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archive for April 2006

pacific ocean marketplace

Monday, April 3rd, 2006

Today after work, we set off on a pilgrimage for the famed asian market. Boulder has a couple of asian markets, but they suck as far as asian markets go. I was told that this one was pretty good – just a dozen or so miles out of town on the flats. The flats are depressing to look at, to travel through, to experience culturally.

it looked promising

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losing an hour

Saturday, April 1st, 2006

Oh I hate the thought of losing an hour. Although it won’t get dark until 7:30 tomorrow! Jeremy was up at 5 am to run the largest moving radio dish on earth. I snoozed on and off for an hour and decided to start cleaning the house at 6. I got a lot of things done today including huge progress on Sarah’s gift, which I can’t show any pictures of at the moment.

Jeremy got a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Vermonty Python yesterday. Tasty coffee liqueur ice cream – mmmmmm. I’m not so fond of the fudgy cows in the mix, but the rest is divine.

More snow on its way this week. Tee hee. It’s snowing on Eldo right now.

avocados were on sale