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first snowfall

Alright! Today was the first snowfall of the season at our house! Nothing accumulated in Ned, but it snowed on and off all day and the temps hovered between 28 and 34 degrees. Very nice, because you know what this means… the start of a good base – I hope!

snow! snow! snow! snow!

You know that whole E. coli scare with bagged spinach? I managed to buy a $7 box of organic spinach from Whole Foods on Thursday. Luckily, I was too tired to remember to sauté any for Jeremy’s birthday dinner. Then I heard about the recall on the morning news and this morning we checked the FDA website and learned that our brand was one of the recalled brands. Whole Foods was offering refunds, and so we took our box of beautiful spinach back.

here’s a better look at the stratigraphy of the tiramisu

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