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archive for August 9th, 2010

and another weekend gone by

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Recipe: white peach sorbet

Saturday afternoon and evening, Jeremy and I drove down to Boulder to meet up with several friends for TEDx Boulder. I was pretty excited because I love TED talks and my friend Andrew was putting on an independent TED (thus TEDx) for Boulder. That, and my very own Jeremy was giving one of the TED talks that night. How could I not go?

tedx boulder

1400 people

vienna teng

Just some quick thoughts from that evening. I really enjoyed both of our musical performers: Jonathan Spottiswoode and Vienna Teng. Actually, I had no idea who Vienna Teng was and now I am hooked. Plenty of excellent talks on education, community, energy, environment, and making the world a better place. Some talks were like glorified Ignite talks and I’m on the fence about how appropriate they are at a TED event. There were a handful I felt lukewarm about and then there were two in particular that I thought were just wrong: one guy who gave a sales pitch over and over again (great idea, but did you need 15 minutes to say it five times? snoozefest) and another from a crank spewing bunk for 18 minutes – and poorly at that. How these two were allotted more time (talks ranged from 3 minutes to 18 minutes) than anyone else is remarkable. I wish that time had been given to someone more deserving like…

my congressman, jared polis

Jared Polis, my House Representative, rocked it with his talk on investment returns on early education. He is a superstar and I’m glad the organizers were so accommodating of his insane schedule, because for me, his was the best talk. My favorite presenter was Jeremy, who I think had the most challenging task at hand – to explain his research to the lay person. What I love about my astrophysicist is that he is sincere, humble, honest, and a damn fine scientist and educator.

jeremy discusses water in the universe

Really, the biggest offender of the evening was the heat. Chautauqua Auditorium is an amazing venue, but it is a barn and when the event started at 4pm – the hottest time of day – they had to shut every possible door and window to keep the place dark for the presentations. They didn’t allow food or drink because they would get rodents in the auditorium, so we all sat there sweating together. Times like these you really wish you had something nice and cold like some seasonal white peach sorbet.

ripe white peaches

slice in half and the pit should come out easily enough

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