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Thursday, June 28th, 2007

I’ll first begin with the sweet. Yesterday, I picked up TWO packages from the post office. One was from Australia, so I immediately knew that was from Kell. The other… the other was – the long lost package that Amos and Louie sent over three months ago! I had even called the freaking Ned post office to inquire and they told me they had never seen it. When I got it yesterday, the postal worker (my favorite one, she’s quite nice) looked at the date and said, “March?! I’ve seen this thing in the back forever!” I think it might have remained in the back forever if Amos hadn’t called and raised a little hell.

Kell and Jerad sent me the sweetest card congratulating me on my defense, and a book that all of the foodies have been reading. Plus, a long handwritten letter from Kell, something that people just don’t seem to do as much of anymore. I cherished every last scribble. Amos and Louie had more official looking stuff in their package – US Marshall sportswear! So cool. Louie is what is right with federal law enforcement. They also included Louie’s favorite movie of all time: Anchorman. Jeremy wanted to watch it right away, but we had stuff to do. I loved Elf, so hopefully Anchorman will be just as funny.

loot from care packages: thanks kell, jerad, amos, and louie!

In an effort to use up egg yolks and to test a new recipe:

i made earl grey crème brûlée today

house smells good

Tuesday, February 13th, 2007

I check the weather conditions first thing every day as I sit up in bed. I look out the big windows from our bedroom and squint enough to determine if it’s snow, clouds, sun, dark. This morning I got excited because the hillsides were white!

looks like snow

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gold rush

Monday, December 18th, 2006

I got a package from Ro! What a total sweetheart. She went to a lot of trouble to send us this certain special tea from the Huntington. Love her so much. It’s the best smelling tea ever. If it wasn’t meant for consumption, I’d scatter it about my house as potpourri. We’re sending a few tins to our parents because both sets seem to love it too. Jeremy brewed a pot tonight and now I’m wired beyond belief.

gold rush tea

If only blogs were scratch-n-sniff. This smells of peach and passion fruit, but is a lovely black tea with orange blossom and other dreamy ingredients. I wish I could give everyone a tin of this tea. If you live in Pasadena – run now to the Huntington! They only carry it in the rose garden tea room this month.