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frozen fish heads

My parents have a habit of buying a lot of things when they visit us. They have a habit of buying things in general as an activity. My dad gets excited about visiting the Costco (all three of the nearest ones to Pasadena: Alhambra, Burbank, and Azusa) in So Cal because they are “different” from the ones at home. I’ve had to give away random stuff they leave behind (and they always leave something behind). They treat our house as a repository. Dad wants me to live my life the way he wants me to. I cannot count how many times I’ve caught him lugging a giant TV to the Costco cart only to march him straight back to the TV aisle. While packing the kitchen last night, I found this in the freezer:

You got it. Frozen fish head (and tail). My parents also cook when they are here. They are great cooks! But it’s a little odd to have them leave fish parts in my freezer. I know my father’s intention was to come back and make fish stock with the head and tail for his famous (and delicious) bouillabaisse. Well, he’s not going to visit before we move and I’m not transporting Mr. Red Snapper in our cooler to the new house…

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  1. Sparks says:

    Oy, my grandmother did the TV thing to me several decades ago when I was 24 or 25. She was appalled by the fact I didn’t have one. I had that thing for at least 25 years. They last a long time when you never turn them on don’t they.

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