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day of poo

Today was mildy productive. First the rain was crazy, then mellow, then crazy, then mellow, then I saw a sucker hole in the sky while I was checking the status of my mint* (see followup below), then crazy again. Drip drip, patter patter from out the front door:

I know it doesn’t look like much, even for So Cal. It’s enough to be a source of concern for more landsliding, so that limits us to hiking… NOWHERE in the front range. I love the San Gabs because they are steep, but darn it if they don’t erode too!

I bought a lot of chocolate, cream, and butter today. And just FYI, the Vons on California and Pasadena sucks. I happened to find phyllo today at the Vons on Allen and Washington! This is what I made with that phyllo dough.

It looks funky b/c it’s a corner piece. Those corner pieces were sampled by Mr. Darling and myself this evening. My oven is having temperature issues.

We saw Supersize Me! tonight on DVD. What a great documentary despite the fact that the guy can’t conduct a science experiment to save his life, but that’s irrelevant. He wasn’t conducting a science experiment, he was making a point. Supplemental reading I would recommend is Fast Food Nation. I eat fast food about once every 2-3 months (usually on travel and in desperation). When will America begin the painful process of self-examination and self-discipline? This sense of entitlement and ignorance, coupled with corporate greed and malfeasance will be the doom of Americans. Wake up! Do something! WAKE THE F*#$ UP!

Guess who’s coming to dinner? No wait! Guess who’s coming to dessert? Laura!! What a coincidence that she should be in LA right when I’m making all of these goodies. I honestly have no idea who is coming at this point. Not my typical MO, but you can’t beat people over the head with Miss Manners or Emily Post (although I’d like to).

Our phone rang a lot today. My parents are giving me daily (sometimes diurnal) updates on their status. It’s not necessary, but if it makes them feel better ;)

*The Mint Incident
I went out to the yard today to check on my mint pots and see if I had enough sprigs for the mousse tomorrow night. The pot looked salvagable, but I remembered that I had planted some in the yard last summer. I walked over to examine the mint only to discover the lawn gnomes had chopped them to hell. Oh well. I went back inside to resume baking. After about 10 minutes I noticed brown splotches on the floor. Brown splotches on the kitchen rug, brown splotches on my SHOES! Dog poo. I had tracked it in. Luckily it was just the kitchen, front walk and my shoes. Jeremy, sensing a meltdown, sprung into action and hosed off all rugs, mats, and shoes outside (in the rain) while I mopped up the whole kitchen. He is great. Dealing with poo, even if it is Kaweah’s, in my beloved kitchen, gives this OCD paralysis. Jeremy to the rescue. Thanks honey. All is well (and probably cleaner than before).

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