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i appreciate public sewage systems

It has been raining a lot this weekend. Drip drip drip, patter patter, whooosh! All sorts of rain coming down outside the house. Kaweah is curled up on bed #23 (the whole place is her bed). We did a load of laundry this morning and our washer hose that drains the water backed up and began fountaining. Luckily, we have buckets. I emptied a bucket down the kitchen sink and… nothing happened. The water just swirled around and sat in the sink. Eventually the water slowly crept down over a period of 20 minutes. It was pouring down particularly hard outside, so we guessed that public works was under intense strain. You never really think about what to do when you can’t get rid of waste water. Can’t pour it outside, there’s detergent in the water (biodegradable, but still…) Made me think of the flooded regions hit by the tsunami and how very lucky and spoiled we are here. It happened again tonight while preparing dinner. I think for the next few days, we’ll go easy on water usage.

After we finished the laundry (holding hose to bucket during the final spin cycle) we decided to head to REI to return a dry bag we ended up not using, and for me to replace my good but dead watch. Then we swung by Santa Anita mall (the very word mall sends shivers down my spine) to get Jeremy some jeans without holes in them. For those who know me, I’m not a fashion plate, or even a fashion saucer. I needed to pick up some clothes that didn’t scream “bum”, but I nearly had a heart attack at Macy’s the other day when a plain white shirt cost $57 (it better make me look 30 lbs. lighter and 5 inches taller for $57). We did quite well, dropping $125 on 3 jeans, 3 tops, and 2 sweaters for both of us. Not bad, except we had headaches (because of shopping). Here’s the kicker. I spent the same amount of $ on these:

New roasting pan (Caphalon Stainless Steel) and finally, a cast iron skillet. The roaster was 60% off though – nice. We put it to work tonight for dinner. I tried those roasted vegetables (potatoes, brussel sprouts, onions, bacon). Wow – if you don’t like brussel sprouts, you will after trying this dish. They are sweet and crunchy and mmmmmmm. Raw on the left, roasted on the right.

and the roast chicken was fun to roast, not so fun to tear apart. I don’t have the skill to carve such a small bird and I feel a little barbaric ripping it to pieces.

The rain isn’t stopping for another couple of days. In the past 9 days, we have received the equivalent of our annual rainfall. A campground on Wilson had 20.8 inches of snow in 24 hours. Yeow! We drove by Eaton Canyon today on the way home and had a look at the bridge at the start of the Henninger Flats trail. Where there is normally a trickle of water, there was a muddy torrent blasting its way down the canyon. Not a good day for a swim, Kaweah. Our car trunk leaks a little. Wahnnnn.

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