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I’m pretty sure one of the main reasons Jeremy’s parents came out to visit us is that Boulder has a lot of great restaurants. This morning we went to Lucile’s in Boulder for a New Orleans brekkie complete with the requisite beignets!


this beignet is bigger than most cats i know

The food was great and Jeremy’s folks loved it. Although Boulder boasts terrific restaurants, Colorado has some Food Authenticity Confusion. For instance – country ham isn’t a slab slice of boiled ham thrown on a griddle. Country ham is like Virginia Smithfield Ham that has enough salt in one serving to meet your dietary sodium requirements for a year. And then what they call red chili and green chili (as in the peppers) is an abomination to anyone who has ever had a single meal in the state of New Mexico (where good authentic Mexican food is enough to bring me back to Dirt City Albuquerque). But the skiing is so good, I can overlook most of these infractions to Food Decency.

my eggs pontchartrain – pan fried trout with poached eggs, sauce béarnaise, and potatoes

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