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craving spicy: red beans and rice

red beans and rice for dinner

I was craving spicy today. Well, to be honest, I have been craving spicy all my life. I love it. I made red beans and rice for dinner tonight. It’s really quick to make, but the prep can take a little while. Aside from the rice, the beans, and the sausages, I really love the vegetables! Unfortunately, Safeway carries crap for Andouille and had some strange chicken version that tasted not like what I think Andouille tastes like (I’ve had the chicken version Andouille from Trader Joes which is really pretty good). Nothing a little Tabasco can’t fix.

sauté vegetables, add spices and beans

add tabasco, then remove two cups to the food processor

stir it back into the pot, add sausages

mix with rice, top with green onions

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