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archive for March 2008

heathen sunday

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

Recipe: fondue

One of the joys of my heathen ways is that Christmas and Easter are typically empty slope days for a ski whore like me. Jeremy and I had a nice morning of fast corduroy, sunny skies, and the mountain practically to ourselves. I would have posted a picture, except Jeremy’s POS point-and-shoot craps out when the temperature is below 20F. All you need to know is that it was good and I skied it.

The other day when I met Beth for happy hour in Boulder, Jeremy couldn’t join us because he had a meeting with one of his graduate students. When he saw the fondue on the blog, he made a barely audible whimper at having missed out. So while we were running through the grocery store on Friday to pick up some raspberries, I whipped out the iphone and looked up a quick recipe for gruyère fondue: gruyère (of course), a baguette, some sausage, apples, and then some white wine. This being Colorado with antiquated liquor laws, we had to find a liquor barn to purchase wine. This being Colorado with antiquated liquor laws, we had only to walk next door as every grocery store in the state literally has a liquor store within 200 feet of its doors.

let’s have fondue

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lunch with leyla

Saturday, March 22nd, 2008

I met with my buddy, Leyla, for lunch yesterday at The Kitchen in Boulder. Yup, same place I lost my panna cotta virginity. Leyla is a tele stud who jacked up her knee jumping into crazy chutes at Jackson Hole earlier this season – on ALPINE skis. Let this be a lesson to you all… stick with tele.

the tele betty and the x-ray

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a little pick me up

Friday, March 21st, 2008

Recipe: espresso panna cotta

I wanted to post on the first day of spring, but my workout kicked my ass and I nodded off on the couch last night instead – drool and all. I didn’t snore. That’s the dog’s job. She performed to expectation, snoring her little brains out with her furry self stretched on the futon next to me… much like she’s doing this morning.

it’s a full time job

Jeremy was out of town for a meeting in Puerto Rico this week. While most folks who live where there is more winter than summer might be ecstatic to take a trip to a tropical locale, he isn’t one of them. [You honestly think I’d shack up with someone who loves the tropics more than the mountains? Come on!] Some people get bent out of shape when their partner goes out of town, but it doesn’t faze me much unless something shitty happens like a car accident or someone dying. However, I did have an itch to make a dessert, but decided to wait until Jeremy got home because it is one of his favorites.

can you guess? gelatin and milk…

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