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buffalo style

I made chili today with ground buffalo from the co-op instead of ground beef. It is leaner and the smell of buffalo cooking is a little different from beef, more gamey in aroma (if you’ve ever cooked deer, you will know my meaning). This time I tried cooking it in the crockpot after sautéing the vegetables and browning the buffalo. It was also my chance to add some chocolate stout. For a quick chili recipe, this is pretty good.

I can’t wait for winter when I can make posole, beef stew, brunswick stew, real chili, corn chowder, masaman curry, and other giant pots of gloppy, soupy, delicious stuff. Although sushi and sandwiches are at the top of my list of favorite foods – stews rank up there because despite being soupy, they are filled with enough goodness to be eaten as a meal solo or with a scoop of rice.

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