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sushi zanmai

After my very productive day, we went to sushi for dinner. We don’t indulge like we did in So Cal because it costs twice as much for quality that is not as good. It’s still good, it’s just not the fine art of Hiro or the handywork of Fumito. And at the bottom of the bill it says, “Domo, Dude!” How Boulder.

anago and avocado cut roll, dusted with masago and seaweed

toro (fatty tuna) hand rolls – sublime

the fried head of my amaebi staring back at me (it was delicious!)

Yes, you can eat the WHOLE head. Just make sure you chew everything really well before swallowing lest you puncture something on the way down (kidding, sort of). Honestly, if we’re sitting at the bar next to sushi virgins, I secretly like to order amaebi or masago with quail eggs. I’m not even hardcore by sushi standards. I don’t do uni (sea urchin) or nato (stinky fermented soybeans) or the reproductive parts of sea critters I didn’t even know had reproductive parts.

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