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kittbo and the three bears

Well, there weren’t any bears. Just Kitt. But there was porridge. There was beautiful, creamy, dreamy, rice pudding porridge. If Goldilocks had come across *this* porridge, Girlfriend would have been licking the bowls clean when The Bears came home.

mushy grains for brunch

I finally handed off the NaBloWriMo Traveling Masterpiece to Kitt this morning over brunch at Lucile’s in Boulder. I didn’t realize so many of the NaBloWriMos were in Colorado. Had a slight dilemma on my hands because I love savory food, but most of the savory items on the menu were drowned in Hollandaise, sausage gravy, or other artery-clogging goodness. I opted for the oatmeal, which was delightfully nutty, chewy, crunchy (you know, that chewy pop of good non-rolled oats), and fruity. I wanted to ask Kitt for a taste of her porridge, but cream/milk is mine enemy and it would have made for a horrible Rest of the Day as I had several errands to attend to in town.

Turned in our ballots to the Boulder County Courthouse. Woohoo!

Sent a little care package to my parents, housewarming gift to Sam and Dan, wedding gift to Sarah and Andy (eleven years late… eeep!).

Met with my physical therapist, whom I just adore. She always fixes my broken body and she is so sweet.

Walked into Marshalls looking for an All-Clad pot (it was gone – poo) and left with an armload of housewares and some clothes for Jeremy. In total it all cost less than that All-Clad pot. And Jeremy looks so handsome in the new threads. I love shopping for him because he is a tall, trim, handsome hunk o’ sexy astrophysicist.

Got Kaweah a new Kong because her last one disintegrated somehow…

i could just give her $13 to chew up, but it wouldn’t be nearly as fun

Picked up some materials for $15 in an attempt to design and make something that nominally costs between $500 and $1000.

What do you typically do with leftovers? Jeremy and I both love leftovers – love to have them for lunch (or brekkie) or eat them again later in the week. We were thinking of going out to grab a burger for dinner before heading up the canyon, but when I picked Jeremy up from work we opted to go straight home. I’m glad we did, because we cleared out three sets of leftovers and I don’t have to get my panties in a wad over throwing out spoiled food. It’s not only economical, it’s green.

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  1. Kitt says:

    Oh funny, we both followed food pics with dog pics.

    I try to make enough food to have leftovers. Only I don’t consider them leftovers, they’re simply multiple portions. And restaurant leftovers are lunch. A nice piece of steak is the best. Steak sandwich. mmmmmm….

    What did you get in housewares? Too bad about the All-Clad.

  2. Manisha says:

    I was sorry I couldn’t make it. And now after seeing those pics, I am really sorry! We thrive on leftovers. I usually cook for at least two meals so that there are always leftovers and I freeze some right away, too. Breakfast/brunch is usually the previous night’s dinner and because of that we don’t get hungry too quickly.

    Kaweah’s expression is priceless!

  3. Mrs Ergül says:

    I like leftovers too! Cuz they are great for bringing to work as lunch!

    That’s a very different kind of porridge from what I’ve been exposed to, interesting!!

  4. zoe / puku says:

    leftovers rock. I try to re-purpose them, because we are terrible at remembering to take them to work for lunch, and *shock horror* don’t have a microwave to simply reheat. And I feel so accomplished if I can make something new out of something old! having some frozen pastry (for pasties/puffs/quiches) and ramen and pasta (for, um, ramen and pasta) takes care of most leftovers quite well.

    love the pic of Kaweah looking sheepish, she is just such a beautiful puppy! (well, “puppy”)

  5. Manggy says:

    Aw, Kaweah look so guilty over breaking her toy! I think I do a fantastic job (huh, horn tooting) shopping for men’s clothes (well… I have been my only customer, though). If I sucked at everything else that’s what I’d be doing for a living, heh heh :)
    I’m not the primary cook at home, but we usually just eat leftovers till we’re done with them– no alteration or transformation :)

  6. Susy says:

    We LOVE LOVE LOVE leftovers. I usually make a big pot of something at the beginning of the week and we eat of it for lunch all week. Makes it super quick & easy, especially since we both work from home. I love to cook, but I can’t be spending an hour making lunch & dinner every day. Plus things like lasagne & chili taste better as leftovers.

    I also love steel cut or whole oat groats instead of the lame rolled kinds. Once you start eating that way you just can’t go back (plus they’re healthier). Bring on the hot hearty cereal weather!

  7. Lan says:

    i love leftovers but i am pretty good about cooking just enough for dinner and maybe some leftover for lunch. but if that’s not possible, i’m capable of eating the leftovers as is, no meddling or creating a new dish out of them, for a few days, lunch and dinner. i hate throwing away perfectly good food and that’s what deters me from ever making too much food or forgoing eating leftovers.

    your shopping errands sounds lovely, i love buying clothes for other people! :) and good luck with your design project!

  8. Beatrice says:

    I tend to cook on weekends and eat leftovers throughout the week. When I have an especially big batch of food (like the chili I recently made), part of it goes in the freezer. I do keep some canned soups and frozen dinners on hand for emergencies, but it’s nice to be able to pull something homemade out of the freezer in a pinch.

  9. Jesse says:

    Awwhh, I love the look on Kaweah’s face! She certainly knows how to work the camera.

  10. Jessica says:

    This is my first time posting a comment but just wanted to say I can’t believe Kaweah is able to disintegrate a KONG. Those things are tough. I guess he’s tougher :) Thanks for all the fun food posts and being so real all the time!

  11. Fiona says:

    Nice work, Kaweah. You show them what a lab can do.

    Our half-lab hasn’t got those chops. He just licks chew toys in a loving/inappropriate way.

  12. Lori says:

    What a face! I’m swooning!

    Now I forgot what I was going to say, something where I try to sound intelligent… fleeting, very fleeting these days. Kaweah just totally did me in.

  13. Grey Street Girl says:

    Wow, I have never seen a dog chew up a Kong before. I thought those things were indestructible! Guess not!

  14. Nate says:

    I hate tossing out uneaten leftovers – so wasteful. If you didn’t want to eat the leftovers, why make so much in the first place?

  15. Nate says:

    Note: the above was a rhetorical question, not directed at you, Jen.

  16. Sally says:

    This picture of Kaweah is THE winner. Too cute for words, her expression is just too sweet…..

    we both love leftovers – we both have lunch at work, usually leftovers. If for some reason there are “leftovers leftover”, the two loyal dogs are always willing to help us out

  17. Mollie says:

    I love steel cut oats – for just the reason you said, that “pop!” That looks so yummy. I need to make a batch of oats to keep in the fridge for winter mornings. When I’m not eating leftover flank steak.

    Not to brag or anything, but special k still has his baby kong… he just destroys the occasional cell phone, not kongs. :)

    hunka hunka burnin’ astrophysicist huh? That’s some good stuff…

    I love leftovers. The hubs hates them. I can now sometimes get him to take leftover soup (only soups!) for lunches. I could eat leftovers any day. Love leftover dinner for breakfast. Love it for lunch at work. Love it when I don’t have to cook because I already did! Now if only the hubs would play along…

  18. jenyu says:

    Kitt – it’s all on the personal blog :) Next time I see an all-clad, I’ll let you know!

    Manisha – we missed you! I typically cook a lot too with the intention of leftovers. Some foods are better after a day or so!

    Mrs. E – are you thinking of Chinese congee? That is the porridge I think of.

    Zoe/Puku – thanks :)

    Mark – I think most men hate shopping for clothes. You should consider making that a service. They’d pay for it! :)

    Susy – I agree. It feels great to make a great big batch of something and then just reheat it in minutes for dinner or lunch later!

    Lan – thanks! I don’t actually enjoy shopping all that much either, but the boy has got to be clothed :)

    Beatrice – agreed!

    Jesse – she actually hates the camera. She runs away half the time…

    Jessica – Kaweah has jaws of steel. She is also crazy.

    Fiona – yup, labwork :) your labmix sounds hilarious.

    Lori – she’s cute. Dumb, but cute.

    GSG – Kaweah can’t read the word “indestructible” ;)

    Nate – I will never understand people who don’t like leftovers. They waste a lot of food :(

    Sally – oh boy, your dogs are LUCKY! We don’t give leftovers to Kaweah. She is a serial puker.

    Mollie – I never thought to make oatmeal to reheat in the mornings (maybe cause I’m always looking for leftover dinner for brekkie?!) Your Special K is twice the size of Kaweah! So funny that he still has his baby kong (cute). Jeremy used to be lukewarm to leftovers about 15 years ago. I fixed him. ;)

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