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another take on a good thing

Recipe: damn good sandwich

Kaweah is back to her normal silly pup self. Thanks to all of the K-girl fans for their kind wishes.

I know everyone is jazzed about the approach of spring because so many are cursing the lingering signs of winter. While I, myself, am impatient for the arrival of softer, sweeter melons in the markets and the ever earlier dawn each day – I can’t contain my smile when we get sun-snowshowers at our house like today. I think people might appreciate winter more if they actually got outside into it, whether to ski mountains, nordic vast snowy fields, walk along a stormy beach, hike through quiet forests, run a frosty country road, skate on a frozen lake. I love stepping into gentle snowfall, watching white blanket the world, smelling the clean cold air, listening to the stillness, and feeling small flakes settling onto my face.

Being outside does my soul good. I know this, because without it I would have gone ape shit by now. I don’t “do” sick, but sick is what I am at least 50% of the time – as in really bloody sick. So when I’m not ill, I mega-dose on keeping active, positive, and getting my butt outside where the air lifts away my pains, my worries, my sadness. Winter air is what I sought when I started my treatment and Spring air is going to see me through the end of it. I gladly welcome any season that I can breathe in and move through.

After 4 years of heavy usage and abuse (i.e. crumbs, disassembly, reassembly, spilled drinks) we upgraded my keyboard. Normally I wouldn’t make a fuss about it except… except for the fact that my new keyboard is a cross between art and a spaceship.

can it be functional and beautiful?

why yes, you bet your ass it can

Yes, I gush. As Jeremy and I walked out of the Apple store this afternoon (um… we bought more than just a keyboard), we agreed that the joy is worth the extra bucks. I’m not talking about the joy of drinking the punch – because you have to admit that Apple is a cult – I’m talking about the joy of never having to use Windoze. That’s like the joy of never having to undergo chemo again. Hell yeah.

I’m typing with it now. It feels so incredible it’s almost embarrassing. I like to touch it. hee.

Graeme had posted recently about his chicken and avocado club sandwich and invited others to play some of their own versions. Well, I am a sandwich whore. I am also an avocado whore.


And did I mention that I am a bacon whore? Perhaps you can guess where this might be going…

naughty naughty

I actually had to wait a few days to make this for lunch because I couldn’t eat it. I mean, I couldn’t eat solid foods – I know, it happens every round. But I waited for my infection to clear and for my throat to heal and my taste to return. I thought about the sandwich for 3 days.

oh yeah

I think about food all of the time, probably about as much as men think about sex. Would it be accurate to say I think about sex as much as men think about food? I don’t know. I throw different flavors and textures together in my head when planning our weekly menu or thinking of new recipes to try. So it’s funny when I tell Jeremy what we’re having for lunch and he’s not only surprised, but quite excited. It’s good that he likes to let me plan the food since I don’t like letting him (or most people) plan my food, especially now with my GI tract issues.

jeremy gets avocado, bacon, and egg

i like the addition of tomatoes and a runny egg

My own sandwich was slightly modified from Jeremy’s. I love tomatoes (he fears them) and I also like my eggs to be sunny-side-up. There is nothing quite so lovely as the ooze of a runny yolk. Jeremy is scared of runny yolks, so I cooked his to death. Not so with mine.

good to the last drop

Now ideally, I would have added lettuce and perhaps some turkey. I have to avoid raw leafy greens for now, and since I can’t eat much in one sitting I figured turkey was dispensable. The combination of salty bacon with creamy egg yolk, smooth avocado, and juicy tomato is freaking amazing with a nice sourdough bread. It isn’t a sandwich I indulge in often, but definitely what I would call an indulgence.

Damn Good Sandwich
[print recipe]

2 slices sourdough bread
5 thin slices ripe avocado
4 slices tomato
3 strips bacon, cooked
1 fried egg

You know what to do, kids.

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  1. Danielle says:

    I’m picking up what you’re putting down. I love, love, LOVE me a runny egg yolk, too. There is nothing better than sopping it up with a slice of sourdough. Your Damn Good Sandwich sounds damn tasty. I hope that sandwich was worth the wait. Glad you were finally up to eating it.

  2. Chuck says:

    Damn straight… that’s a good [looking] sandwich. I love the runny yolk in yours. Whether it’s sunny side up or cooked to death, everything is better with an egg on top!

  3. Joanne says:

    Wow, talk about a beautiful thing, that sandwich is a delight to the eye and making me drool on my (not as purty as yours) keyboard!
    Buon appetito!

  4. aforkfulofspaghetti says:

    What’re you trying to do me?? I. GOTTA. HAVE. THAT. SANDWICH. NOW.

  5. Astrid says:

    I’m not sure what makes me salivate more, the keyboard or the sandwich! Both look delicious.

  6. manggy says:

    Nooo! What do I do with the ingredients? :) lol. That looks seriously delicious. That runny yolk is liquid gold.

    Even if Kaweah’s okay I’m still concerned for you :) I wish it could all be outdoors so you’d feel energized all the time. Hopefully my corny comments cheer you up, even if only a tiny bit, haha :)

    The keyboard looks smashing, but honestly I need depth to my keys. Sort of a reassuring pressure on my fingers, heavy clicks against the plastic underworkings. I’ve kept the same keyboard since 1998, I think :) (I wonder what monstrosities lie in between the crevices).

  7. Bridget says:

    Oh yum, that sandwich looks fantastic. It’s a combination that I wouldn’t have thought of but that looks really good together.

    4 (treatments) down, 2 to go…you’re getting through this!

  8. Susan says:

    Unlike you, I don’t get that excited about sandwiches but this one is the ONE! I can’t freaking wait to try it. This could be the beginning of a new love :) Sounds like these “non-solid-food-states” are spurring on your imagination…or is it the Spring air. Either way, this is a damn good thing. Hang in there!

  9. Tia says:

    That sandwich is fabulous!!! Can’t wait to try it. :)

  10. Graeme says:

    Yes! Exactly!

    Complete with egg porn, need I say more?

  11. Gretchen Noelle says:

    Wow, that looks amazing! I love sandwiches like that, runny egg and all!

  12. Susan says:

    OH YEAH! That is one of my ultimate favs! I love the photo of the yolk running down the center of the cut sandwich. Makes me drool. I’m not sure any other sandwich could beat that one.

  13. Tanya says:

    That sandwich looks freakin’ amazing. Even if I were to make the same thing with the same ingredients, it wouldn’t look nearly so good…. wow!
    I have to say, the one upside of my sister being sick, and it is a *very* insufficient upside, is that cooking for her has changed the way I thought about the quality of what I put into my mouth. I think I might have upped the nutrient density of my food four-fold after realizing how much trouble she was having digesting even a little bit.

  14. Nicisme says:

    I’d have to pass on the egg, but the rest… mmmmm!

  15. Christine says:

    Jen – yay for solid foods! And yay for beautifully designed objects. Nothing gets me going like seeing form and function come together.

    I laughed out loud reading the caption underneath the keyboard photo. priceless :)

    I love your samiches! Runny yolk for me, please.

  16. LyB says:

    Freaking amazing is right! Wow, that looks so good, I would indulge in it right now if I had all of the ingredients!

  17. Maja says:

    You rock! I hope you get completely healthy soon!

  18. alyssa says:

    the colors in that sandwich are amazing. i hate sunny side up, though, because i don’t like any hint of mushy egg whites. i just flip my egg over for about 20 seconds and everything is perfect.

  19. Shoshanna says:

    Your blog has now become my ultimate procrasination tool in light of my two final exams in the next two weeks. The sandwich looks so tasty! I wish I could have an avocado tree growing in my backyard; then again, maybe not, I’d be 500 lbs…

    Hope your treatment is going well! Take care. :)

  20. michelle @ TNS says:

    holy jeebus, i need that sandwich! the fried egg on top – genius!

    plus, bacon. drool.

  21. TheSassyChef says:

    My work place just upgraded all our computers, so now I’m staring at 24′ iMac screen with those spaceship keyboards. Oh my god. It’s like an orgasm every time I walk into the office.

    Avocado in a sandwich? Hmm.

  22. tammy says:

    i actually ‘oohed’ when i saw your keyboard! good for you. the food looks great too :)

  23. Elizabeth says:

    New toys are always fun. While I am resistant to the Cult of Mac, I have known others who have been seduced and they are very passionate about all things Mac. Did I read “infection to clear and throat to heal”?
    Did not realize those were on the list of Must Have Chemo Side-Effects. Sorry to hear of the infection and all. I imagine that just slows down the whole rebound. My 76 year old Aunt, who has been going and blowing all her life, had her 5th of 6 chemos the same day you had your 4th of 6th. She came into the office today and yes, the chemo has slowed her down some, but it is only temporary, I expect her to be back to her old self in no time once she has had her final round. You, too, will be back to your old self in no time. Now on to the food;
    What A Glorious Sandwich! I have done the bacon avocado and turkey (mayonnaise for this southern girl please)
    I have done the egg and tomato (again with the mayonnaise) but I never thought of avocado, bacon, tom AND egg.
    And yes, of course, runny. I know you have heard this many times but your photographs are fabulous. Simply fabulous. God bless you and keep you strong.

  24. gaga says:

    mmm…what a great combo and gorgeous pictures too. i’ll definitely have to remember that one for the future. thanks!

  25. tara says:

    When i was travelling around new Zealand last year it seemed that all the little cafes had this crazy concoction…the BLEAT (bacon lettuce eagg avocado tomato)..those Kiwis use avocado in EVERYTHING! not only that, one side of the bagel or bread was covered in BBQ sauce and the other side in mayo…lucky they have all those mountains to climb otherwise there would be alot of overwieght (yet highly contented) people there!

  26. peabody says:

    I’m a turkey, bacon, swiss and avocado kind of gal. Your sandwich does look beautiful and has made me want to eat bacon tonight.
    Glad you are loving your new keyboard!

  27. Isa says:

    Ohhhhhhhh! Delicious. And lovely keyboaard too

  28. Syrie says:

    I LOVE your sambo. It’s making me drool.

  29. Denise & Lenny says:

    This is fantastic! YUM! I usually do not like “runny” eggs on anything but egg bennie; but, we will have to try this one out! Enjoy your new keyboard and all your “new” things from Apple – what fun!

  30. Lynn says:

    Love the keyboard – it is tres chic and sexy. The sandwich is awesome, too. I never would have thought to put an egg in there, but I can see that’s just the crown jewel it needs. Deliciousness!

  31. jenyu says:

    Danielle – totally worth the wait! I try not to eat those too often, but when I do, I’m glad – hee hee.

    Chuck – I have to admit I have a fascination with adding eggs to things, like noodle soups, sandwiches, etc. It’s just so good!! :)

    Joanne – that runny yolks elicits one of two responses in people… glad it’s the good one in you.

    afork… – I get that way when I see one too.

    Astrid – the sandwich tastes great and the keyboard works beautifully ;)

    Mark – liquid gold, that’s a GREAT way to describe it! Your corny comments always cheer me up, so don’t stop commenting or else I’m going to up and close shop here ;) You’d be amazed if you tried this keyboard, really. I worried about it too, but it has a great touch to it and it does depress more than you’d think. I’m just worried about getting junk in the little spaces still… probably less stuff than you have in your keyboard – ha ha.

    Bridget – wow, you’re keeping count? I thought I was the only one (and boy, am *I* keeping count!). Thanks :)

    Susan – thanks, that’s really nice of you.

    Tia – I hope you love it as much as I do.

    Graeme – dude, you totally made me do it!! Egg AND Bacon porn. Is it me or is it getting hot in here? ;)

    Gretchen – w00t! runny eggs!

    Susan – we are of like minds and hearts :) xxoo

    Tanya – hon, even if it doesn’t look as good, I guarantee it will taste as good if not better! Maybe you could call it a learning experience. Certainly, this is something I anticipated when I learned I had to undergo chemo, but I had no idea how much my taste and appetite and just plain ability to eat would be impacted. Let’s just say I’ve learned a lot, but I’ll be happy when it’s done!

    Nicisme – fair enough. The bacon and avocado are a pretty powerful combo as it is :)

    Christine – pardon me if I get a little obsessive about Mac components. I think their products really speak to my love of simple elegance and exceptional functionality. I know you understand, because you’ve drunk the punch too :)

    LyB – DO IT!!

    Maja – just a couple more months :) fingers crossed. xxoo

    Alyssa – oh, I won’t tell you how I like my quail eggs at the sushi bar then ;)

    Shoshanna – but but… avocado is supposed to be the “good” fat *wink*. Thanks for the kind wishes!

    Michelle – lol!

    TheSassyChef – I hear ya. Macs are gorgeous and they actually WORK – what a CONCEPT!?!

    Tammy – thanks!

    Elizabeth – from the perspective of someone who programs, runs data analysis, image processes, web designs, etc. etc – the Mac kicks Windows and even Linux in the balls. The only advantage (and I use the term loosely) to using Windows is if there is software that only works on Windows platforms because those bastards had an illegal monopoly for so long. Chemo is different for everyone. Even similar cancers don’t have to necessarily have similar treatments. Because I am 36, my oncologist is giving me the toughest regimen which would likely destroy most chemo patients your aunt’s age… and yes, I seem to endure an ass ton of side effects, but I still live my life. That is the point, right – to live life :) Glad you enjoy the blog and thanks for your thoughts.

    Gaga – thank you!

    Tara – you know, I had a “kiwi” burger in NZ which was a hamburger with lettuce, tomato, bacon, and an egg on top! LOVED IT. Those kiwis are wonderful :)

    Peabody – bacon… mmmm…. :) Yeah, the keyboard is a very naughty indulgence ;)

    Isa – thanks!

    Syrie – it’s drooling too!!

    Denise&Lenny – thanks – I hope you dig the sandwich!

    Lynn – I’m surprised more folks haven’t done the egg topper in a sandwich before! I just LOVE it :)

  32. Shoshanna says:

    I’ve been known to eat a couple avocados in one sitting (aka. 5 min) *embarrased* haha

  33. Kevin says:

    That looks so good with the egg yolk running all over. I have been meaning to try adding avocado to a BLT, but adding an egg as well!? That sounds like a great idea.

  34. Tartelette says:

    I am so behind on reading blogs (why is there work again Ah…pay the bill…right!)…Anyway, I confess I don’t like any sort of eggs except in cakes..I know this wiil ruin my reputation :) but wanted to let you know that your last shot might just convert me ….absolutely drooling over here…avocados rule too!

  35. Claudia (cook eat FRET) says:



  36. jenyu says:

    Shoshanna – ha ha, that’s awesome :)

    Kevin – you’re gonna love it, dude!

    Tartelette – there are two camps of egg people: runny and not runny. It’s okay if you don’t like eggs in your food (aside from cakes). I still think you rock :)

    Claudia – thanks!

  37. sarahmarie says:


  38. Marisol says:

    Ahh.. I’ve been off and on reading your blog for a while now.. I’m an aspiring baker.. haha.. I’m really just a college student with a lot of tim on her hand. My mouth is literally burning right now.. From your pictures. and I’m still inside laughing from your commentary. I too own an Apple computer. And yes, it is a cult. I have a newly vegan friend, and though I am in complete support… I couldn’t help but send her this page out of sheer evil satisfaction of her new found eating restrictions.
    Though I have food for dinner.. I’m thinking of going to buy ingredients for this sandwich right now. even though its raining.

  39. jenyu says:

    Marisol – great and I’m glad you enjoy the blog :)

  40. MJ says:

    Gahh…if only I hadn’t skipped the day at culinary school where they taught us how to make sandwiches. That sandwich looks illegally delicious.

  41. MJ says:

    wait, how does someone not like tomatoes?

  42. jenyu says:

    MJ – sandwiches are one of my favorite food groups :)

  43. Stani says:

    This is the best sandwich ever! It has twice now cured me from serious hangovers :)

  44. jenyu says:

    Stani – sweet.

  45. Brian says:

    O M Gosh…….. I think that my “unhealthy food weakness” for the quebecois fries, gravy, and cheese curd may be unseated by this sandwich….. wow….. just wow. more cowbell? No. more avocado.

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