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the rumble of distant stomachs

Jeremy should be arriving home any minute now. I last saw him at 5:30 this morning on his way to do his astronomer thing. I bet he is hungry because I only sent him with a smidgen of brekkie and some lunch and three fun size butterfingers. I have dinner on the stove as I type… and then it’s off to bed because we are getting up even earlier tomorrow to summit (twice) before the storms roll in. They did their boom boom today and finally delivered rain around 6. At that time I was preparing sour cream coffee cake:

ready for the oven

ready for the tummy

trash talk
I am so happy that our trash production is reduced to less than a kitchen trash bag a week (more like one every other week). The big difference is that I am now composting. We recycle paper, cardboard, chipboard, plastics, tin, glass, all that good stuff. But now I have a garden plot in my front yard! I’m not gardening because it’s a little late in the season – but because we eat a lot of fresh produce, the green waste goes into the compost pile (literally, a pile). I’ve wanted a compost pile ever since I visited Jeremy’s grandpa back in the day when he was still around. The man had a gentle heart, a green thumb, and a kick ass compost pile. I had compost envy when I visited Carrie and Mike’s yard in Ithaca before we left NY. The previous owners left a great garden plot, already rich with compost (they had chickens!). Instead of sending zucchini tops to the landfills – they go on my garden plot. Now to figure out what the heck I can grow next year.

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