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archive for March 2008

sweet sweet lovin’

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

Recipe: sour cream coffee cake

Sure, that Spring Equinox might be right on the horizon – so close that you can practically reach out and smack it – but that’s not what I’m thinking about when an upslope storm hits my hood.

you know what this means, kids

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eggstraordinary colorado saturday

Saturday, March 15th, 2008

We have some well-traveled visitors staying at our house. SIX of them to be exact. Normally six guests might be a bit much, but these guys have been delightful and the easiest guests ever. Naturally we’re going to take anyone visiting in March (as long as they are able) skiing!

from the parking lot of the local hill this morning

Yes, our guests are a half dozen eggs that Hannah of Bittersweet crocheted for a traveling egg meme!! I’d like to point out that Hannah is fricking amazing. This young woman is so accomplished… it’s like she just finished a marathon and I’m still wandering around looking for the starting line with one shoe on! And it was Helen’s sweet and fun-loving nature to set the meme in motion. In no particular order, these adventurous eggs have graced the blogs of: Helen, Peabody, Mary (aka Breadchick), Ivonne, Lisa, and Anita. It says so on the carton, which we all sign. Actually, I know Anita was the last one because she sent them along to me with that amazing package of goodies. *love* Anita. I am honored and humbled to host these very special and adorable eggs.

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soup for woolly

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

Recipe: chicken sizzling rice soup

I promised Woolly that I’d post a chicken soup favorite of mine and by golly, I’m doing it. Seems fitting as it has been snowing since this afternoon (big grin here). What did I tell ya? March means psycho weather: sunny and warm, stormy and snowy. It’s all good to me. Sort of like a degustation.

Apologies to Sarah and Kevin. For some reason, my spam filter keeps tucking your comments away as spam until I go and rescue them. Just to let you know that you are not flagged for my black list or anything! xxoo

See here now, my good man installed new blinds in our great room this week! There was a sale at [twenty] three-day blinds and we made the move to replace those old ones that came with the house. No offense to M&B, from whom we bought the house because we love those ladies like nobody’s business, but these dual cell honeycomb blinds are soooooo energy efficient and the diffuse lighting Rocks My World. Whooooooo!

if you will recall from before

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