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worlds colliding


The fooding world and my alma mater have met.

I went to a most excellent tech school for my undergraduate studies. No no no, not that tech school. I went to the other one, the better one *snicker*. *ducking for cover now*

Most people outside of the science and engineering communities are pretty oblivious to that little campus in Pasadena. Even some folks in science and engineering are oblivious to it, thinking I am referring to a vocational school… Despite my love-hate relationship with Caltech, it is a formidable center of world-class research boasting astounding statistics for their student body as well as their faculty. You have to love science to come here. You HAVE to.

One of the reasons I chose to attend Caltech was the unique character of the place and the people (mind you, some of the people are downright strange). There are quirky and fun projects that those beloved geeks find time for in between their loads of homework. That’s why I was delighted to find out about the Caltech Olive Harvest.

Intellectual curiosity is a good thing. Innovation is a good thing.

Have you hugged a geek today?

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