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Jeremy and I went out on the deck to watch the Space Station fly across the sky tonight. I had seen it several times before and wasn’t all that excited, but I went outside anyway. I don’t know why I forget how cool it is because I love it every time. It was cold out, we had less than a minute before it appeared, and I couldn’t find my hat – so I put on my ski helmet, which is nice and warm. Just as it began to ascend the sky, Tom drove up to his house and we yelled to him to look up at the station. Then Kellie came out to see what the shouting was about and he told her to look just above the moon. Stuff like this is what I used to do as a kid – it’s one of the many reasons I love science… come to think of it, it’s one of the many reasons I love Jeremy.

And shortly after sunset, Jeremy called to me to come and see the nice Kelvin-Helmholtz waves on the horizon as he was closing the blinds.

nice shear

That lychee granita came out beautifully. The liquid form tasted too sweet and not very lychee-y to me. But frozen, it’s quite fragrant and delicious.

lychee granita with hints of lemon and lime

Jeremy just informed me that the makers of Futurama are working on season 6! For those unfortunate and/or humorless souls who don’t know/care – Futurama was cancelled by Fox a few years ago despite the fact that it is hilarious the way only Matt Groening can be. They’re not sure at this point if it will air on Comedy Central or go straight to DVD.

kitchen tutorial: chinese scallion pancakes
Scallion pancakes are a savory Chinese treat I have loved since I was a kid. My mom always made them from scratch and I just thought it was something she made. When I went to college and began shopping at Ranch 99, I discovered they came ready-made in the refrigerated section! When I have leftover dumpling dough, I like to use it up by making scallion pancakes, just the way I remember Mom used to make.

chop scallions, roll out two dough disks

sandwich the dough with a little oil, roll out and smear more oil

sprinkle salt, then scallions

roll it up like a rug, then wind it like a snail

roll out to 1/4 inch thick, fry in a little oil on both sides until crispy and golden

slice and serve hot

one nibble at “skyward”

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