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Saturday, April 26th, 2008

I shuffled through a half inch of snow this morning on my way out the door. I told you the weather in April is psycho around here. Halfway down the canyon to Boulder, the sun was shining as tiny grauple pelted the windshield. Yay spring! I met with Beth for brekkie at the South Side Walnut Café. The menu is très Boulder with plenty of veggie, vegan, and omnivore eats on the menu. I chose the quiche. I chose poorly. The quiche was fine, but my digestive system can’t handle green chiles quite as well as it does when healthy. Okay, but it’s the company that matters most.

Just a few days ago, Boulder was full of nearly naked people sauntering about the downtown pedestrian mall because of the warm temperatures. Today, folks donned hats and down jackets to ward off the cold, wind, and light snow. It looked like a typical day in January at the Boulder Farmers’ Market – except the market isn’t open in January…

love the cello

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eggstraordinary colorado saturday

Saturday, March 15th, 2008

We have some well-traveled visitors staying at our house. SIX of them to be exact. Normally six guests might be a bit much, but these guys have been delightful and the easiest guests ever. Naturally we’re going to take anyone visiting in March (as long as they are able) skiing!

from the parking lot of the local hill this morning

Yes, our guests are a half dozen eggs that Hannah of Bittersweet crocheted for a traveling egg meme!! I’d like to point out that Hannah is fricking amazing. This young woman is so accomplished… it’s like she just finished a marathon and I’m still wandering around looking for the starting line with one shoe on! And it was Helen’s sweet and fun-loving nature to set the meme in motion. In no particular order, these adventurous eggs have graced the blogs of: Helen, Peabody, Mary (aka Breadchick), Ivonne, Lisa, and Anita. It says so on the carton, which we all sign. Actually, I know Anita was the last one because she sent them along to me with that amazing package of goodies. *love* Anita. I am honored and humbled to host these very special and adorable eggs.

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home cooking and just home

Sunday, September 16th, 2007

Sorry for the hiatus, but I was on travel visiting with my two favorite kids in the world. It’s always a shock for me to walk into the kitchen of non-cooks. One of my old supervisors had a kitchen that was spotless and pristine because he never cooked. He ate out for every meal! I don’t know if that is the norm or the exception, but the family I visited eats out a lot (or orders take out) and their pantry is full of processed junk and convenience foods. I usually feel pretty ill after eating fast food once a month let alone daily. It’s a different perspective on food, that is for sure.

At one point I did manage to visit a Super H Mart which was awesome! I just googled it and found that we have one in Denver. A one hour and twenty minute drive is definitely better than a 3 hour flight. Sweet. They had lovely produce too, like these pretty Indian bitter melons:

They had baskets of scuppernongs on sale at the entrance. I didn’t know what they were and neither did my mom. She popped one in her mouth, bit down, and made a face like she was about to cry. She spat it out into her hand and said it was *sour*. That very evening, Joyce emailed me about scuppernongs and how she loves them. I followed her link to the wikipedia entry and laughed aloud when I read how they are eaten – without the skin. Now I’m really curious to try one. I’ll have to tell my mom about it after she gets back home.

Sometimes I need to get my bearings straight after I travel and this trip was no exception. I felt tired, disoriented, and without appetite – until it was time to make a grocery list. Then I began looking up recipes for things I wanted to try this week and suddenly the food enthusiasm turned on again. It probably helps to be in my own kitchen, looking forward to preparing fresh and delicious things that we like.

Fall is coming and I am so ready!