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urban green adventure

My current headache is a Sugar Headache… Trying to kick my general malaise, we drove into Pasadena tonight for some Really Delicious But Incredibly Bad For You food. Driving through Old Pasadena, it occurred to me that we rarely ever go out because we dislike the urban (if you can call gentrified Pasadena urban) atmosphere – especially the nightlife. I had to start off with a lime rickey and to coordinate the flavor theme, Jeremy opted for a true fountain lime coke.

Service at Soda Jerks always sucks, but I like Fosselman’s ice cream. While waiting for our order we saw an alarmingly high number of pre-teen girls (some as young as 8 or so years?) dressed like little whores. We were shocked. I understand all too well the desire of young people to want to be older (and I think I’m getting to that pivotal age when people start wanting to look back, but age is the least of my worries these days – and I like being in my thirties because most 20-somethings are still stupidly naive). Am I the only one who feels this is getting out of hand? I’m sure society is so inured to Britney bopping her boobs and butt around on Pepsi commercials that we are drawing a fuzzier and fuzzier line between sexual desirability and pedophelia. Still, it wigged me out. It’s not “cute”, it’s demeaning and it’s really really f’d up. But then the food arrived!

Waiting and asking to order some ice cream and more waiting, I eventually reached my threshold and we paid up and left to get ice cream elsewhere. On our wanderings I was drawn to anything bright and green. It gave me a tremendous feeling of contentment.

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