meatless meatballs roasted porcini with gremolata gluten-free chocolate chip cookies venison with morel sauce

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on the flats

I’m in Denver at this posh hotel. My 5:59 bus was late getting down the canyon due to snowy roads and so I missed the 6:29 express to Denver and had to wait for the 6:44. Our meeting began with brekkie at 7:30 and I got in at 7:48 with enough time to grab some fruit and fresh squozen orange juice. The meeting went well and the buffet lunch they served was AMAZING. There was an artichoke pasta dish (hot), poached salmon in a creamy herb sauce with steamed vegetables, beef medallions with roasted potatoes, two incredible salads, bread pieces bigger than some houses, and for dessert, there was tiramisu and chocolate hazelnut cake. I went light on lunch because I knew we’d be filling up at dinner. I stuck to vegetables, salad, fish, and a taste of that incredible pasta.

becca’s dessert (which i sampled)

okay sarah, this time i actually see a chocolate on my pillow

the view of denver, oh how i miss my view of the divide

one of several little bites at dinner – roasted pulled pork on tiny breaded canapes

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