawn says:

    you were so lucky to have him drive by; right place right time indeed

  7. Nate says:

    How come URB is not in the same category?

  8. Margie says:

    Oh honey-bees, I iz already voted for this sweet pea. She be our winner, 4sure!

    Jenzie, I know the gratitude you feel for the person that changed your tire. I had a similar situation occur years ago. Two country cowboys came to my rescue. I begged and pleaded that they take the ten dollars I had on me, but they simply refused. I asked for their addresses, “No, ma’am, we’re glad we could help you out.” … and off they drove in their well-worn pick-up truck.

    ‘No good deed ever goes un-noticed, and what one gives in life, is also what is returned to them’.


  9. renaye says:

    the landscape is so beautiful!

  10. Lisa says:

    I can’t believe anyone could hold a candle to Helen. She is also the reason I was ever able to make a successful batch of macarons. In fact – I wouldn’t be surprised if a majority of the food bloggers out there making macarons got a bit (or a crap ton) of help after googling and reading her THOROUGH instructions!

    Helen – you’ve got my vote without hesitation. Yours is the only blog in that list that I follow; nevermind even HEARD of!!

    Well deserved…


    PS – plus she’s got an adorable yellow lab [mix] who’s the exact same age as my little baby. How you loving the ~9 month age bracket, Helen?!! Hahahahaahaaahahaahaa….. <– hysterical laughter

  11. Diana Banana says:

    umm, HELLO?!?!? tartlette rocks and has my vote, even without your colin powell-esque endorsement! though it must have helped because she’s up to 48%! yay tartlette! (the only other blog i check daily)

  12. JessW says:

    Aye Aye Captain! :)
    Vote submitted…

  13. Kitt says:

    Voted! Tartlette’s macarons as executed by you are deeeeeelish. I’m rationing them.

  14. Karen says:

    Ha – just voted, and I’m loving the way Tartlette has sailed ahead in the votes tonight!

    And thanks for your wonderful blog, Jen. :)

  15. Mrs ErgΓΌl says:

    Voted! I’m sorry shit happened to you yesterday! But with every bad incident, a good one will be waiting for you!

  16. SallyBR says:

    Well, I think Tartelette will win easily – I did vote for her, and happened to check his blog just to see what she was up against. I have her blog bookmarked for ages

    No comparison – she leaves the others in a serious smoke.

  17. we are never full says:

    what a beautiful pic. i miss colorado. used to live in breck during my post-college ‘don’t start life yet” years. need to go back for a visit!

  18. Dragana says:

    Just voted! Tartelette deserves it – awesome pics, legs, recipes, writing! It’s the only blog I recognized…

  19. Lori says:

    Already did dude.

  20. Melissa says:

    It must be your post cause she’s kick ass right now. 47%.

    And okay, okay, maybe I’ll start reading her too. *Squint*


  21. Mollie says:

    Two of my favorite girls! yay!

  22. David Hall says:

    Greetings – bookthecook here, or David to my friends! Well done on inspiring Tartlette to (obviously) win. I didn’t even have a clue I had been shortlisted until 3 days back. These things are lovely to be included in but a click on a vote button inspired from posts left on Blogs (like mine), hmmmm. Hardly The Oscars. But Tartlette is amazing and very happy for such a find Blog to win – if she has won that is!

    All the best
    David x

  23. jenyu says:

    Tartelette – that was probably the only good thing about chemo… no shaving ;) xxoo

    Lisa – she is amazing, isn’t she?

    Laura – thanks!

    Susan – big huggles to you, woman :)

    Anh – :)

    Dawn – yes! I wish at times like these I had cookies on me to give to him right then and there!

    Nate – cause I’m not a chef, babe :)

    Margie – well, I’d like to think what goes around comes around, but looking at the world – I have to wonder at times ;)

    Renaye – I love it too.

    Lisa – yes, totally. She rocks the hizouse.

    Diana – go tartelette!

    Jess – :)

    Kitt – yes, you have Helen to thank for the macarons on Friday – hee hee.

    Karen – aww, thanks sweetie.

    Mrs E – xxoo

    Sally – she is pretty fanfreakingtastic.

    We are never full – oooh, I am jealous of your living in Breck. That is one nice mountain!

    Dragana – :)

    Lori – wooop!

    Melissa – no no no, it’s not my post, it’s because she kicks butt! :)

    Mollie – xxoo

    David – good to meet you, dear and certainly hats off to you for your nomination. That is superb! Don’t feel bad about Tartelette’s win (if she did, it’s all offline now). She kicked my patootie in Best Overall, so I completely hear ya :) xxoo

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