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do you know the way to san jose

Like a good Chinese granddaughter and Chinese granddaughter’s husband, we set out at 4 am today to drive up and see Grandma for the weekend. Travel was fast, but there was still considerable traffic for such early hours. Californians are on the move now that school is out. Speaking of school being out… I stopped by Caltech graduation on Friday to hear Sandra Tsing Loh give the commencement address. I ran into Jack (my old house president) and the deja vu feeling was a little weird being back at my undergrad stomping grounds with a Caltech bud.

For some reason Friday was a crazy busy day.

city hall

Upon entering the bay area, Jeremy and I rejoiced that we were not moving up here where housing is even more expensive than LA and people drive like complete shit. We got to Grandma’s place, took her to one of the Chinese grocery stores, ate dim sum, then off to Costco. Grandma doesn’t have a car, nor does she drive anymore (she could drive, but it’s probably best for all that she doesn’t). At 85, she’s pretty independent and gets around by public transit or friends of the family who live nearby. She recently acquired a cell phone, and we helped her pick out a DVD/VHS player today – these are two things we don’t even own – ha ha. Just goes to show how much cooler my grandma is than me.

We spent the past few hours setting up her new DVD/VHS player and then having Jeremy show her (and me translating) how to set up the system and program it to record her favorite Chinese soap operas. I love her so dearly, but the whole process just gave me a splitting headache.

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