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beware my awesome ninja powers

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

Recipe: broccoli salad

Lately, I’m feeling torn between winter and spring. I love to get my tele (skiing) on, feel the delicate cold kisses of snow blowing at my face, see Orion at night in the sky, watch Kaweah move through the drifts like a shadow, curl up with Jeremy between flannel and down each night. But with our longer daylight hours and a few assignments I have to highlight spring’s bounty, I can taste the tender greens and first berries of the season in my mental palate. My thoughts have already turned to spring mountaineering more than once this past week. We have had a few warm spells interspersed with snow storms and I feel like a puppy delighting in each new turn of the weather. Invigorating any way you look at it.

We skied mogul fields at Vail on Friday until my legs were too wobbly to stand. Sweetness… then I took the big ride down the last black run (which I discovered was a sheet of ice) as everyone standing at the top watched me slide all the way down – unable to stop or get my skis under me – and moaned a collective, “oooooooh!” Such a shame to waste that last run. In the evening we met my ILs for dinner at L’Atelier because they were visiting for the weekend. Dinner was so fresh and faboo (L’Atelier NEVER disappoints)! Saturday morning we went back to Boulder for class.

ninja knife skills: teh onion

cutting planks for julienne

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Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Recipe: beef and barley soup

There has been a steady influx of messages since Tuesday afternoon alerting me that urb was ranked in the Times of London’s 50 of the world’s best food blogs. You’ll have to flip to page 4, because I’m #39…

*blink blink*

GET OUT! I am floored. I don’t think I’ve ever been ranked #anything in the world. What’s even better is that I am in the company of many of my favorite food blogs. This is quite the honor. I was speechless for all of two minutes!

So there is this rather long meme about marriage that Heather recently wrote up, and while I don’t know the woman (nor she me) I thought the questions would be fun to answer and perhaps a little informative – for me as well. Oh, and I tag every damn (in the good way, remember) one of you with a blog. Let’s get on it… there’s a recipe waiting.

What are your middle names?
His: Kane, Mine: S-ih

How long have you been together?
16+ years

How long did you know each other before you started dating?
Lemme see… a month?

Who asked whom out?
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call me a pom pom girl

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Recipe: pomegranate lemon panna cotta

Pom poms. I was not and could never have been a cheerleader in high school. I did not wear a skirt and bloomers in the fall. I wore a kilt and bloomers (boxers if coach let us) and shin guards and a mouth guard and I carried a big stick. I played field hockey. In college, I traded my shin guards for knee pads and played volleyball… A LOT. Indoor sixes, fours, triples, doubles, and outdoor grass doubles. It’s the California way. And while I miss the burning lungs from summer smog and playing an entire tournament on half a bagel and a banana, my jogbra tan – which I thought was permanent – has finally faded away. But, I am never wanting for things to do around here.

i like bumps

jeremy: beaming at breck

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