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off to a tasty start

Happy New Year, all!

I had a major kitchen day, in which I spent nearly 10 hours cooking all sorts of goodies to celebrate the new year properly. I made Chinese hot pot with tons of traditional ingredients like tofu, fish balls, pork meatballs, shitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots, preserved mustard greens, napa cabbage, bean thread noodles, water chestnuts. I also prepared a batch of potstickers from scratch, and stir fried bok choy with mushrooms and water chestnuts.

But that’s just the savory stuff. I also made some sweets. My leftover boozie drinks from last night were poured into the ice tray and I made Jeremy a sort of granita version of a lava flow in the afternoon.


Inspired by Kell’s sorbet, I proceeded to make lychee granita. We’ll see how that comes out tomorrow. And I got around to making a recipe from my latest issue of Fine Cooking – an apple jalousie.

slice apples, mix with seasonings and cook in butter on a skillet

layer apples on dough and drizzle sauce

cover with slotted dough, crimp edges, brush on egg wash, sprinkle raw sugar


top with something creamy

It turned out well, although I honestly don’t think it could serve more than four people. Will have to make a note of that.

dinner is served

I was pooped by the time I finished cooking everything. Jeremy and I thoroughly enjoyed our meal. I realized I hadn’t had a big cooking day in a while. Well, all this prep is not for naught since we have a good week and a half’s worth of food. I probably won’t have an all day cookfest again until Chinese new year. This year, Amos will be visiting us over Chinese new year and it’s going to be a Big Deal because it will become the Year of the Pig – and we’re both Piggies!

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