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food and light and all is right

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Few things keep me from this blog for long: chemotherapy, emergency surgery, and apparently food photography workshops. I should say running food photography workshops. Who knew?!

I sort of knew, but now I really know. It’s an enormous amount of work and I can honestly say that Food and Light could not have happened without the logistical and technical support of Todd and Diane (veterans of organizing and running workshops), Jason (single-handedly built our workshop a new network when the venue’s network was brought to its wobbly knees), and my Jeremy (for everything) – four people who consistently go above and beyond without ever being asked to. They did me a solid. Thanks, guys.

todd and diane present on artificial lighting techniques and equipment

… to an attentive group

Don’t even start to think that this workshop rocked on the efforts of just five people. No way. Helen, The Maestra, pwned the styling like nobody’s business, always happy to share tips and experiences with workshop participants. She even demonstrated how to turn unsightly bean dip into something marvelous. Pro Photo Rental provided us with several beautiful professional lenses for folks to try out. Matt and Nicole graciously presented stunning pastries to the workshop each morning for shooting (and eating!). Special thanks to Lisa, Anita, Dana, and Annie for staying behind to help us break down the venue (and break out happy hour at The Kitchen Upstairs).

watching helen work her artistry on bean dip

attendees look on

Most of all, I cannot emphasize enough how wonderful our workshop group was. We had good people. I mean, we had truly kind, generous, friendly, enthusiastic people in attendance. You could not have picked a better crew. They listened, asked questions, shared with one another, helped each other, and created an excellent atmosphere for learning.

diane styles greens and peas

And that is what the workshop was all about – learning. Having spent a billion years in graduate school watching some good and a lot of bad instruction, I have my (strong) opinions about teaching. We didn’t want to load the workshop with lecture after lecture. Heck, if that were the case we instructors would have walked out on ourselves! Two-thirds of the in-session workshop was reserved for hands-on, one-on-one, run-with-it time. They ran with it.

annie practices bounce fill

kelsey styles her shot

shannon works the english peas

susan making bread look its best

Even lunch time was part of the workshop because we gave an assignment to photograph in a restaurant setting. I can just imagine the surprise of the staff when half of the attendees who went to The Kitchen for lunch whipped out their cameras once their food arrived. Somehow between all of the lessons, demos, hands-on sessions, exploration of downtown Boulder, and networking, our fine group managed to process and upload their photos for our final awards which included giveaway prizes from our amazing sponsors: two (2) $100 gift cards to the Culinary School of the Rockies, five (5) $100 gift cards for CHEFS catalog, two (2) beautifully-crafted knives from New West Knifeworks, and a heady spice set from Savory Spice Shop in Boulder.

post processing

last lecture on styling

Probably the toughest part of the instructors’ jobs was choosing the winners. All of the submissions looked terrific. Everyone showed improvement. The judging was close. Even the attendees’ votes were tight races! I think that speaks to the excellence, effort, and dedication of our participants. Congratulations to the winners (but you are ALL winners in my book – for reals):

Best Overall (instructors vote): Christopher
Best Overall (group vote): Annie
Most Original (instructors vote): Lisa
Most Original (group vote): Jennie
Most Improved (instructors vote): Ethan
Most Improved (group vote): Shanon
Best Styling (instructors vote): Marla
Best Styling (group vote): Anita
Best Lunch (instructors vote): Taylor
Best Lunch (group vote): Taylor

group photo!

It was over before we knew it and there were hugs between friends old and new as attendees said their thank yous and good-byes. Our small group of nine headed to The Kitchen Upstairs for an undeniably happy hour. We did it!! Thanks to all who made this happen.

food makes up for lack of sleep, right?

we never stop

More farewells and then it was back home to the mountains where Kaweah happily greeted Todd and Diane who had come to spend their last evening in Colorado at our house. The next morning we took them for a pleasant hike into our beloved high country which is priming for peak wildflower season.

marsh marigolds in bloom

this air isn’t like los angeles air!

kaweah couldn’t wait for her swim

so happy!

Before Todd and Diane left for the airport, we enjoyed a relaxed and beautiful late lunch at L’Atelier, another favorite restaurant in downtown Boulder.

todd’s plate was the prettiest

Things are slowly getting back to normal around here. Except that I have three extra swag bags courtesy of CHEFS catalog. CHEFS asked us to please give the goodies away on our blogs if there were any left over. You will want one of these. You will, because CHEFS was so unbelievably generous filling our attendees’ bags (well, they also included a lovely nylon tote of their own). Each nylon tote includes a set of four (4) large wooden spoons, three (3) beautiful kitchen towels, a Wüsthof 6-inch bread knife and cutting board, a set of four (4) small stainless steel prep bowls with lids, a large silicone rubber spoonula/spatula, and a ceramic peeler. Wow! Here are the rules for the use real butter giveaway:

1) share with me your favorite summertime snack
2) leave a comment on this post by midnight Monday, July 5th (so you have all of Monday)
3) all entrants must have a US shipping address
4) one entry per person
5) winner will be selected by Kaweah (aka beyond random)

Don’t forget to enter over at Tartelette and White on Rice Couple to increase your chances (check out the gorgeous photos on both posts – that’s why theses guys are teh awesome). Good luck!

Disclaimer: CHEFS catalog sponsored our workshop by donating these supplies.

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  1. Rosa says:

    A great workshop! I wish we had something similar here…



  2. amy says:

    Hmmm…..I guess my favorite summertime snack is coconut fruit pops.

    That’s a cool workshop. Love the photos.

  3. Kitt says:

    Wow, you had a lot of folks there! Awesome. Lucky folks to learn from you.

    My favorite summer snack is simply a sun-warmed tomato fresh off the vine from my garden, sliced and lightly salted. You just can’t get that flavor any other way or time of year.

  4. Daphne says:

    Big Stick popsicles! We used to be able to buy them for 25 cents at school during the summer. They cost a bit more now, but they’re still just as good!

  5. Memoria says:

    My favorite summer treat is lemonade or any fruit-based drink. I don’t have a favorite summer food, though. It used to be ice cream or gelato.

    Lovely photos! I’m so glad everything moved along so smoothly and successfully. I wish I could have attended.

  6. Julia says:

    Anything with lime. Frozen lime bars, lime squeezed over papaya, lime on tortilla chips…

    Gorgeous photos!

  7. maria says:

    Bruschetta. And wonder of wonder my son has discovered that he loves it too. Quite a leap for a kid who thought that the only acceptable form of tomato was ketchup.

  8. Dee says:

    Tomato sandwich, lots of mayonnaise, have to eat it over the sink because it’so juicy!

  9. Lisa@The Cutting Edge of Ordinary says:

    Since we grow a buttload of cukes, my favorite summertime snack in a bowl of thinly sliced cukes, a little salt, a splash of balsamic vinegar and a fork.

  10. Knitopia says:

    I can eat a ton of tabbouleh in the summertime! It’s so cool and fresh.

  11. Jenny says:

    I forgot how much I love them until I got them in my CSA basket this week- fresh sweet peas in the pod! crunchy, cool, sweet, yummy!

  12. marguerite says:

    Fruit! Berries, cherries, peaches, melon…It’s so good to have fresh fruit. And that includes tomatoes.

  13. pam says:

    Fresh tomatoes eaten out of hand like an apple!

  14. Helen says:

    Wow. The workshop looks awesome. Congrat!
    My favorite summertime meal is gaspacho but it’s not really a snack. I’ll have to go with fresh berries (any kind) that are in season.

  15. Julie P. Gedalecia says:

    Corn on the cob from the farm stand!

  16. christina c says:

    I love watermellon!

  17. Lisa says:

    Fresh cucumber right off the vine.

  18. Shuinn says:

    My favorite thing about summer is fresh cold watermelon!

  19. carmen says:

    My favorite summertime snack are all the great fresh berries and stone fruit from the farmer’s market!

  20. Wendi @ Bon Appetit Hon says:

    Watermelon and feta is my favorite summertime snack.

  21. Kate says:

    Honestly, my favorite snack is cottage cheese and pears. I could eat that for every meal – and most of the time is all I want!

  22. skimmy says:

    watermelon…spitting out the seeds and the juice dribbling down your chin!

  23. Leah says:

    Looks like such a great workshop! Will this be an annual event?

    I love to snack on fresh blueberries or cherry tomatoes in the summer.

  24. Crystl says:

    Strawberries are my favorite summertime snack (all-year snack, actually).

  25. Kristen J says:

    Mine would either be watermelon or sweet corn. It’s so perfect this time of year!

  26. Shannon says:

    wow, that looks like an amazing workshop! i need something like that :) my fav summertime snack is definitely fruit, the melon varieties most refreshing!

  27. Paula says:

    Tomato Sandwiches

  28. Nadia says:

    Freshly picked strawberries, still warm from the sunshine! (Just went strawberry picking yesterday!! It’s my favorite part of summer!)

  29. Stacy says:

    Ice Cream

  30. merry jennifer says:

    My favorite summertime snack is a garden-fresh tomato, perfectly ripe, sliced on a plate and sprinkled with salt. Nothing better.

  31. Amy says:

    Cucumbers! I can eat a whole cuke in about two minutes.

  32. kat says:

    Fruit right off the tree. I love those u-pick places!

  33. Jen T. says:

    What a great turnout for the workshop! My favorite summertime snack is either watermelon or cherries.

  34. bekah jones says:

    Tomatoes – simply chopped and sprinkled with salt and pepper. If I could eat only one thing for the rest of my life, it would be summer tomatoes!

  35. Kasie says:

    My favorite summer time snack is sunflower seeds. We take them on very road trip and vacation.

  36. Lindsay von says:

    strawberry shortcake probably

  37. cathy says:

    summer tomatoes, fresh mozzerella and torn basil. sprinkle with s & p and drizzle with olive oil. nothing is better.

  38. AMY says:

    My favorite summer time snack would have to be frozen grapes & bananas. Healthy & so tasty too!

  39. jo says:

    favorite summer time snack is ice cream – ANY KIND!

  40. Cate says:

    My favorite summertime snack is fresh blueberries straight from the bush in my parents backyard

  41. yourstrulydear says:

    my favorite summertime snack is…popsicles. does that count as a snack? because in my mind it totally is haha :]

  42. Kitty says:

    My favorite hot-weather snack is watermelon, eaten as follows:
    1. Late at night
    2. Cut in half
    3. With a spoon
    4. Shared with my mom

  43. Natalie says:

    My halfway between a slushie and a granita summer cooler. Frozen blueberries, cranberry juice, simple syrup, vodka, ice. Crush, stir, enjoy.

  44. carole says:

    My favorite summertime snack is a juicy plum eaten outside so it drips all over the grass.

  45. Sare says:

    Tomatoes on a plate of melted cheddar. Kind of takes the healthy out of it, but dang, it’s good.

  46. Katrina says:

    Ice cream!!!!

  47. Christina Rodriguez says:

    Wow that’s a hard one! Hmm my favorite summertime snack. I guess since I absolutely love tomatoes and avocado my favorite summertime snack would have to be chips with homemade salsa and guacamole! Sometimes I even chop up some avocado and add it to my fresh salsa and oh my gosh it is delicous!!! Guess I’ll be making that this weekend lol.

  48. My Kitchen in the Rockies says:

    A wonderful bread, toasted, buttered and sliced fresh homegrown tomatoes on top.
    Love all the pictures from your workshop. Hopefully I will be upgrading my camera soon and ready to participate in the next one.

  49. Emmy says:

    Ice cream is my favorite snack, of course!

  50. Amy P. says:

    A great big bowl of raspberries and cream

  51. Laura B. says:

    I love fresh strawberries from the farmers market. Nothing better!

  52. Sandy says:

    Favorite snack ANY TIME is ice cream!

  53. noëlle {simmer down!} says:

    THANK YOU for that shot towards the end where the napkin is being used to bounce the light! So simple but I wouldn’t have thought of it. I bet you could also use a clean white plate in a restaurant setting.

    My favorite summer snack would have to be a garden tomato with just a little salt and olive oil. I could eat a plateful.

  54. Hope says:

    Its hard to pick a favorite snack but I’m going to go with raspberries.

  55. sarah says:

    My favorite summertime snack is tomato and olive oil on toast. I usually eat it at least once per day as long as I can get my hands on some good tomatoes.

  56. Adi says:

    My favorite summertime snack are bananas! Thanks for the giveaway!

  57. Adrienne says:

    I love fresh raspberries by the handful.

  58. Hélène says:

    I am so envious. Thanks for sharing and I love the pictures. When is the next workshop?

  59. Krissy says:

    I wish I could have been there. Each of you and your blogs are a source of daily inspiration, both in the kitchen and behind the camera.
    I would have to say lately, my favorite summertime snack is half an avocado with a sprinkle of salt. But I’ve never been able to resist a slice of cool watermelon on a hot Virginia day!

  60. gfpumpkins says:

    My favorite summer time snack is definitely ripe watermelon. Even though it’s only 71 right now here in Madison, I’m even having watermelon for breakfast!

  61. Jason Janelle says:

    [Not a contest entry.] Congratulations on a great work shop, you guys did awesome!

  62. Karen says:

    Anything with fresh tomatoes and basil. I also highly enjoy fresh berries and stone fruits.

  63. Emily R says:

    My favorite summer time snack is a beautifully ripe peach, I also wouldn’t turn my nose up at peach crisp, peach cobbler, peach pie, peach jam, peach ice cream, you get the picture…

  64. Alix says:

    It’s a little time consuming but my favorite summer snack is a raspberry brown butter tart. I wait all year for raspberries to be back in season and then the tart only lasts a few days!
    Great post, it looks like you all had a blast!

  65. Hannah V. says:

    Summer tomatoes with a little sprinkle of salt!

  66. Jamie in Vegas says:

    Frozen grapes!

  67. Whitney says:

    Looks like an amazing workshop! I really wish I could have attended. Maybe next time?

    My all time favorite snack at the moment is picked sugar snaps. So delicious.

  68. Peggasus says:

    Cherry tomatoes right off the plant when I’m working in the garden.

  69. Wren says:

    What beautiful photographs, I’m glad the mountains are getting some publicity over here (seems the beach is all the rage!) Thank you for the inspiration.

  70. Linda says:

    When I was a little girl and emphatic non-vegetable eater, my Nana walked me into the garden, picked a ripe tomato, and said, “Take a bite.” As terrified of tasting anything so outrageously colored (brown and white were safe to me), it never occurred to me not to do what Nana said, and thus began my love affair with summer tomatoes straight off the vine and warmed by the sun.

    Amazing workshop. Congratulations…I know it was a lot of hard work, but seems to have really been worth it.

  71. Shannon says:

    My favorite summertime snack is a homemade milkshake, with real cocoa, and runny enough to drink through a straw. Yum!
    The workshop looks like it turned out very well, and I love that people were still styling their food after it was over! :)

  72. Karen says:

    Homegrown tomatoes… in salads, sandwiches, soups, or eaten like an apple!

  73. Josh says:

    Beautiful shots! I’m salivating just looking at them. And the contest items look pretty awesome, too :)

  74. sara says:

    My favorite summertime snack is homemade cantaloupe sorbet…yum! Very cool and refreshing!

  75. Melissa says:

    O Hai!

    Favorite summertime snack? Lately it’s been berries of any kind with Greek yogurt, which I just discovered and can’t believe I have gone so far in life without. ADDICTIVE. But before that, it was tomatoes for sure.

    Thanks for sharing the workshop with us Jen. Wish I could have been there!

  76. Katherine says:

    frozen grapesssss

  77. Clermont says:

    boiled peanuts. so yummy and salty.

  78. Ben says:

    Whichever fresh fruit is in season. Can’t beat a perfectly ripened fruit.

    Great pics.

  79. Bing Chou says:

    Watermelon. It has everything I want out of a summertime snack: it’s cold (when you chill it), sweet, juicy, and has context (it’s something I loved since I was a kid). I feel lucky…

  80. Kim says:

    My favorite summer snack is sourdough bread with a smear of goat cheese (or a dollop of cottage cheese) topped by a slice of red ripe tomato, with a bit of salt and pepper. It’s kind of my standard breakfast around here.

  81. Alexis says:

    Looks like a great event!
    My favorite summertime snack would have to be a freshly picked peach.

  82. Tiffany says:

    snap peas fresh from the garden! mmmm.

  83. Asha@FSK says:

    Great workshop! Thanks for sharing!!
    My favorite summertime snack is cold, juicy watermelon! :)

  84. m @ random musings says:

    homemade popsicles! I make a couple with the dregs of what’s left in the blender from smoothies, so we always have a variety on hand. (and helps with the portion control for the smoothies themselves). Yay for ripe fruit!

  85. MegsP says:

    A bowl of cherries. So summery!

  86. Bees says:

    Chips and Guacamole….in the shade, by the pool, with a margarita in hand.

  87. RH says:

    Tomatoes + salt + basil = a tickle in my pants.

  88. Anna says:

    Cold watermelon straight from the fridge. I could eat non-stop all summer long. Speaking of which….

  89. Joy says:

    Ice cream all the way in every form or manner.

  90. Ainsle says:

    My favorite summer snack is pastries, odd yes, but that is what baby to be is craving these days so I can’t argue.

  91. Sheryl says:

    Peaches right from the orchard in Romeo, Michigan!

  92. Jeanny says:

    Looks like it was so fun!

    Favorite summertime snack- peaches. Preferably white peaches, with some white wine!

  93. sam says:

    Tortilla chips and homemade salsa fresca – with a nice cold beverage, of course!

  94. Claire says:

    Tomatoes and basil from the garden with fresh mozzarella!

  95. Tasha says:

    Honestly, my favorite summer snack is fresh fruit. It makes me really appreciate the concept of eating seasonally when I bite into a perfectly ripe peach or cherry.

    I’d love to go to a workshop like this, btw. Food photography is intimidating, but you do a great job of it!

  96. Kimberly says:

    My favorite summer snack is good bread, yummy cheese, and fresh tomatoes and basil from the garden. Yum!

  97. DessertForTwo says:

    Wow, I want to go to this workshop if you do it next year for sure! Thanks for sharing photos here so we can live vicariously through them!

    Fave summer snack: hummus and pita chips. Doesn’t require the oven, stove, or anything hot to prepare it!

  98. Trolleira says:

    Great workshop, I so would have liked to participate – next time I will, certainley!!

  99. Beth @ fatbustermack says:

    The best summertime “snack” is corn. On the cob. It just screams summer!

  100. Jessica says:

    My favorite snack would be nectarines and apricots. I get so tired of apple and pears in the winter!

  101. Sue says:

    I can’t wait for your next workshop. :)

  102. SMITH BITES says:

    Fav summer snack – any fruit in season, picked fresh and warmed by the sun – there’s simply nothing like it in the world!! And I do hope you guys do this again – would love to come!!

  103. Sally says:

    My favorite summertime snack is anything freshly picked from the garden and tasting like warm sunshine!
    Beautiful photos!!!

  104. Jessi says:

    Hands down, cucumbers and hummus with a glass of mint limeade. I could eat that for the rest of my life.

  105. Jayme says:

    Fresh, ripe strawberries or cherries. Yum!

  106. Fiona says:

    My favorite summertime snack is probably a ripe tomato from the garden.

  107. Alex W says:

    I like a green bell pepper, perfectly ripe, sliced vertically like french fries. Delicious!

  108. Lorane McCaleb says:

    I absolutely love anything melon and fruity. Thank you for your blog and the time you take to share your thoughts with us. I am a huge fan of yours and although I don’t post much I do want to say thank you.

  109. sarah evenson says:

    I just have to say that I love your blog! I live in Montana so many of your pictures are very familiar to where I live. I also love to cook and am a big fan of asian cuisine! I made your Thai cucumber salad and it was simply delicious! I could eat it all day! My favorite summer time snack would have to be homemade watermelon salsa…a simple blend of watermelon, red onion, cilantro, jalepeno, garlic, lime juice and a pinch of salt. Delish!

  110. audra says:

    Peaches!!! I can probably eat them all day, every day if given the chance. I’ve been eating about two a day for the last week! But now i’m out of them and must go restock.. =( What is YOUR favorite summertime snack?

    Looks like an awesome weekend! =)

  111. Anne says:

    My favorite summer snack is yellow Korean melon, chamae. So sweet and yummy!

  112. Thao says:

    I just love strawberries. Nothing, nothing, nothing better than those for a tasty summer snack. :)

  113. Kim in Socal says:

    any fruits…and probably Watermelon!

  114. Megan says:

    Sweet peas off the vine, nothing better.

  115. Kristen says:

    Sun warmed cherry tomatoes picked off the vine and popped right in the mouth. They hardly ever make it to the kitchen!

  116. Cassie, says:

    Glad I found your site, the event looked fabulous! Favorite summer time snack, hands down, ripe tomatoes and fresh avocado sprinkled with kosher salt! YUM

  117. Mark says:

    I love my daily smoothy with fresh fruit and yoghut – perfect start to the day!

  118. ben says:

    Strawberries. Fresh, in homemade ice cream, on shortcake, plain, with chocolate…

  119. Dre says:

    My favorite summertime snacks are caprese salads (and pesto) made with ingredients from our garden. So dang good! (Although I have to say that it is currently 57 degrees and raining in Oregon… we have yet to see summer!)

  120. Bug says:

    My favourite summertime snack is fresh strawberries dipped in white chocolate with dark chocolate drizzled on top :-)

    The Workshop looked like so much fun, I wish I was able to go but I was working and couldn’t get away :-(

    Maybe next time, though!

  121. Christina C says:

    My favorite is a refreshing cold watermelon!!!!

  122. kristen says:

    fresh tomatoes with salt and pepper

  123. renee says:

    I just love your food blog. Keep up the good work!

  124. Christina says:

    Definitely watermelon!

  125. Samantha says:

    Fresh pico de gallo…yum!!!

  126. Susan says:

    It’s so much fun to check your website often for great photos, observations & FOOD!! My favorite snack….it seems to be a theme….fresh picked local peaches….peaches in Sangria and a good ol’ tomato sandwich….it’s what my grandma fed me straight from grandpa’s garden. Just wish I could find one of those tomatoes now!!

  127. manisha says:

    Fun workshop! So glad it went off well and was so well appreciated. But hey, with you at the helm, there’s no way it could have been otherwise. :-)
    My fave summer snack is something I haven’t had in almost 2 decades: kala khatta gola. It’s shaved ice dipped in a sweet dark syrup that is hard to describe with liberal sprinklings of rock salt and other spices. It may or may not have a dose of giardia since the water used for the ice was always suspect. I have tried to recreate it at home but it doesn’t taste the same! Hee!

  128. Megan says:

    I start making smoothies in the summer, as my favorite cool, refreshing snack. Strawberry/peach smoothies are the best! :)

  129. Bri says:

    Glad to have you back Jen and glad you had such a good time! Now I wish I would have plucked up the gumption to go to the workshop! Maybe there will be a next time.

    My favorite summertime snack are berries of any sort, straight off the plant. Closely followed by gelato.

  130. Stephanie says:

    Peanuts and beer at a baseball game

  131. Estie says:

    I WISH you could offer the conference in the Midwest! Please??!!! Fresh macerated berries with lemon zest-yum!

  132. tiana says:

    Favorite summer snack: whole wheat crackers with a smear of honey chevre and then loaded with delicious ripe blueberries or strawberries. Yum

  133. Anne says:

    I’m in the Watermelon camp.

  134. Michael says:

    What about a conference in Seattle??? Lots of great food, markets (not just Pike’s Place, but great farmers’ markets), and TONS of foodies out here!

  135. aleta says:

    berries! all kinds of berries.

  136. Shar says:

    Great workshop! Loved the run-down and the photos. You live in God’s country, that high country is surreal looking. Wow.
    My fave summertime snack is watermelon. Eaten with salt on it, sorry!

  137. julo says:

    I’ve been making a ton of watermelon limeade and mixing it with tequila and turning it into margaritas! Woohoo!

    For snacks I’ve just rediscovered pickles. I can’t stop eating them!

  138. Alessa says:

    I love cherries in the summer!

  139. Kathleen says:

    Bruschetta! Diced purple cherokee tomato, olive oil, basil and salt – on toast.

  140. Sarah says:

    Looks like you had a great trip and workshop! Thanks for sharing.

  141. Maria says:

    Great recap! I hope there is a workshop next year:)

  142. Tina Braun says:

    My favourite summetime snack is heirloom tomatoes with goat cheese and fresh basil with a drizzle of olive oil, topped with fleur de sel.

  143. Patrick says:

    My fav snack in the summer is any ice cream that my wife makes… I love ice cream :)

  144. beverlylynn says:

    Looks like a great time! Wish I could have gone.

  145. Grace says:


  146. jacquie says:

    ice cream over the top of lots of fresh summer fruit – especially peaches &/or blueberries.

  147. Courtney says:

    Strawberry shortcake is the best…too bad the season is all over!

  148. Lena says:

    Cherries! and Bluberries! only time of the year you can get 4 lbs at a time without going broke. That workshop looked like a lot of fun! I’d rather make the food to be photographed though…=)

  149. Andrea says:

    My summer favorite is definitely pie made with freshly picked wild raspberrys from northern Minnesota. The effort and hours in the sun required to pick the berries makes it all the more delicious :)

  150. Krista says:

    Favorite summer snack would have to be frozen cherries or green beans dipped in ajvar. :-)

  151. Christine says:

    Love the photos! I have to get myself some lessons and a “real” camera one of these days (and better lighting! :P). Hrm… favorite summer snack…I don’t suppose sushi and sashimi count as snacks? ^_^;; On the dessert side, I love just plain fresh fruit during the summer – white peaches, strawberries, watermelon, pluots, and cherries! ^_^

  152. kristina says:

    Tomato and mozzarella with sea salt and fresh cracked pepper. I hope you feel better soon. :)

  153. Jaclyn says:

    I’m super jealous that I’m having to read about this workshop instead of attending it! It looks to have been extremely informative. My favorite summer snack is vanilla ice cream with raspberry sorbet and blueberries. It’s red, white, and blue for all the USA holidays and super sweet and refreshing.

  154. Carina says:

    My favorite summer snack is muesli. Make a big batch (yogurt, cut fruit, oatmeal) to keep in the fridge. Sprinkle with a few toasted walnuts, or serve with warm garlic bread for a light supper.

  155. elizabeth jeanne says:


  156. Ydanis says:

    My favorite summer snack are fresh berries and anything with Lemon! Cool workshop!

  157. Sarah says:

    Any type of fresh fruit!

  158. Arun says:

    watermelon with salt is the perfect summer food! my friend from north carolina introduced it to me years ago and now i can’t get enough of it.

  159. Jenny says:

    I don’t have a favorite summertime snack…I’m lame. I love ice cold diet pepsi – or a frozen slushy mudslide.

  160. Kari says:

    I rarely eat snacks, but I guess I’d have to say a Mocha Frappucino from Starbucks!

  161. Dragana says:

    Beautiful pictures of a fantastic event! I wish I could have participated. Next year?

    My favorite summertime snack is fresh berries.

  162. Jenny T. says:

    One favorite of mine is a simply a cold cucumber salad … thinly sliced cukes marinated in the fridge with water, vinegar, a bit of salt and pepper, and red pepper flakes. crisp and cold, with a bit of a kick!

  163. Stephanie Schamban says:

    What an amazing event!! My favorite snack: Watermelon. Martini.
    Watermelon martini.
    nuf said.

  164. Judy says:

    The workshop looks fabulous. I hope you recover enough to do another one next year. My favorite summer snack is a freshly picked, ripe nectarine from the farmers market.

  165. Esther says:

    My favorite summer snack is watermelon. I love watermelon, it’s the only topping I put on my froyo and I also like sprinkling salt all over it!

  166. Tran says:

    My fave summertime snack has to be fudgecicles (sp?).. brings me back to my childhood gradeschool days. Also.. wish I could have attended the workshop since all my food pictures turn out blurry and very amateurish..

  167. Tara says:

    My favorite summertime snack is frozen grapes. Doesn’t get much easier than that! Great giveaway. Hope I win!

  168. Kendall says:

    Key lime pie. I just moved back to Tennessee from Florida – and that is one thing I do miss – amazing key lime pie. Yes, it’s available year round…cheap versions. But the good stuff comes out in the summer. :)

  169. Cara says:

    My favorite summer snack is banana popsicles

  170. liz berg says:

    My favorite summer-time snack is crisp, sweet, seedless green grapes…

  171. YDavis says:

    What a cool workshop!
    My all time summertime snack would be tomatoes(freshly picked from my garden) with a little bit of salt and pepper.

  172. M @ Betty Crapper says:

    Ice cream! That counts as a snack in my book.

  173. Diana says:

    mango sorbet :) with a hint of lime!

  174. JelliDonut says:

    My favorite summertime snack? Fresh berries of course! Love your photography and thanks for the giveaway.

  175. Barbara says:

    Tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions – straight from our garden.

  176. Leah says:

    My favorite summer snack is sugar snap peas! I wait for that small window for them to be in season every summer. I never can make anything with them because I eat them all!!

  177. Tammie says:


  178. carrieitly says:

    Caprese! Homegrown tomatoes, milky mozzarella, salt, pepper and dried oregano drowning in my husband’s family’s homemade olive oil.

  179. Christine says:

    Beautiful photos of the high country!

  180. Michelle says:

    Wow… amazing! So jealous! Favorite summertime snack? Canteloupe!!

  181. Victoria says:

    What a cool workshop!

  182. Cookin Canuck says:

    What a wonderful workshop this must have been. If you do this again next year, count me in. Must to learn!

  183. Krystal P says:

    I couldn’t go a whole summer without chilled mangoes. Delish. And to be extra decadent I sometimes dip it in coconut milk.

  184. Melissa M says:

    Looks like a fun workshop!

    My favorite summertime snack= fresh fruit salad with lots of yummy watermelon!

  185. Rachel says:

    i love grilled pineapple with cinnamon sugar!

  186. Jenni says:

    I love eating popsicles in the summer

  187. Karen says:

    I love tomato bruchetta with capers and good olive oil drizzled over toasted baguette!

  188. daniella says:

    Hands down – garden tomatoes, with fresh basil and big thick slices of mozzarella on top, drizzled with olive oil and balsamic.

    Love your site – thanks for the giveaway!

  189. Eileen says:

    My favorite is sweet corn on the grill with butter, lime and chili!

  190. Celeste says:

    Cleaned cold raw sugar snap peas! YUM!

  191. Ashley says:

    Thanks for sharing pics from the workshop. I hope there’s another in the works soon!

    My favorite summertime snack would have to be homemade peach ice cream. Yum!

  192. Jessica M says:

    My favorite is fresh cherries!

  193. mimi says:

    I love watermelon for a summer time snack! Thanks for the giveaway. :]

  194. bethh says:

    Wow, what a great workshop! My favorite summertime snack is drippingly fresh fruit. mmmm.

  195. Jerry Ann says:

    Cherries! Thanks for the posting. Great photos.

  196. Christina B says:

    Looks like an amazing experience!

  197. Kathy says:

    A bowl of watermelon……
    Congratulations on your successful workshop!

  198. Kristin says:

    Sun Sugar cherry tomatoes straight from my garden.

  199. Alice says:

    Definitely strawberries! Cold watermelon is pretty delicious too though.

  200. Marlis says:

    My favorite summer snack is my blackeyed peas salad. It’s so refreshing, colorful, and tasty. Even my husband and daughter gobble it up.

    I love the pictures. thanks for sharing. I love to cook and create colorful meals but am too timid to try and photograph them usually.

  201. Evan says:

    Lovely photos! My favorite summertime snack is absurdly simple: Olives. They’re healthy, delicious and if you look around a bit you can find them stuffed with just about anything you want.

  202. Aleina says:

    Great pictures….I would like to be entered for giveaway…!

  203. Catherine says:

    My favorite summer time snack is homemade quacamole and chips. I cannot get enough of it.

  204. Pattyk says:

    When it is hot and I’m thirsty, I love watermelon.

  205. Cynthia says:

    Our favorite summer snack is ice-cold watermelon and my pecan shortbread cookies.

  206. Leah says:

    Any sort of ripe, fresh fruit. Beautiful photos!

  207. Carrie S. says:

    Favorite summertime snack? Fresh fruit! Preferably from the farmers market!

    What an incredible workshop! I love those food styling photos.

  208. Kara says:

    Frozen green grapes!

  209. Andrea says:

    Ice cream sandwiches! Neopolitin please!
    Oh, how I wish I could have attended the workshop. Maybe the next one?

  210. Lucy says:

    watermelon with salt!
    with the mojito of course :)

  211. hanna says:


  212. eula says:

    Truly inspiring. I know I will never be at that level of photography but it makes me want to work harder!

    Oh I forgot to share my favorite summertime snack.. which is watermelon!!! i never feel guilty eating tons of it.

  213. Donna says:

    It has to be grape tomatoes, just picked and still warm from the sun.

  214. shannon says:

    I love fresh cherries in the summer, so good right now!

  215. bettina says:

    what an incredible workshop!!

  216. Amber Barnum says:

    What a fabulous giveaway! Homemade ice cream is my favorite summer treat!

  217. erin g says:

    fresh salsa! no, strawberry pie! no, ice cream!

  218. Mayan says:

    Creamy avocado ice cream is a favorite of mine for sure!

  219. Mariana says:

    Hummus or babaganoush with carrot sticks! Yum.

  220. Janet says:

    Heirloom tomatoes w/ fresh basil and a balsamic reduction.

  221. Maggie says:

    radishes with butter and salt on a slice of baguette… or chips with homemade salsa and guac… or (this summer thanks to the ice cream attachment for my kitchen aid mixer) homemade ice cream!

  222. Lindsey says:

    Looks like so much fun and learning! Currently my favorite snack is black bean and corn salsa on tortilla chips… but once tomatoes are ripe, it’ll be tomato sandwiches! Mmmm!

  223. Anne says:

    Mmmmm dole all-fruit popsicles! I can hardly keep them in the freezer long enough, though, because my dad loves them too!!

  224. terri says:

    i can’t get enough of whatever fruit (including tomatoes) is in season

  225. Susan says:

    My favourite summer time snack is a ginormous 2 inch slice of watermelon.

  226. Jenna says:

    Love the photos – and the food – mmm. . .

  227. Valerie says:

    Freshest, best tomatoes with kosher salt, maybe some ground hot pepper!

  228. Dawn (KitchenTravels) says:

    Fave summer snack: definitely fresh-picked garden tomatoes. There’s really nothing better. Thanks for the recap, and the giveaway. :)

  229. B says:

    Anything that comes right out of the garden and directly into ma belleh.

  230. Georgia Pellegrini says:

    Beautiful photos! Love to see the camera turned around to the bloggers once in a while :)

  231. Sondra says:

    Watermelon is my fave summer snack. Yum.

  232. Iris says:

    The workshop looks amazing! My favorite summer snack is a fresh-picked tomato, sliced in sections and dipped in sugar! :)

  233. Kayla says:

    Fresh fruit of all kinds, but especially dense, sweet watermelon.

  234. nora says:

    my favorite summer snack has got to be peaches – simple and wonderful!

  235. Kath says:

    My favorite summer snack is a bowl of fruit or a strawberry/walnut salad and now I’m hungry :p

    Good luck everyone!

  236. Sophia says:

    Just about any type of fresh fruit… but I made some mango lassi earlier tonight, and it definitely hit the spot!

  237. April in CT says:

    Definitely sliced strawberries, peaches or some blueberries (or a mix of all!) with yogurt drizzled on top. YUM!

  238. burkie says:

    great stuff, jen!

    my favorite summertime snack is probably what i’m enjoying right now: a bowlful of fresh cherries!

  239. Waverly says:

    favorite summer time snack: fresh raspberries eaten with a handful of dark chocolate chips. This is also a lovely mini meal when you add some almonds and Greek yogurt.
    Congratulations on a successful conference!

  240. Sandra says:

    Love your pictures … definitely have to get to Boulder.

    Favorite summertime snacks are fresh picked strawberries and apricots. Yum!!

  241. Shirley says:

    Favorite summertime snack: juicy fresh peaches!

  242. Michelle C says:

    Watermelon fruit punch! So good!! :D

  243. Jessamine says:

    Fav summertime snacks: Taiwanese style shaved ice (ice are made with water+ condensed milk). a must try for anyone!!

  244. April says:

    Wish I could have attended that workshop. Congratulations! My favorite summertime snack is fresh local cherries.

  245. Ruth Ann says:

    Favorite summer snack is definitely cold watermelon. Had some last night. Your conference looks amazing. Wish I could have been there.

  246. Tammy says:

    Oh man, I am so jealous! This looks like such a fun event! Naturally, I had to go check out the blogs of all the prize winners, as well. Thanks for all the great blog references!

  247. laurel says:

    i would love to attend something like this!
    my fav summer snack is bruschetta, love tomatoes in season!

  248. Lisa says:

    My favorite summer snack is home-grown tomatoes. Mmm!

  249. AnneMarie says:

    I love all your pictures! They are beautiful! I wish we had something like that here! My favorite summer time snack is a fresh blackberry tart with homemade honey-lavender ice cream.

  250. Jenn says:

    Does iced tea count? I know it’s a drink not a snack, but this currant tea I’m drinking right now is amazing!

  251. Dana says:

    Ice cream!

  252. jane bauer says:

    My favorite summertime snack is fresh fruit. Early in the season it is fresh grapes, then blueberries and rasperries and finally Rocky Ford cantaloupe from Colorado

  253. Lindsey says:

    Hard to decide – either sliced tomatoes, topped with cottage cheese and fresh cracked black pepper, or sliced peaches with a little nutmeg. Both delicious tastes of summer!

  254. Valerie Agustin says:

    Beautiful Pictures! My favorite summer dessert sitting in a mango tree while eating a mango. Mmmm ONO!

  255. Lara says:

    Tomatoes! It is the only time I make BLT’s because the tomatoes are so fresh. And I love making tomato caprese now too! Yum!

  256. orrobbins says:

    My favorite summertime snack is peach ice cream made at our local orchard. Yummy chunks of peaches, and oh so cold ice cream – the first and last bites give you brain freeze.

  257. edina says:

    My favorite summertime treat is fresh strawberries – I eat them all summer long and never tire of them! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  258. Felice says:

    My favorite summertime snack is fresh lychees.

  259. Sue says:

    Looks like a great event – wonderful photos!

  260. patti says:

    Love snacking on cold cubes of watermelon on a hot summer day. Enjoyed this post — wish I had the talent to be a food photographer. Happy 4th!

  261. Ruthie says:

    My favorite summertime snack is avocado with anything, but especially on toast with a little bit of salt! :)

  262. Joanne says:

    Frozen yogurt with fresh berries!

  263. farmerpam says:

    Gazpacho. Made fresh from the garden. Yum.

  264. Christine @ Fresh Local and Best says:

    It looks like you put a ton of work into hosting this incredible workshop. I was reading on a couple of other blogs the wonderful welcome dinner.

    My favorite summer snack is very simple: cold fresh watermelon.

  265. Maryanne says:

    My favorite summertime treat is good, ripe watermelon!

  266. Libbi says:

    favorite summertime snack…? so many, does pie count? :P or a fruity popsicle.. or fresh fruit from the farmer’s market. yum.

    such pretty pictures.

  267. marla {family fresh cooking} says:

    Jen, can we do a repeat of Food and Light now? Pretty please??? What a super special time we all spent together. Funny how in just 48 hours our lives can be inspired and changed for the better. You guys organized a spectacular event. Each and every detail was well thought out & planned. All of the participants felt so comfortable learning from you guys. We covered so much ground, I was so excited to test drive some of the new skills when I go home. There is lots to digest, but I am all ready applying so much of what we learned.
    Colorado is so beautiful, you are lucky to live among those majestic mountains. I hope to get back out to Boulder again soon….I would love to hike with you. I bet you know amazing trails. Gotta get you out to Telluride too! xxoo
    btw: Still smiling about my Stylin’ Award

  268. Kaitlin says:

    This looks like a totally awesome time!

  269. Dawn says:

    I can’t NOT enter! I need a decent bread knife, and I *only* own 3 cutting boards, none of them anything to brag about. So…

    1) Right now, my favourite summertime snack is cherries. And watermelon with Rollkeuchen (it’s a Mennonite thing). And rhubarb crumble. And fresh Alpine strawberries.

    I do in fact have a US shipping address. Because I live so close to the US/CDA border (less than a 15-minute drive), I can get things shipped to a wee little company in the wee little town of Neche, ND, where they’ll hold my purchase until I can pick it up (all for the grand fee of $2.00). How awesome is that??

  270. Jenna says:

    My favorite summer snack is frozen yogurt with fruit. You can’t beat it on a hot day.

  271. Laura says:

    I wish I could take pics like you guys…it’s a real pleasure to see your work

  272. Adriana from Baking Powders says:

    favorite summer snack? loquats! with some mato (which is a typical spanish soft cheese, mix between ricotta and cottage) and a drizzle of honey… my mum and I die for them

    the workshop looks like lots of fun and learning!

  273. Tracy says:

    Favorite summer snack is probably either fresh fruit half frozen or tortilla chips and fresh cold salsa and guac.

  274. Mcgillek says:

    My favor summer snack would be whatever fruit I can find fresh at a local farmers market.

  275. April says:

    My favorite summer snack is a fruit salad (watermelon, cantalope, strawberries, blueberries, grapes, and bananas) drizzled with a little agave nectar. YUM. Hope I win!

  276. Lindsay says:

    hmm. favorite summertime snack … vietnamese summer rolls with peanut dipping sauce; even though it takes me forever to make them, it’s always worth it.

  277. Laurie Jesch-Kulseth says:

    Hmmm…tomatoes or strawberries, but not together! Thanks for the chance to win!

  278. Kell says:

    This workshop thing – so good, you are a wonder. Love to you from Sydney xxxx

  279. Chutzpah says:

    My fave summertime snack is simple. Quality vanilla ice cream with sliced, fresh strawberries.

    Thanks for an inspiring blog.

  280. Heather Anne Mo says:

    Fresh berries. Looks like a fabulous workshop!

  281. Michelle says:

    My favorite summertime snack changes with whatever is in season. I love tomatoes with a bit of salt sprinkled on. Strawberries and peaches are my summer fruits. But it’s all about the tomatoes!!!

  282. Karen says:

    Half a cantaloupe filled with vanilla ice cream!

  283. Becky says:

    Fresh peaches, so juicy that they have to be eaten standing over the sink. I’m a Georgia girl!

  284. Paul says:

    Fresh raspberries. Also black raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries.

  285. Alice says:

    What a wonderful workshop to unite talented people. As a summertime snack, I enjoy a small bowl of mandarin segments with golden raisins!

  286. Phong says:

    My favorite summertime snack would have to be granita. Delicious!

  287. Eunice says:

    My favorite summertime snack is fruit, whichever I can find — white peaches, cherries, watermelon, strawberries… there is nothing better!

  288. Kay says:


  289. Erin says:

    Glad the workshop went well!

    It’s so declasse, but in the summer, I totally crave my mom’s pasta salad with tricolor rotini, ham, celery, carrots and balsamic. She used to bring it to me when I worked at the pool as a teenager. It’s the perfect meal when it’s hot and you don’t feel like eating.

  290. rose says:

    My favorite summertime snack is strawberries. Actually, I could eat them all year long, but they only really taste good during the spring/summer.
    Thanks for your wonderful food blog!

  291. Coley says:

    As the heat settles over the San Joaquin Valley during the summer months, Farmers Markets start to pop up every where. There are plenty of fresh fruits such as grapes, peaches, plums, and nectarines. There are also plenty of fresh fresh veggies to pick from. But the one thing I look forward to every year are the delicious sweet and juicy figs! On salads, on pizza with blue cheese and prosciuttio, or just straight to my mouth! It is the best time to be in the valley!

  292. Amy says:

    Seems like a great workshop, fun and informational. :)

    My favorite summertime snack is homemade sorbet! Simply freeze your favorite fruits and add any herbs or juice and blend them together when you’re ready to have one. Healthy and refreshing! It’s a nice way to cool down from the summer heat! ^^ Thanks for the giveraway. Those are some nice tools to have in the kitchen!

  293. Charlene says:

    My favorite summertime snack is a Jersey tomato fresh off the vine, still warm from the sun, with a little sea salt and cracked pepper – that snack is summer to me! Thanks for the chance to win! Hope you have a wonderful July 4th!

  294. Sara says:

    Seems like a lot of fun — gorgeous pictures and great giveaway! My favorite summertime snack is anything that involves tomatoes.

  295. Nan says:

    A toddle out to the garden and a little (very little) knife work results in my favorite summertime snack — cucumber and tomato slices. A little gray salt and we’re good to go. Add a slice of lightly buttered, crusty bread and you’ve got lunch! That’s the ticket in my book.

    Looks like a great workshop!

  296. Elizabeth says:

    In hot humid Virginia, my favorite snack are sliced cucumbers, tomatoes and onions tossed with a little olive oil and red wine vinegar. Ice cubes are added to cool in down.

    Congratulations on your workshop and thanks for sharing the pictures.

  297. Leslie says:

    gorgeous photos…beautiful setting!

  298. Margaret says:

    My favorite summertime snack here in Texas would have to be grilled jalapenos stuffed with jack cheese and wrapped in bacon!!! Workshop looks fantastic….good for you!

  299. Laura-Leigh says:

    My favorite summertime snack is a fresh juicy peach bought from the stand in Hamlet, NC on the way to Ocean Isle Beach. Thanks for the giveaway offer!

  300. Yudith says:

    My fave summer snacks are berries!! Great giveaway.

  301. christine says:

    i am really enjoying watermelon this season!

  302. Cindy Leeson says:

    I love having yogurt with whatever fruit that is in season. Strawberries, raspberries, peaches, etc. Just picked a contain of fresh blueberries off the bush last night so can’t wait to have some!!! Pictures look great.

  303. Lisa says:

    i love fruit, especially fresh berries in the summer!

  304. donna says:

    my favorite summertime snack is a fresh peach from my peach tree or a tomatoe from my garden. There is something to be said about walking out the door, picking the fruit and gnashing on it all within a few minutes and bites.
    Organic and fresh. Yum.

  305. jenna says:

    Fresh fruit! Can’t get enough!

  306. Jessi says:

    What a fun giveaway!
    I live in North Florida and the Georgia Peaches just came in season! I ate 3 perfectly ripe peaches in the space of an hour! Plan to do the same today:) Right now, Peaches are my favorite summertime snack. But all fresh ripe summer fruit is the best.

    Thanks for the great post!

  307. yael says:

    Looks like it was a fantastic workshop! My favorite summer snack-food has to be ice cream. I could eat it for breakfast , lunch and dinner!

  308. Hoxiesgirl says:

    s’mores, s’mores & more s’mores!

  309. Ali says:

    watermelon. plain, cold, full of seeds for spittin.

  310. Dana says:

    Not very original, since I agree with several commenters here–Watermelon. Our neighbor just told us to take the two watermelon from his garden that grew through the fence onto our side. It’s very hot and humid in Florida and sweet, juicy watermelon hits the spot.

  311. Nan says:

    Any summer fruit. I really enjoy the berries.

  312. Leanna says:

    Fresh tomatoes from my garden, still warm from the sun.

  313. Carrie says:

    My favorite summer time snack are tomatoes!

  314. Mit says:

    Lemon-basil ice cream! Tart – green – creamy & cool

  315. Judy B. says:

    Cherries – be they Bing or Ranier. Very seasonal here so I treat myself whenever possible.

  316. Dawn says:

    My favorite summer time snack – fresh fruit.

  317. Dorian Storbeck says:

    thanks for sharing – the workshop looks like it was great fun, and the food pictures are stunning!

    favorite summertime snack?? fresh fruit, definitely!

  318. eemilla says:

    I find it difficult to have one favorite of anything, but since they’re only available in the summer, I’ll have to go with cherry tomatoes straight from the bush.

  319. Sharon Brown says:

    chips and sala

  320. Alison says:

    I don’t know if a beverage counts as a snack, but I love lemonade with frozen blueberries. I buy tons of fresh blueberries when they get cheap, and I freeze them myself. After I discovered that they were great to pop onto cereal (because they keep the milk really cold and defrost quick), I decided to try them in lemonade. Yum! I don’t bother with any ice, I just put a handful in, drink the lemonade, and then eat the blueberries.

  321. Cam says:

    I love white sangria with cooked mint infusion, chunks of pitted cherries, nectarines and cut oranges. Healthy AND you get a buzz!

  322. susan says:

    I so wanted to go to this. Family stuff got in the way. Next time I will have no excuses not to attend! I have so many favorite summertime snacks, but I would have to say my favorite is a homemade s’more! Making graham crackers, marshmallows and ganache today for tomorrow’s 4th of july celebration!

  323. Jill says:

    That shrimp looks delicious!

  324. SeattleGrrl says:

    Running amok in my garden after work. I make a small plate of assorted crackers, baguette slices, and cheese slivers. Taking my herb scissors, knife, a small basket and a cutting board outside, I clip some chives, basil, mint, parsley, and a tomato. Along with an iced tea or water, my DH & I sit and talk and watch the backyard birds over crostini with iced tea or ice water.

  325. Alyse says:

    fresh=picked blackberries!

  326. Julie says:

    doughnut peaches, hands down. Can’t wait for them to finally get in season out here in PA. That workshop looks like it was such fun. Gorgeous photos of the mountains, too!

  327. Christine says:

    chips and guac!

  328. Amanda says:

    Hmmm… favourite summertime snack? It would have to be farm-fresh organic strawberries. And cream … definitely cream.

    Love the recap of the workshop!

  329. Lesley says:

    My favorite summertime snack is picking Apricots right off the tree and devouring them!

    The workshop looks awesome, I love photo’s of food!!!!!

  330. Alexandra says:

    Fresh and perfectly ripe peaches.

    I hope there is another workshop like this one in the future! It looks like it was a great time :)

  331. Kristen says:

    Great post, and a wonderful workshop! my favorite summertime snack: watermelon!

  332. Ilana says:

    Fresh blueberries

  333. Dian Hale says:

    Love your photos. The workshop looked unique and like so much fun. My favorite summer snack is fresh uncooked corn on the cob with fresh lemon or lime squeezed on – nothing else needed.

  334. Quynh says:

    I would say clafoutis because WA cherries are in season right now and easy to whip up at the last minute!

  335. Shelly Bee says:

    My favorite summertime snack would have to be Homemade Ice Cream!

  336. Annie S. says:

    My favorite summertime snack is definitely blackberries. My mom used to take us to pick them at a local park and we’d come back and fix all kinds of delicious berry treats.

  337. Yelena Bondarenko says:

    My favorite summertime snack – fruit salad (any combination, really)! Thank you for hosting this wonderful giveaway.

  338. Sara says:

    Wow, everybody sounds so healthy with all these fruity snacks…I remain a dessert lover even during the summer…my favourite snack is a bite of homemade tiramisu…and yes I do have it pretty often in my fridge..after all I’m Italian :)

  339. Nicolle says:

    My favorite summertime snack is a clafoutis (it is delicious with cherries and blackberries). :)

  340. nicole says:

    Looks like you had an amazing time! I love the sharpness and colors of your photos.

  341. Hannah says:

    Favorite summer time snack? Watermelon! No adornment necessary. :)

  342. Cynthia says:

    Black or Red plums are my favorite summer snack.

  343. Serene says:

    My mom and I have the favorite summer snack:

    Fresh-from-the-garden tomatoes, diced
    Fresh basil, chopped
    Good olive oil
    A little salt
    Minced garlic

    Mix it all up in a bowl and eat it with (or on) good crusty bread. Heaven.

  344. Rachel says:

    I love a piece of toast rubbed with garlic and covered in fresh ripe tomato slices.

  345. Vicki says:

    Blueberries with my home made greek yogurt are the best – or, watermelon with pepper. Yum.

  346. Melissa says:

    What a wonderful class! My favorite summer time snack would have to be chilled fruit salad.

  347. Maggie says:

    One perfect tomato
    Two slices of fresh Mozzarella cheese
    Couple of fresh basil leaves
    A splash of balsamic vinegar
    A drizzle of extra virgin olive oil
    A sprinkle of bourbon smoked sea salt
    Two yummy for words!

  348. TamsynT. says:

    Ice cold watermelon!

  349. Cathy McE says:

    Favorite summertime snack…fresh cherries. Add yogurt, and it’s a meal!

  350. Stephen says:

    Gotta be watermelon! So refreshing and sweet!

  351. Lynnette says:

    My favorite summertime snack has got to be ice cream! Homemade of course!!!

  352. Kristen says:

    Chips w/ fresh salsa and guacamole…and a margarita, of course!

  353. Allison says:

    Stone fruit- peaches, nectarines, cherries… yum.

  354. katie says:

    Fresh fruit, it is so easy to eat healthily during the summer!

  355. Sharlene says:

    Halo-halo, a Filipino version of shaved ice that uses evaporated milk and plenty of fruit toppings

  356. Helen in CA says:

    Favorite summer snack? I guess I’d have to say whichever fruit is the ripest at the fruitstand! Right now (and certainly as long as they’re in season) white peaches. Then it’s gonna be blackberries (from my backyard )

    It’s been fun to read what everyone else likes. Got some yummy stuff to try!!!

  357. Amy says:

    My favorite summertime snack is definitely a watermelon smoothie. So refreshing! Thanks for the giveaway!

  358. Susan C says:

    When I was little at the local pool, the Quarry, I would always get a pretzel rod with a healthy dose of yellow mustard over the top.

  359. Heather says:

    When I was little, our big summer treat was being able to pick the cherries and pears from our trees when they came into season. And of course, they are best when they are doused in the hose to rinse them off. :)

  360. erin says:

    there is nothing better than cherry tomatoes picked right off the plant, warmed by the sun, squirting their concentrated flavor in your mouth–summer at it’s best.

  361. Camila T. says:

    I’m really digging a slice of toast with butter and marmite!

  362. Heather Lee says:

    I wish I could learn how to take pictures of food like that! I’m stuck using my blackberry camera…

    My favorite summer snack would have to be fruit salad with strawberries, blueberries, peaches, cherries, yum.

  363. Joy Davidson says:

    either homegrown tomatoes or cherries

  364. Shawna says:

    My favorite summer treat is ripe berries and/or melon with a bit of fancy salt sprinkled on top.

  365. Mary says:

    Congratulations on your successful workshop! Thanks for sharing w such wonderful photos.
    My favorite summer snack (among many) would be figs w blu cheese on a chunk of Labrea sourdough baguette.

  366. Rosa says:

    Fabulous photos. Favorite summertime snack are the fresh peaches, best in a peach and tomato salad.

  367. Ness E. says:

    Thanks for sharing your awesome photos!

    My favorite summer snack would be any flavored ice cream.

  368. Sara says:

    Hmm… I like frozen lemon juice… homemade ice cream… fresh produce… goat cheese and whole-wheat crackers. All of it. It’s GOOD.

  369. Carol Adams says:

    I love frozen type smoothies…all natural and very cold and refreshing!

  370. Sandy says:

    My absolute favorite has to be fresh local sweet sweet sweet watermelon…sitting on the outside deck with a bowl of just sliced watermelon, a little salt and I’m good to go….I’m really in heaven with a side of feta and fresh ground pepper to go with the watermelon,add a little basil..yummmy

  371. heather says:

    fresh, raw kohlrabi! had a sample today at the farmers market and swooned. bought two big ones for home.



  372. delia says:

    I love all the summer fruit, especially bing cherries!

  373. jrmoreau says:

    My favorite snack of summer is something my friends wife served to me a few years ago. It’s celery that’s marinated in roasted sesame seed oil, lemon juice and salt and pepper, then chilled for about an hour. Crispy, refreshing and amazing!

  374. Grace Boyle says:

    Wow, what an incredible giveaway. My mouth (and kitchen?) is watering ;)

    My favorite summertime snack is a fresh caprese salad, with tomatoes from my mom’s garden, fresh buffalo mozzarella, basil and an aged balsamic vinaigrette. I make sure the mozzarella is cold and all the vegetables are fresh. It cools me down and satisfies my Italian heritage palette :)

  375. D says:

    chips and salsa!

  376. Shannon S. in VA says:

    Right out of the garden tomatoes, sprinkled with a little kosher salt! Of course it was hard to pick my favorite because I also love and enjoy all the fresh in season fruit!

  377. Jessi says:

    just fruit. especially if it comes straight out of the freezer :)

  378. M M says:

    Fresh figs are my favorite summertime snack. I wait all year for them to come into season!

  379. Nancy says:


  380. Sherry says:

    When it’s summer, it’s always fruit. Particularly here in Oregon, it’s all about the cherries and pears. And peaches, I guess, but I don’t eat peaches because of their furriness… >< But if I had to choose, it would definitely have to be watermelon! It just tastes better in the summer than at any other time of the year.

  381. michelle says:

    Love fresh berries in the summer!

  382. Stephanie says:

    Watermelon. I could eat my weight in watermelon and die a happy girl. I wish the watermelon-ness could last somehow. I haven’t yet figured out how to preserve that beautiful flavor. So I just eat the be-jeebees out of it when summer comes.

  383. jennifer says:

    Favorite summer snack: watermelon. Or sparkling wine. Maybe both.

  384. elizabeth says:

    Wine and anything from the garden. Tonight its spicy stir-fried pak choy and pinot grigio.

  385. Lily says:

    Hi – Your blog is the first food blog I started reading! I’m from the east coast, but I am spending half the summer in Boulder, and have been so psyched to recognize all the places you talk about in your posts! I just spent 2 hours on your restaurant reviews section – can’t wait to start spending some of my money…

    Cubed watermelon, I can probably eat half of one in one sitting.

  386. Jenn Abney says:

    At the moment, and it does change quickly in the summer months as things come into season, caprese….Caprese on Stick for an appetiser, Caprese (gorgeous0 salad…and any other way we can think of to combine mozzarella, basil and tomatoes!!

  387. Klee says:

    That is an awesome post. My favorite summer snack is pretty simple: watermelon! I eat so much during the summer months.

  388. Becca says:

    Garden tomatoes…so good. Can’t wait!!

  389. Amanda says:

    Your pictures look amazing! My favorite summer time snacks are homemade popsicles or watermelon with a light sprinkling of salt.

  390. Jill says:

    Favorites…..mmmmmm, field tomatoes, radishes, kohlrabi (not sure I spelled that right)….and for sweets…..Rainier cherries, watermelon, and colorado peaches.

    beautiful blog. Looks like you had fun…..

  391. Laura says:

    seeing as i ate half a watermelon today, it must be my favorite summer snack. looks like it’s a pretty popular one, too.

  392. Justine says:

    raspberries, fresh off the bush … or, when the season is over, carrots and roasted red pepper hummus!

  393. Rachel says:

    Strawberries with balsamic vinegar. so simple…so delicious.

  394. Megan says:

    Your workshop looked like a success! Congrats to you and your friends for all your hard work! I am currently hooked on home-made ice cream for my favorite summer “snack” – latest flavor? – Mexican Chocolate. Mmmmm!

  395. Corey says:

    I’m a big fan of corn on the cob roasted on an open campfire. Sure it takes a while to cook, but it’s so worth it.

  396. Lexi says:

    Key Lime Pie…without a doubt! Absolutely love it!

  397. Niki says:

    Mmmmm…. peaches!!!! I love them and I eat like one a day!!!!

  398. Kat says:

    fave summer snack? ooh. stone fruits, especially flathead cherries, which are amazing.
    and couscous. lots of it. In many different ways.

  399. Lesley C. says:

    icecream cones

  400. Patricia says:

    I’m sorry I do not have an US mail address. However I will leave a message: I love your recipes and your site. I have tried some of them and have found some of your tips really great, for I live in Mexico City, and sometimes the altitude issues have to be dealt with, and this no one seems to notice. Congratulations, and keep up the great work!

  401. Amy says:

    Sweet and juicy yellow watermelon and white peaches

  402. Jodi-O says:

    What a wonderful time you seemed to have had. Are YOU local??? My favorite summertime treat would have to be Glacier Ice Cream – especially after tubing in Lyons. . .

  403. Nicolette says:

    Summertime snack? Marionberries right off the vine still warm from the sun, or cherries, mmm… cherries.

  404. sarah says:

    fresh-picked rainier cherries!!

  405. Teresa says:

    I wait all year to eat my first bite of panzanella, made with homegrown heirloom tomatoes and basil, preferably served alongside a tall, frosty glass of Meyer lemonade!

  406. Sarah Lang says:

    Lemon bars are by far my favorite summertime snack, yum!

  407. Dianne says:

    Tree ripened peaches and fresh picked blueberries! Yummy!

  408. Judith says:

    My favorite snack is herbed goat cheese on crackers!

  409. Lindsay says:

    I love strawberry shortcake with fresh berries that I’ve picked earlier in the day. So good =)

  410. Jeannie says:

    Strawberries! When it is very, very hot, strawberry sherbert or ice pops.

  411. Lori says:

    What a wonderful workshop!

    My favorite summer time snack is munching on fresh vegetables and fruit. Can’t beat it!

  412. Delia says:

    Favorite summer time snack has to be roasted corn with real butter and cayenne pepper! Delicious!

  413. Mary says:

    My favorite summer snack is gazpacho! I can’t get enough of it once my tomatoes start to ripen…I have 14 varieties growing here in colorado springs, i can’t wait til they start to ripen!

  414. Dani H says:

    I knew when you first mentioned the workshop that it would be amazing and your photographs prove it. I think the highlight for me, though, was seeing Kaweah ~ she always looks so happy. My favorite summer food is fresh fruit from melons to berries to peaches, preferably more than one at a time. I’d eat fruit three times a day if it contained protein whether plain, with a little cream or spiced up with a good chili powder and lime juice. Or salads. ;-) Thanks for a chance at the giveaway.

  415. Jenny says:

    I don’t know that I have a single favorite summertime snack. I’ve been eating a lot of popcorn lately–it’s fast and easy and you can do it in the microwave, thereby exposing yourself to no heat (only radiation, I suppose). Oh, well, of course–ice cream. I’ve been making a lot of it lately. apple-rose ice cream, grand marnier, caramel au beurre sale. Next two up are noyau and then s’mores.

  416. Ginny says:

    wow! I wish I could have attended… looks lovely! I love berries and peaches!

  417. Esme says:

    This is a seminar I would have loved to attended-I am sure there was lots to be learned-I must say my food photography is horrid-there is no other word. Favorite summertime snack-homemade strawberry ice cream-although yesterday I could not resist making rice krispie squares.

    thank you.

  418. Arthur M says:

    Choosing a favorite summertime snack can be difficult, especially when you like all of the locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables available during the summer. If I really had to pick, it would be salads, either fruit or vegetable. There is so much of an assortment available, that you can make up any type of salad that you fancy. Just let your imagination runaway with your creations.

  419. Mikka says:

    My favorite summertime snack is toasted baguette with ripe figs and goat cheese! Or frozen grapes.

  420. LisaAnn says:

    You are so talented! Looks like y’all had a great time too!

  421. JennO says:

    My favorite summertime snack is fruit. All the wonderful peaches, plums and watermelon are just so good in the summer!

  422. Alison says:

    Fresh blueberries! Once they’re done, then it’s fresh-squeezed lemonade (on the tart side) for a summer treat.

  423. Stephanie Wong says:

    My favorite snack would definitely be italian lemonade popsicles! :) They are soooo yummy! Thanks for the giveaway!

  424. Holly says:

    Fresh, ripe berries have to be my favorite summer snack. They’re so rare and precious here in Wyoming!

  425. robyn says:

    Tomatoes, in all kinds of different ways!

  426. Jennifer in NYC says:

    During the summer I like whatever fruit is in season:)

  427. Hale says:

    My Summer snack is sunflower seeds. :)

  428. Jeanne Louderbough says:

    Juice a honey dew melon with a small piece of ginger, a splash of lime juice, and simple syrup – drink over ice, or even better, freeze into a slushy granita! Cools from head to toe.

    I wish there was a food photography workshop in Tucson, AZ! I’m sooo jealous!

  429. Kim says:

    Beautiful photos! Someday I hope to shoot like you…

    My favorite summertime treat would have to be fresh heirloom tomatoes from our local vegie stand topped with a little olive oil, balsamic and touch of salt and pepper!

  430. Jan W says:

    Favorite summertime snack…whatever is being harvested in the garden…watermelon, a tomato warm from the sun, green onion, cucumber.

  431. Deksan says:

    Even i dont have a US address, here are two of my fav snack :
    – Salade nicoise
    – Melon with Parma ham and porto

  432. Sheila says:

    My favorite summertime snack is Iced Tea Popsicles.

  433. Mike says:

    My favorite summertime snack was a common meal during Revolutionary times: Raw squirrel meat & whiskey.

  434. Melanie T says:

    Always fresh fruit. Lots and lots of berries!:)

  435. Grace J. says:

    My favorite summertime snack are white nectarines and white peaches. In fact my little 5 year old gobbled up 3 white peaches I just bought!

  436. Donna says:

    I think my favorite summertime snack has to be grilled fruit.

  437. Zach says:

    Makes me wish I had a “real” camera … someday … sigh

    Favorite snack would have to be a simple margherita pizza with home-grown tomatoes and fresh basil and mozzarella

  438. Kath says:

    Looks like a great workshop! Thanks for offering the Chef’s Catalog goodies!

    My favorite summertime snack is probably picking ripe Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes from our backyard plants and popping into my mouth!

  439. Kieran says:

    Blueberries by the handful.

  440. Becky says:

    My favorite summer snack is panzanella with home-made goat cheese and home grown heirloom tomatoes and basil. Can’t wait for the first tomatoes to ripen!!!

  441. Chris says:

    My favorite summer time snack would be ice cold watermelon.

  442. rose says:

    Love, love, love chips and guacamole!!

  443. Susan says:

    Berries. Or peaches. Western Slope peaches are always so good!

  444. Cassie says:

    I love fruit salad!

  445. Kim H says:

    My favorite thing to eat in the summer is a crusty loaf of bread, piled high with grilled veggies and fresh mozzarella and balsamic…with some homemade ice cold sweet tea with lemon…

  446. Nina says:

    My favorite summertime snack is either watermelon or ripe peaches.

  447. Elaine says:

    Favorite summertime snack: fruit. Particularly stone fruits like peaches, but I also do love me some blueberries.

    Thanks for the giveaway. :)

  448. renee says:

    Any of the seasonal fruits, whatever is ripe, right then! Right now, cherries!

  449. Sharon says:

    My favorite snack is a nice big bowl of shaved ice filled to the brim with berries and cut mango topped with a ribbon of condensed milk to tie it all together. Best on those really really hot days!

  450. Laura says:

    Blueberries! The best snack there is.

  451. Amy B says:

    My favorite summer snack is really really cold watermelon! Eaten outside so I can spit out the seeds, of course!

  452. Stacy (Little Blue Hen) says:

    Peaches! Or a root beer float which is a rarely enjoyed treat, making it more delicious.

  453. Jade says:

    Choosing a favorite summertime snack is easy- berries, especially raspberries! So tasty and good for you!

  454. Kirsten says:

    My summer favorite is watermelon.

  455. Barb says:

    we have a place up here that makes Italian Ice, but not like the type you get in the grocery store. This stuff is part sherbet, part gelato creamy and fruity and very yummy.

  456. Michele says:

    Summer means proscuitto and melon…YUM!

  457. hanna says:

    I grew up with Asian pears (just pears to me) and it’s always and forever will be my favorite summertime snack. Can’t beat that gush of fragrant pear juice when you bite down into those crisp-cold slices…

  458. SheilaM says:

    Fav summertime snack is cherries….just plain ol’ cherries right out of the bowl! Thanks for the giveaway!

  459. DeeDee says:

    garden tomatoes. I crave them all year and live for August.

  460. Elizabeth says:

    Recently, I’ve developed a penchant for homemade guacamole and chips. I make it pretty spicy, but it is a cool, smooth snack for the summer.

  461. Jayne says:

    Sounds like you people had loads of fun! :-)
    My favourite summer snack would be ICE CREAM!

  462. Hettar7 says:

    Favorite Summer Snack: Anything cold eaten outside. Ice Cream is popular.

    I’ve just recently begun to understand how important lighting is. Taking pictures is now a point and click affair, but taking good pictures is anything but! Sounds like your workshop was a success.

  463. Collette says:

    Favorite summer snack right now is granita. So far this week (!) I’ve made coffee, mojito (yum) and honeydew with elderberry liquor. Who knows what next week will bring.

    Oops, gotta run, I hear the honeydew calling my name.

  464. Katie says:

    Favorite summertime snack is fava bean paste on toast with fresh mozzerella. And its on the menu for tomorrow!

    The workshop looks wonderful. I’d love to see another one, with a focus on cooking – maybe Chinese?

  465. Sandi says:

    My favorite summertime snack is bruschetta. Especially when I get to use home grown tomatoes and basil. So easy and so tasty. Thanks for the giveaway.

  466. Twila Moon says:

    fruit, fruit, and fruit! Cherries are the best, but I’ll take anything fresh and ripe! (Looks like such a fun workshop!!)

  467. Renee Richardson says:

    My favorite summertime snack would have to be a childhood favorite. Snowcones. They are perfect when the temperature rises. Thanks for the great giveaway :)


  468. Andrea S says:

    Looks like it was a sucessful workshop! My favorite summertime snack is watermelon. Yummy!

  469. christina says:

    My favorite summertime snack is watermelon!!!

  470. Liz says:

    My favorite summertime snack would be fresh strawberries or cherries all by themselves or I love blending strawberries, yogurt, milk, ice and some chocolate protein for a healthy, cool smoothie.
    There’s also nothing like juicy tomatoes with fresh mozzarella and basil.

  471. Erin says:

    My favorite summertime snack is definitely fresh fruit. This summer it’s lychees and strawberries. (Who am I kidding? I love those regardless of the season!)

  472. Caroline says:

    My favorite summer snack is probably fruit. I love watermelon, but any summer fruit will do. I love fruit salad, too!

  473. kara says:

    I love frozen red grapes. So easy and so refreshing.

  474. Grace says:

    With every post I visit on this series featuring the workshop continues to make me green with envy. Please, please consider holding a workshop here in Canada, possibly Toronto?

    Hands on learning is so effective!

  475. Shoshanna says:

    My favorite snack in the summer is freshly picked raspberries, in particular, the raspberry tart from a local farm.

  476. Libby says:

    Watermelon! When I was pregnant (3rd trimester in summer in Florida) I ate almost nothing but fruit, saltines, and burritos. Yup, chowing half a watermelon at a time was…charming, I’m sure.

  477. Cera says:

    I love me some fresh blueberry pie, nice and warm from the oven with chocolate ice cream on top. Soo good and to think I discovered it while working in Alaska. Definitely a tried and true favorite of mine even if I do get odd looks quite often while eating it.

  478. Arthi says:

    watermelon with feta! yummmmmm…

  479. Nate @ House of Annie says:

    avocado smoothie.

  480. Rachael says:

    maybe greek salad: cucumber, tomato, onion, green pepper, feta, olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. i omit the olives because i’m a bad person.

  481. Beth A. says:

    I like cucumbers and onions marinated in vinegar, sugar, and water. Like my mom used to make!

  482. susan says:

    To beat the summer heat of New Mexico, my favorite summer treat is a platter of thick sliced watermelon with a generous lashing of lime zest, a light sprinkle of lime juice and a few flakes of salt. Your photos are amazing!

  483. Cindy says:

    Favorite summer snack–ice cream, most any flavor.

  484. Dena says:

    My favorite summer treat is fresh fruit – blueberries, strawberries, watermelon.

  485. Cindy Ruth says:

    My favorite summertime snack is bruschetta.

  486. Kirstin says:

    I love peas picked straight from my garden. The next would be fresh zucchini sauteed with garlic and butter!

  487. Suzy says:

    Fresh salsa-whether traditional tomato or fruity…love it. Can’t beat those summer flavors!

  488. jennifer says:

    The picture of the glacial pond is the one that captured my heart! Colorado is magical in the summer! Very neat perspective with your photos!

  489. Andrea Liou says:

    watermelon! crisp, cold, sweet watermelon!!!

  490. Gioconda says:

    My favorite snack is sliced mango with a spicy salty sprinkle. It’s making my mouth water.

  491. irene says:

    my fave summer snack- ice cream

  492. Monique says:

    Sorbet. Made your Strawberry Sorbet for the 4th and it was fantastic! Best stuff I have ever had and will now be a staple in my freezer going forward.

  493. Courtney says:

    Fruit, ice, yogurt and kale picked straight from garden smoothie!

  494. Martha says:

    What a beautiful setting – perfect for such a creative undertaking. I’m sure that you put on a phenomenal workshop!

  495. Susan says:

    Cherry Tomatoes straight out of the garden! beautiful pics!

  496. Madeleine says:

    Hmmm… frozen fruit popsicle. Yummy!

  497. Michele says:

    I stumbled onto your site — very nice. My favorite summertime snack is sliced peaches with a bit of sugar. Yum.

  498. Stephanie says:

    I love to cut up pineapple, mango, strawberries, honeydew and cantaloupe then add a dollop of honey greek yogurt…yum!!

  499. Stephanie says:

    Everything looks so delicious! Looks like a wonderful workshop

  500. Maris says:

    Those mountains are beautiful! I miss the west coast…

  501. Leesh says:

    Fav summer treat: tomatoes.
    Hands down. In caprese salad with fresh mozzarella.
    To. Die. For.

  502. Leona says:

    My favorite snack for summer is salted tomatoes. And if I am going with a meal it would be caprese salad (with fresh everything) and toasted garlic bread. Yum!

  503. Nicole says:

    my favorite summer snack: blackberries!

  504. Mirya says:

    I love to eat cold watermelon out the fridge!

  505. sheauen chung says:

    anything with blueberries. blueberry muffins, blueberry boy bait, blueberry smoothies!

  506. Emily says:

    The best summer snack is ice cream…doesn’t matter what kind.

  507. Cassee says:

    My favorite summer snack is homemade ice cream! I love homemade mixed in a can the ol’fashioned way!

  508. Tammy says:

    Ice cold watermelon on a humid summer day!

  509. Nichole says:

    garden tomatoes, goat cheese and fresh basil on toast.

  510. Deb says:

    Off the vine, ripe tomatoes in any form!

  511. lisa says:

    my favorite summertime snack this year is going to have to be a pomegranate margarita, because tequila is indeed a food group ;)

  512. Jael says:

    I’d love to learn to take photos like that!

    And as for my favorite summer snack it would have to be a quick pickle of sliced cucumbers and red onions- we always always had a jar (or 2) in the fridge growing up and I would munch on them constantly.

  513. Judy says:

    favorite summer snack is a large cold, crisp raw cabbage leaf spread with peanut butter and rolled up into a log. very refreshing and a kid favorite too!

  514. Jo says:

    A mango all to myself to be eaten in the sunshine.

  515. wendy says:

    Wow! Wish I could’ve been there!

    My fave summer snack is any fresh, perfectly ripe seasonal fruit… raspberries and strawberries now, cherries tomorrow, peaches soon, melons in August… doesn’t take much to make my mouth happy :)

  516. Nana Rogers says:

    You all look like you had a wonderful time. I’d love to learn more on how to use my camera to take better pix. And the food… Man oh man my mouth is watering. It all looks wonderful.

    As for my favorite summer snack, good Greek yogurt with fresh berries (best is Blueberries) or mango.

    Love your blog, bookmarked it ;D
    Thanks so much for sharing all your wonderful gifts of knowledge with us.

  517. claire says:

    i like chinese bing. it’s shaved ice topped with an assortment of toppings of your choosing. i like to top mine with red beans, oatmeal, little tapioca balls, those small flour balls (tang yuen?), and almond jelly. so refreshing in the summer!

  518. Olivia says:

    Ice cold watermelon slices with salt, YUM!!

  519. cck says:

    Tomato sandwiches with mayo and basil. Holy moly.

  520. Erica says:

    Grilled corn on the cob and fruit.. ANY fruit! Mmmm…

  521. Lillian says:

    strawberry popsicles and fudgesicles!

  522. Jackie in VT says:

    My favourite summertime snack is yogurt with fresh berries!

  523. Sandra says:

    My favorite summertime dish is a cool dessert consisting of mandarin oranges, crushed pineapple, sugar-free orange gelatin, cottage cheese and cool whip. Mix together and say Yummy!

  524. Diane Shay says:

    My most favorite summer snack is large prawns wrapped in a big ole’ honkin basil leaf and a piece of proscuitto. Throw them on the grill and wow your taste buds!

  525. Susan says:

    Can i pick two? One savory one sweet. Homemade pico de gallo with ingredients from my garden…and grilled colorado peaches topped with fresh homemade ricotta and a drizzle of honey…MMmmMMmm!

  526. Emily says:

    mine would definitly have to be strawberries and vanilla ice cream. Mmmmm, Mmmmmmm, Mmmmm!

  527. Dee says:

    Would love to win the swagbag.

    My favorite summer snack is fresh tomatoes with cucumbers.


  528. Stephanie says:

    That looks like a great workshop!

    My favorite would probably be strawberries dipped in sour cream and rolled in brown sugar

  529. mandy gross says:

    My favorite summer snack is definitely homemade ice creams and sorbets!!

  530. Danielle says:

    oooooo…… mine would have to be strawberries with nutella, or fresh cherries and peaches picked from from my trees

  531. Denise says:

    Gorgeous pics! Sounds like a good time!

  532. Brenda says:

    Summer has a lot of great snacks…but I love the popsicles from Mexican markets…they have really interesting flavors…YUM!

  533. Chocolate and Toast says:

    Favorite summer snack: raspberries, blueberries or cherry tomatoes, right off the vine, eaten while sitting in a patch of sunshine in my garden! Your workshop looks absolutely amazing, I hope you will turn it into an annual offering!

  534. Cindy Badger says:

    Tomato sandwich made with tomatoes fresh off the vine and nice crunchy bread. Yum.

  535. Nick says:

    Definitely grilled steak out by the pool… THAT is summer.

  536. Stephanie says:

    shrimp ceviche with lots of avocado!

  537. Teddi says:

    Awesome photos – almost like being there! My favorite summer treat: fresh tomatoes from the garden, fresh basil, sea salt and ground pepper! Yumm!

  538. Karen says:

    locally made ice cream/gelato can’t be beat…that would be my favorite summertime snack!

  539. Brendan says:

    My favorite summertime snack is a fresh fruit salad with a nice glass of wine!

  540. Carole says:

    My favorite snack is cheese and crackers.

    Enjoyed learning about your workshop in Boulder, CO.

  541. Bridget says:

    My favorite summertime snack is gazpacho – it’s basically a bowl full of summer, and I can’t get enough.

  542. Antoinette says:

    In the 100 degree heat, homemade peach ice cream is the best. Refreshing!

  543. Nancy says:

    I’m not sure I made it on time, but I’ve always thought that boiled peanuts and fresh cucumbers and watermelon was the best of the best of Summertime snacks :)

  544. tanya says:

    my favorite summertime snack is homemade strawberry or peach frozen yogurt.

  545. Karen says:

    cherries in the summertime!

  546. jenyu says:

    Okay folks! Thanks for your entries – we’ll let Kaweah pick a winner in the morning. Any other comments beyond this point will not be considered (sorry!).

  547. Mrs Ergül says:

    No luck in joining this giveaway! It sure is generous! I love everything in the swag bag!

    The workshop looked fantastic! It must have been really enriching! What a shame to miss it!

  548. Big Boys Oven says:

    Lovely, a great sharing event!

  549. Jenniffer with Cup a Dee Cakes says:

    Oh wow! It looks like everyone had a great time and learned a lot! I WISHED there was something like this in my area!!

  550. Food and Light Photography Workshop Boulder Colorado for Food Bloggers says:

    […] Use Real Butter […]

  551. Brooke@foodwoolf says:

    Sigh. I wish I could have been there, if not just to hang out with you in your beautiful home town. Looks like between all the hard work, there was some good eating and drinking time with T&D. Hope you all had had a great time teaching all your tricks! See you in the fall! xoxox, Brooke

  552. Jenny says:

    Oh Jen, I’m so sad I couldnt make it to your workshop, I really hope you do it again soon! My husband is a keen photographer and I know its a weekend that we’d really enjoy!

  553. Grey says:

    Home made ice cream. I made chipotle chocolate last week; that’s the perfect flavor to beat the heat!

  554. Cynthia L. says:

    Fresh watermelon is my favorite summer snack. Need to work on styling that! Perhaps I should consider a workshop :)

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