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This afternoon Jeremy went about cleaning the whole house while I prepared dinner for our guests this evening. I have to say that Mr. Jeremy is an uber-swell guy. I don’t clean the bathrooms. He does. AMAZING. He probably does about 65% of the laundry, and he does 50% of the vacuuming, picks up 75% of Kaweah’s poops, and he does 80% of the dishes. On top of that, he never has a mean word for me and he is super duper.

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Maia and her husband drove up from Golden. She’s a friend of mine from high school (and junior high, and elementary school). She also got us set up with our realtor and helped us shop around for a broker. We had been meaning to get them out here for a while, but our schedules were full up until this weekend. I’m so glad they could come out. They are really fascinating and have moved around a lot – Prague, Buenos Aires, NYC, Boston, Golden. As we poured wine, we learned that Maia wasn’t drinking because she’s expecting! She’s due around the same time as S. which means I’ll have to add two more knitting projects to my already delinquent project list for two other kids who will be in college before I get around to their stuff… Her hubby is a freeheeler too! I think this is a requirement to live in Colorado :)

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