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archive for January 2006

curry in a hurry

Saturday, January 14th, 2006

I tried out a green curry paste I hadn’t used before tonight. I’ve used this brand’s masaman curry paste which is pretty good. On a lark, I picked up this can and figured I would try something different.

It turned out nice and spicy! This curry is ideal for a really cold night. Good to eat with a bowl of rice, mmmmm.

something chocolaty

Thursday, January 12th, 2006

We were a pathetic bunch of sots this afternoon at work. We were all feeling tired. We were all feeling hungry. Jeff came by and offered us caffeinated mints which didn’t do much but give us tired fresh breath. I worked out which totally woke me up for the duration of the workout, but I felt tired again when I got back to my desk.

“I’m going to make something chocolaty to bring into work tomorrow!” I announced to my cube farm.
“Mmmmm, chocolaty…” was the response from over the wall.

I got excited thinking about baking something chocolaty because I like working with chocolate. But wait, I have ingredients for key lime cheesecake in my fridge as well. A miscalculation on my part with far too many dinners to keep track of left me with an extra dessert.

“Key lime cheesecake or brownies?!” I shouted.
“I like cheesecake.”
“Brownies are easier to share with several people.”
“Please stop talking about this, you are killing me.”

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Wednesday, January 11th, 2006

J-woman and I met for dinner at Moongate before the class. This is pretty good stuff! I like.

pretty lights

good pad thai

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