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archive for June 2005

on the sugar high of research

Sunday, June 5th, 2005

We have begun our orange cream soda research and already, I am about to pass out from the sugar rush…

Unfortunately, the first three candidates were all natural. Although I love natural and organic foods, when you are looking for orange cream soda, you are very obviously not giving a damn about the amount of artificial ingredients pumped into the bubbling liquid. And of the two most recent acquisitions (pictured above) one is a Tangerine Cream and the other sucked. I’ll have to formalize all of this at some point. I’ve had better orange cream sodas – I know they are out there.

masago with quail egg, rock cod nigiri

Dinner out tonight – at Ai! Hiro was working (which he didn’t used to on weekends). Fumito did up some beauties for us and made them extra pretty b/c he knew I was photographing the food for my sushi page. I love those guys.

too much sugar – implications for brain-deadness tomorrow are high

Wednesday, June 1st, 2005

Despite getting a lot of things done today, I can’t remember what the hell I did. My memory is only good back to 7 pm, and that lower bound keeps moving up. Ah yes, we got a quote from the second moving company and it’s much better than the first! Plus, they insure our stuff for up to $60K which is amazing since everything we own in our house is in total worth about 20 bucks. yiha!

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