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i sancerrely love it

Swung by the Chronicle to pick up a nice bottle of Sancerre for our realtor, but they didn’t have any in stock. Instead we got a lovely Chablis:

Looked so good, we got one for ourselves. We’ll drink it to celebrate the closing.

Food Trivia
Spinach was cultivated as early as 400 AD in what is now modern day Iran. It was imported into China a few hundred years later, and eventually introduced into Europe when the Moors invaded Spain. It has been called the “prince of greens”. The leafy green is touted for it’s iron content and was made famous by Popeye and his can o’ spinach. However, the calcium and iron contents in spinach, although high, are only partially absorbed by our bodies because another component – oxalic acid – binds to both, rendering them unusable. Spinach is an excellent source of vitamin A. I love spinach stir fried, raw, and cooked in a dozen wonderful dishes. The downside is that the yield of cooked spinach is 1/10 the initial raw state.

fry baby, fry

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