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Okay, I’ll admit it. I don’t want to deal with the backed up kitchen sink anymore. Why can’t we call our landlord, who is the coolest landlord on earth, and have him come fix it? He was a professional plumber in communist Poland for crying out loud! Now he’s an optical engineer working on secret stuff. He could fix it in no time, I’m sure. But we must let Jeremy try his hand at the solution. Meanwhile, I feel like my OCD-self is going to have a meltdown shortly. My kitchen is MY domain. I do my best work THERE. When it is piled with dirty dishes, a sink with nasty dried crap all over it, and this goes on for 4 days, I start to get disturbed. It bothers me. groan…

Lydia invited us over for dinner this weekend, except we’re going to be in Atlanta. The Trud said she was preparing a special meal and everything just because it was us and that Lydia was stressing over it. Now, I need to make something very very clear here. Just because I like to cook and entertain, doesn’t mean other people should feel compelled to cook (especially if they don’t cook) for me. My pal, squid, she doesn’t cook. She tells me so all the time. She and Shahen always say, “come over to our place, we’ll order out – we don’t cook.” And that is fine. They have a lovely flat, and better than that, they are so much fun to talk to and be with. A while back I was talking about reciprocation from friends. It doesn’t have to be in kind, it need only be in friendship. Cooking a meal for friends should not stress a person out. What the hell would you do if your friend was a professional chef? Get a degree in cooking just so you can invite them over? nooooo.

In fact, I recall inviting Ro, E, the Trud, and Lydia over for my bday (and Ro’s – same day!) and I BOUGHT the cake, BOUGHT the pizza, made simple pesto pasta and we drank wine and knitted. That was a lot of fun. Sheesh, the last thing I want is for friends to feel this sort of obligation. Lydia, I love you no matter what. Trud, you don’t have to make pavlova (but it seriously kicked ass last night) to be my friend. You are awesome in your wacky way as is. Are we clear on this now? I would never try to write a lithospheric compensation model for you :)

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