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archive for November 2005

bbq pizza

Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

I couldn’t wait to get home tonight to see my sweetheart. I get into this mode of keeping busy when he’s away. I don’t feel like eating much either (not such a bad thing). Tonight I picked up our groceries for the week because I felt ill thinking of eating another bowl of brunswick stew. Instead, we used up the remainder of the turkey in bbq turkey pizza!

mozz, bbq sauce, turkey, shrooms, and cilantro (not pictured: feta)

don’t use as much bbq sauce as you would pizza sauce


It’s colder tonight, but it feels warm to me. Everything is better when Jeremy is around :)

altiro po!

Saturday, November 26th, 2005

I finally made pumpkin pie last night after missing one ingredient after another… I think the part I enjoy the most about the pie is making the crust.

The key is to use chilled butter. I have a recipe for sinfully flaky scones that requires chilled chunks of butter in the pastry. When you bake it, all of the butter melts out into the pan in a standing pool of golden fatness. Then, when you take the pan out of the oven, the butter is gone! Well – not quite, it was re-absorbed by the scones and eventually ends up on everyone’s ass.

happy meal

Thursday, November 24th, 2005

Today was definitely an odds and ends day. I finished the eggplant hat for Lucy’s little girl, Jeremy installed the remaining blinds, we cleaned up, did various computer maintenance, sorted important documents that stacked up since the last holiday, problem shot the printer (rather, would like to just shoot it outright), and generally walked about the house looking like slobs. We had leftovers for dinner which was just as good as last night’s pre-Thanksgiving dinner. Kaweah got a special little plate too, although it was enhanced with extra goodies like apple, carrots, banana, leftover turkey… and some kibbles so that she knew this was dinner and not a snack.

a scent for doggie noses

can’t talk, eating…