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mammoth holiday

Mammoth was nice this weekend. In fact, I’m convinced it was better over Xmas b/c we saw a gazillion people driving up to Mammoth yesterday as we were driving home. What a zoo. Big storm coming, should dump some nice powder. The mountain was hard pack and crusty/icy in places. Saturday was windy and so we actually got a nice inch of powder on some runs. Then Jeremy took a spill and we decided to call it quits (after I did a big mogul field and decided not to push my luck). We put his knee and ankle on ice and I think it helped reduce the swelling, but he’s going to see the trainers today. We also took Kaweah around Rock Creek on Christmas Day:

Boy did she have fun…

We had our dinner at Convict Lake Restaurant, and I was rather underwhelmed. It was all really good last year, but this time… The dough should never be underdone in Beef Wellington, and Apple Strudel should never have a powdery mouthfeel. The soup I got was too salty (tri-tip and mushroom – the only one without cream in it) and had too much meat and not enough vegetables. Okay, I’ll admit it, I am a food snob. But I’ve made this stuff before and I’ve done it well (except that time when Carrie and I did tag team Bernaise sauce which was a disaster – but the beef wellington came out wonderfully). What has happened to our culture that people don’t know how to cook anymore and restaurants can get away with charging a lot of money for mediocrity? And the coffee (according to Jeremy) was “eh” and not even hot. But we did tip generously b/c our server was working on a holiday and it was pretty late.

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