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eggstraordinary colorado saturday

We have some well-traveled visitors staying at our house. SIX of them to be exact. Normally six guests might be a bit much, but these guys have been delightful and the easiest guests ever. Naturally we’re going to take anyone visiting in March (as long as they are able) skiing!

from the parking lot of the local hill this morning

Yes, our guests are a half dozen eggs that Hannah of Bittersweet crocheted for a traveling egg meme!! I’d like to point out that Hannah is fricking amazing. This young woman is so accomplished… it’s like she just finished a marathon and I’m still wandering around looking for the starting line with one shoe on! And it was Helen’s sweet and fun-loving nature to set the meme in motion. In no particular order, these adventurous eggs have graced the blogs of: Helen, Peabody, Mary (aka Breadchick), Ivonne, Lisa, and Anita. It says so on the carton, which we all sign. Actually, I know Anita was the last one because she sent them along to me with that amazing package of goodies. *love* Anita. I am honored and humbled to host these very special and adorable eggs.

I had to wait a week until I had recovered enough from treatment so I could show the eggs a proper time in Colorado. Proper = snow.

how many crocheted eggs get to ride a ski lift, eh?

I think the little dudes were scared shitless on the lift, but no worries – they were in good hands all morning. And by good hands, I mean they were in mine.

first evar tele eggs!

They loved it, but seriously, who doesn’t love tele? I guess it’s easy to love when you’re an egg and a tele babe cradles you down the slopes! Of course, in the afternoon I had to introduce them to Kaweah who was quite keen to sniff and lick and chew on them. No way I was going to let that happen, so after a lot of scolding she settled down and the eggs became confident enough to check her out.

why so glum, chum?

thankfully made of yarn and not real egg parts


The eggs are safe with nary a wisp of dog drool. Kaweah continually walks up to the table they are on and wags her tail. Sorry pup, but these eggs are headed overseas to someplace new, exciting, and… delicious!

We let the eggs rest while we drove down to Boulder to run a few errands. To celebrate that I can eat (and taste) solid foods again, Jeremy took me to The Med for some tapas yummies.

pizza margherita

some bistecca alla genovese (grilled hanger steak)

Then we strolled down Pearl Street Ped Mall to pick up some care-package goodies and what did I see to my utter delight and joy?


A Patagucci of my Boulder’s very own that opened a mere two weeks ago! I’m no fashion plate, but I do plunk down a pretty penny for good gear and Patagonia has *excellent* performant clothing and a great company mission. In fact, that picture of me skiing above? Every piece of clothing I’m wearing is Patagucci except the gloves (yup, even the clothing you DON’T see). Of course, I’m enough of a bum that I buy most of it on sale (fire sale, that is). Oh, and I do love myself some Italian footwear, namely Scarpa and La Sportiva.

Now if only a Trader Joe’s would open up, I’d really be pleased as punch.

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  1. peabody says:

    I love that you went skiing with them! So cool!

  2. Ashley says:

    I LOVE that first photo of your dog with them. So cute! And very impressive that you could go skiing with them.

  3. Bridget says:

    Heh, I love the “Patagucci” thing. How appropriate. The cute little eggs certainly had an adventurous Saturday. Also, I’m so glad you can taste!

  4. tawnia says:

    I have to say, your dog has the sweetest little face–I just want to hug him. The pic of him with all the eggs is way cool–good little doggie!

  5. breadchick says:

    Those wild and crazy eggs! They sure have been leading a fantastic travel life haven’t they!! And do they cut handsome figure on the slopes. Sure looks like they had fun!!

  6. Annemarie says:

    Ha – I love their skiing adventure! With your helmet on you look like a super-spy escorting the eggs on a James Bond style mission. congrats on the solid food stage of eating – long may it continue.

  7. White On Rice Couple says:

    There’s too much to talk about here, so I’ll try to keep it short:
    1.Crocheted eggs are genius and amazing. I tried crocheting one time in Home E class back in Jr, high and failed miserably. But my big knot could have been described as a egg!
    2.Stop harassing your poor Kaweah with those eggs! Giving them to her is fair game as toys.
    3. Skiing with eggs in hand instead of poles? Show off! Hey, I thought all your snow melted already!
    4. Hooray to you for being able to eat and taste again! There will be sushi waiting for you in California.:)
    5.Did someone say Patagucci? I lived in my patagucci’s back in the good ol’ days when I got a 50% discount. Now all my life savings goes to filling up my gas tank. I don’t own a dress, haven’t worn one since the 4th grade, but if The North Face or Patagonia had a line of dresses, I just might consider buying one.

  8. Judy says:

    Those eggs are sure having great adventures. I recognize “the paw” as well. My house is spittin’ distance from Patagonia’s headquarters. Glad you can finally enjoy a tasty meal now.

  9. Susan at StickyGooeyCreamyChewy says:

    Hey! Stop teasing that dog! :) Those eggs are so adorable. I can’t stand it! I’ve been following their escapades since Helen had them. I’m glad they’re enjoying their snowy vacation.

    P.S. I’m scared shitless of the lifts too! :0

  10. kathryn says:

    Hello from gorgeous ROME, Italy!!
    Ha, those eggs are AWESOME!!!
    That pizza magherita looks as wonderful as any I have seen here in the last couple of days! Sadly, I have not been too terribly impressed by the food in Rome, is that a sin to say??
    Tonight, we have a Roman coming over to the apartment to teach us the art of stuffing artichokes, roman style!
    Without a doubt, it will be blogged!

    So glad you are feeling better and eating solid foods!
    Also, how do you SHRED down a hill without any poles?? Is that a stooopid question?

  11. Christine says:

    Jen – you kill me with the tele skiing with crochet eggs! And I agree, a Trader Joe’s would be so cool.

  12. Tartelette says:

    You guys are so flipping amazing with the eggs! Love that you took them skiing…they are becoming so gifted! K’s pics with the dogs were just priceless!!

  13. Taylor says:

    Oh my gosh! You and those eggs are just so cute. And your dog,
    what a love. You look like a professional skier in that outfit.

  14. Hannah says:

    Woah, what an adventure- skiing has got to be a first for any of my crocheted creations! What lucky eggs! And the pictures you took with you dog are just priceless. Thanks for such a wonderful post, it really made my day!

  15. jenyu says:

    Peabody – I think you and I have the winter sports covered for the little eggs now :)

    Ashley – thanks!

    Bridget – it’s fun hanging out with crocheted eggs, although I did get a few odd looks on the hill! thanks :)

    Tawnia – actually, she’s a girl dog, but cute and cuddly nonetheless. she got a lot of treats for posing for that pic!

    Breadchick – aren’t they the coolest? ;)

    Annemarie – it’s just the all black of the outfit me thinks! thanks for the good wishes, i’ll be cycling between eating and not eating three more times :(

    WoRC – they taught you crocheting in home ec? i never learned this stuff in my school! Kaweah was duly rewarded for her patience :) yeah, our snow melts and then more falls from the sky. i love Colorado! girlfriend, when I get to Cali next, there will be much celebrating and devouring of sushi. Hey – Patagucci makes dresses too, nice ones that you can run around in!

    Judy – yup, that paw! Are you near the HQ for Patagonia or the warehouse? I’ve been to the warehouse when it was in Ventura and then later when it had moved to Reno. Mmmmm, warehouse sale…

    Susan – no dogs were harmed in the shooting of this blog! ;) The eggs will soon be on their way to someplace very exciting!

    Kathryn – hey sweetie, you’re in ROME?! Good lord. I hope your score some really good food soon, because you HAVE to in Rome! Eat gelato – for crying out loud EAT THE GELATO. Well, shred just means your skis are shredding the terrain, so you don’t really need poles. I actually like to ski without poles more than I do with poles. It’s a great drill I learned from my tele instructor.

    Christine – :)

    Tartelette – thanks!

    Taylor – those eggs are so much fun. I don’t see how anyone could NOT have a blast with them!

    Hannah – oh no, thank YOU for making those amazing eggs. I can’t believe how fun they are to hold and play around with. The dog really wanted to carry them off to her toy bin, but I couldn’t let that happen :) They’re going someplace fun and exciting next!

  16. Jaime says:

    i love all the fun places you took your eggs! and wow! i think you get the award for the most “active” picture w/the eggs – love how you captured them skiing!! too cool!

    and i love your puppy dog :) she is adorable and reminds me a lot of our dog. though ours is full grown and only about 40lbs. her face looks very similar to yours. although she is only a lab mix…. she is mixed w/golden retriever, corgi, and dachsund (we did the breed test on her). if you are interested, here are some pics of her :)

  17. Susan says:

    Patagonia does have dresses, under the Water Girl line. At least Boulder is getting a Sunflower since Trader Joe’s doesn’t plan to open a store around here…

  18. jenyu says:

    Jaime – thanks :) What a cute pup!!

    Susan – I’m still keeping fingers crossed for a TJs.

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