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food overload

love your citrus

We had rib eye steaks a few nights ago because I got lazy and didn’t want to cook an elaborate meal. In my effort to cut down on beef consumption, we split a one-pound rib eye between the two of us and ended up saving half of it for leftovers. I found it in the fridge while rummaging around for something to make for lunch today.

slice beef, set atop swiss on buttered bread

heat over medium flame until cheese melts

top with lettuce, tomatoes, and some pseudo cheese shop house dressing

It was snowing all morning and by the time we took our recycling to the dump, we noticed there was about 4 inches of accumulation. Jeremy shoveled the drive when we got back home and I told him we ought to take advantage of the snow. So we went out for a fast hour of xcountry skiing. It was divine and a nice cardio workout.

conditions were fast and sweet

After skiing, we drove down to Boulder to check out some (more) gear before heading over to Andrew and Nicole’s place for dinner. Beth was there too and we got to watch some of her video footage from her field work in the Galapagos! The seal pups were really cute, but I honestly wanted to try one of the red crabbies… perhaps with some drawn butter? We had a lot of fun and the dinner was fabulous.

andrew is a master of atmospheric science, pasta, and delicious pizza with pancetta

nicole prepares the mushroom ragu (ragout, if you are french)

beth can’t wait to dig into the creamy polenta

dessert was a hand-crafted tart courtesy of nicole

my slice of creamy, fruity goodness

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