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archive for April 2008

a taste of yellow: lemon petits fours

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Recipe: lemon petits fours

lemon petits fours glacés

The last time I participated in a cancer-related food blogging event was for the Boobie Bake Off. I hate the color pink. I really do. All of my life I have fought the girly-girl look and pink was pretty central to being a girly-girl in my mind. But I could overlook that aversion for a good cause. What a hoot when a month after the Boobie Bake Off, I was diagnosed with… you guessed it – Boobie Cancer aka breast cancer at age 36. WTF, right?

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keeping off the streets

Monday, April 14th, 2008

Recipe: chimichangas

That’s right, we got more snow over the weekend. *gush* We made a go of Breckenridge for one last time Sunday. I do believe this will be the end of our resort season unless A-basin gets miraculous dumps in a few weeks. Temperatures are warming up (although they are forecasting snow later this week – but I’ll be getting chemo’d) and the snow is starting to feel heavy… like the stuff that falls on the west coast. We powder snobs are feeling a bit put out with the “Sierra Concrete” the warm weather is generating. It’s not even Sierra Concrete anymore… it’s turning to slush.

bye bye breck

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if you have a beef with winter

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

Recipe: chinese stir-fried flank steak

I don’t have a beef with winter. Nor do I have a beef with spring when it turns the trees in my front yard into this:

these are my kind of april showers

I got my turns in today. There were ten fresh inches of powder at the local hill. Spring has been good to me.

jeremy discusses which run to ski next

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